Tools Action – About US

What is Toolsaction and What we do here?

Toolsaction is where you can find in-depth reviews of your favorite tools that help you on buying decision. We research the tools deep inside and review them on your behalf so that you get what you wish for. Our research team does all the hard work for two group people: One, the ones who want to skip the research and rely on professionals. Two, those who’re not really into the specifics and don’t have enough expertise to evaluate a tool on themselves. Do you fall into either of these groups? Then Toolsaction can be the best source for reviews to help you decide for your next tools.

How We Make The Product Reviews?

Product Research

First off, we get to know what our readers need and conduct research on the current market. We make a short list of the tools that can solve the issue our reader’s having.

Selecting and Evaluating

Once we have a short list, we get into them really deep before finalizing the tool for the next process. To keep things transparent, our team evaluates and compares them.

Analyzing user reviews

After the technical terms and specified terms evaluation, we analyze the real-life users’ reviews for that particular product. We get a clear understanding of what we’re working with.

Fact Checking

While the reviewers are getting all the information off the hands-on user reviews, a subject matter professional does the fact-checking. This process makes the overall review a lot more effective and dependable while making a buying decision.

Writing reviews

After we complete inspecting the tools with a professional process, our writers give our thoughts a written form. After that, the editor panel reviews the content, and we publish it on our website.

Listing the Pros and Cons

One thing for sure, no product comes without a single downside and we take this thing seriously. As we categorize the products according to their primary perspective, we also mention where they perform great and where they don’t.

Buying guide

Getting you a complete review of a tool doesn’t stop the process, we also care about how you’re getting the information. Therefore, we include a buying guide, helping you understand what to look for while you’re getting the tool and what not to.

Have any questions left?

Do contact us if you need reviews on any particular tools, have any buying issues, or even if you need a personalized suggestion. We’re here to ensure that you’re getting the attention with proper guidelines with professional support.

Our team

We have a number of team members with a leading role for each department. Here are the brains behind leading these teams:


Ramon Chavez

Site Owner And Lead Reviewer

Hello, this is Ramon Chavez, I’ve been working with tools for almost 10 years. Working with tools for such a long time helped me gather a vast experience on household tools and instruments. I believe that knowledge is like a treasure and I choose to share that treasure with you. You can find reviews and guides for different types of instruments from my website, in other words: my experience.

Evan Gray

The Tool Guy

Evan has been a home improvement specialist for more than 10 years. Now he’s a full time researcher and an instructor in his local area. He specializes in all kinds of tools, especially automotive and home improvement. So, he decides which tool we review for a particular job you may have. You have the best guy to select the right product for your purpose who knows the exact feature you need.

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James Rods

Lead editor

James takes care of all the writers and editors with a proven expertise of over 6 years. He knows how to grab the features and benefits of every product our reviewers pick and showcase them on our site. You’re not only getting the best products, but also have a great team to showcase them for an easy read. Besides the team is under the hand of a capable team leader like James.

A few more

Our team isn’t limited with the team leaders, there are more to the total process. We have a few more team members who’re involved in the product research and review process. There are 3 subject matter specialists to do the fact checking and finalization. Overall, this website is your final stop to find your next tool that goes through an array of steps before being recommended.