Best Air Compressor For Impact Wrench In 2021 – Top 5 Picks!

Finding a proper compressor for an impact wrench is really complicated these days. Are you worried about finding the best air compressor for impact wrench? There are various models of air compressors in the market. Their uses are different and fixed for specific works. Then what is the easiest way to find the exact product? 

For choosing an impact wrench, you’ve to choose an air compressor of a particular type, size, and capacity. These points are discussed thoroughly here. You must consider these points and then a suitable one will serve you properly. 

Choosing the best air compressor for impact wrench is not easy at all. So, we have picked the top brands with the best features for you. We enlisted them with their features and details. Besides that, we have included an effective buying guide to ensure your best pick. This guide will reduce your toil in selecting the one that suits you best. So, let’s jump into the main discussion. 

best air compressor for impact wrench

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We did discreet research on the best impact wrenches available in the market. Then we selected our top listed ones based on their ratings and specialties. If you check them, you can easily find the right compressor to meet up with your needs.

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Are you finding it difficult to choose the right product from this list? We sorted them comparatively so that you can easily compare one with the other and select the perfect air compressor for you.





Best Air Compressor For Impact Wrench In 2021 – Top 5 Picks! 1

NorthStar  Portable Electric Air Compressor

Best Air Compressor For Impact Wrench In 2021 – Top 5 Picks! 2

Makita MAC5200 Big Bore Air Compressor

Best Air Compressor For Impact Wrench In 2021 – Top 5 Picks! 3

California Air Tools Air Compressor

Best Air Compressor For Impact Wrench In 2021 – Top 5 Picks! 4

Excell Sac22Hpe Air Compressor

Best Air Compressor For Impact Wrench In 2021 – Top 5 Picks! 5

CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor

5 Best Air Compressor For Framing Crew Reviews 2021

It’s quite a tough job to find the best air compressor for an impact wrench among so many models. You can get easily confused with these varieties of products. So, we are providing you with a complete buying guide. We have reviewed top pick air compressors so that you can easily find one to meet your demands.

1. NorthStar Portable Electric Air Compressor

NorthStar Portable Electric Air CompressorNorthStar is a very popular brand name and it is prominent for its quality products among the users. The portable electric air compressor with 2 HP is an excellent choice to buy. The 20-gallon vertical tank is certified by ASME. It has enough capacity to handle an air ratchet, impact wrench, nibbler, nailer, airbrush, and more. It comes with a portability kit with a smooth-rolling steel ball-bearing wheel and flat-free tires to ease the transportation. The belt-driven is well lubricated so that it can run smoothly and quietly.

The portable electric air compressor has been meticulously experimented by the professionals in the lab. Due to the involvement of high technology, this compressor can work without interruption. It is manufactured with a durable cast iron v-twin pump with cast iron heads so that the heat can dissipate and enhance the durability. Bearings are placed at both ends of the pump’s crankshaft for the highest support.

 The dimensions of the air compressor are 22 x23 x 43 inches and the weight is 205lb. The motor runs at 3440 RPM and the dual voltage induction motor can be changed by a qualified technician from 115 to 230 or reverse. The built-in regulator helps to control the pressure to air tools.

NorthStar Portable Features:

  • Provide less sound due to the well-lubricated belt.
  • V-twin pump with iron heads helps to dissipate the heat and extend the lifetime.
  • Crankshaft ball bearings for smooth running and durability.
  • Built-in regulator for controllable pressure and monitoring.
  • No-flat solid tires for easy portability and maintenance-free on tire issues
  • Start a valve to lessen the pressure on the motor.
  • Heavy-duty paper element filters to keep the head cylinder clean.
  • Double ring-style piston for low oil consumption and longer head life.
Bottom line
From the beginning, the NorthStar has been carrying out its fame. It has served its customers to maximize the satisfaction level and is highly recommended by our experts. It is one of the best air compressors for impact tools among others in the market

2. Makita MAC5200 Big Bore Air Compressor

Makita MAC5200 Big Bore Air CompressorMakita is a global manufacturer of quality power tools and other industrial accessories. Makita Big Bore air compressor comes with a 3 HP motor and a built-in thermal overload for extra protection and the model number is MAC5200. The pump is equipped with an iron cylinder that has an excellent bore and strikes for enhancing compression, quieter than other compressors, and faster refilling capacity. The 5.2-gallon tank can endure an operating pressure that is enough for two nailers. The roll cage construction is established for further protection for the pump even in a harsh job site environment.

Our experienced expert team has done painstaking research on this air compressor. In the experiment session, they expressed that the product is well manufactured and long-lasting. It comes with one year of warranty and replacement or refunds within 30 days of purchase. This model comes with an oil-lubricated pump and is upgraded with a large size filter to increase airflow and better performance.

The dimensions of the products are 29 x 19.5 x 19 inches and the weight is 88 pounds. It appears with fixed teal color and 120 volts. It has proven durability and includes a rugged wheel and folding handle for easier transport.

Makita MAC5200 Features:

  • Equipped with a storage compartment for storing air fittings and accessories.
  • Unique design with a Folding handle.
  • Rugged wheel for easy portability.
  • Attached thermal overload feature for additional motor protection.
  • The pump is oil-lubricated for smooth running and efficiency.
  • The cast-iron cylinder is more durable and with longer service life. 
  • On the front side of the pump, there is easy access for oil drainage.
  • A Finn shaped discharge tube has better heat absorption and reduces less moisture in the air. 
  • Comes with a One year of limited warranty.
Bottom line
Makita’s big bore air compressor is a very fine product and the best air compressor for impact tools. This is a good choice for the best air compressor for framing crew and any other compressor solution.

3. California Air Tools Air Compressor

California Air Tools Air CompressorCalifornia air tools are one of the ultra-quiet and oil-free air compressors that are designed to be the quietest with only 70 decibels of sounds. It is a 2.0 HP motor and the model number is 10020C. The motor can be operated with only 1680 RPM that creates less sound and less wear. This motor has been designed to enhance the duty cycle and comes with prolonged running time. The attached oil-free pump system gives more durability and high performance. 

The experts have researched the California air compressor fastidiously in the lab. They came to the decision that it is a highly qualified product. The manufacturer ensured lifetime for each Air compressor is above 3000 hours. It can be used at different temperatures. The easy-start valve from California comes with less pressure on the motor and releases and keels the spin-free from any load. 

The dimensions of the products are 16 x 15.1 x 35.9 inches and the weight is 82.5 pounds. The 10-gallon steel air tank with a wheel kit makes it easy to move around in job sites and other places. Manufacturer facilitates users with a One-year Limited warranty. It has been made for the person in search of power, airflow, less service, and maintenance.

California Air Tools Features:

  • Ultra-quiet feature with 70 decibels sound.
  • Dual valve unique plate design.
  • Oil-free easy maintenance compressor.
  • Equipped with an extra-large dual piston.
  • Made with Cast aluminum cylinder.
  • Produces Less heat that dissipates more efficiently.
  • Easy start valve for lessening the pressure on the motor.
  • Only 120 seconds to refill the tank.
Bottom line
The Ultra quiet air compressor is an excellent product. It is highly advisable to the buyers. The product has been utilized by many buyers and it is a good choice for the best home air compressor for impact wrench.

4. Excell Sac22Hpe Air Compressor

Excell Sac22Hpe Air CompressorExcell has been a leading manufacturer for power equipment products of construction for many years. The Excell ultra-quiet air compressor is designed to be one of the quietest compressors in the industry and the model number is SAC22HPE. It is engineered particularly for finishing and trimming work as well as crafts and hobbies. Compared to other oil-free compressors, it provides 80% quieter with 61 decibels. Due to its low voltage capability, it is suitable for rural areas where the power supply is not efficient.

Experienced professionals have done meticulous research on this product. They ensured that this ultra-quiet air compressor can live up to 4 times higher than other typical oil-free air compressors. The compressor features can be operated with slower speeds which ultimately results in less wear and tear moving parts. 

The dimensions of the products are 18.9 x 17.8 x 14.8 inches and the weight is 40 pounds. It comes with a Limited warranty for one year. The roll cage is designed to comfort handling it for transportation, storage, and protection. Not only this, but it is also portable enough to move to job sites and working places and makes one of the best home air compressors for impact wrench.

Excell Sac22Hpe Features:

  • Produces 80% less sound than other oil-free air compressors.
  • Unique Roll cage design protects all the important components.
  • Low voltage starts up capability gives less Electric Consumption.
  • Maintenance-free dual pump.
  • Ultra quieter brings less noise to the work area.
  • It comes with a quality 4 times higher lifetime.
  • Excell compressor is capable of operating on a 16 ga., with an additional 275 ft. extension cord.
  • This compressor starts in cold weather as low as 14° F (-10° C) and that enables the operation to continue to a colder environment.
Bottom line
Excell Ultra quiet air compressor is a tremendously lucrative product. The product will precisely maximize the customers’ satisfaction and it is a great choice compressor for impact wrench.

5. CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor

CRAFTSMAN Air CompressorThe model of this product is CMEC6150K. The 6-gallon pancake enhances the portability and helps to store air. It is not only an oil-free pump but also requires no maintenance. It performs with quieter sound which is 78.5 decibels and makes no noise output. The performance of the motor is high and it can easily start-up in cold weather. 

The product has been fastidiously instructed by the expert team and they ensured their servitude towards it. 2. 6 SCFM @ 90 PSI for a quicker compressor recovery which runs in the only 120V. This is a couple-user machine which means it can be used by two users. The product comes with an accessories kit with 13 pieces of equipment and material, i.e, tire chuck with plugPvc air hose with coupler, blow gun with plug, tire gauge, rubber tip, blow gun with OSHA safety nozzle, and three inflator adaptors.

The dimensions of the products are 16.5 x 16.5 x 17.9 inches and the weight is 32.5 pounds. One year warranty period facilitates clients to have tension-free use. It can take a maximum pressure of 150 bar.

CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor Features:

  • 6-gallon pancakes design increases the transportability.
  • It’s an oil-free pump that lasts for a long time.
  • It requires no maintenance and the durability is satisfactory.
  • It can be operated with only 120v.
  • Easy to start even in cold weather.
  • It comes with varieties of accessories.
  • Provides a one year warranty with other support.
Bottom line
Craftsman air compressor is definitely an exclusive product. Due to its quality and user-friendliness, it has been accepted by its users. Instead of a high budget, the craftsman 6-gallon pancake air compressor can be a good selection of products and. 

How Many Gallon Air Compressors Are Required For Operating An Impact Wrench?

When you’re looking for the best air compressor for an impact wrench, you should focus not only on CFM but also on the tank size too. Tank size plays an important role in the capacity of holding air depending on the tank size. The larger the tank is, the better output you will get.

When you are considering the best air compressor for framing work, you can easily find tools available in the market. An air compressor having the capacity of 6 gallons or lower than that will fulfill your other purposes. But in the case of impact wrench, the 6-gallon tank is the minimum size. However, this minimum size is not recommended and you are requested to pick a suitable one.

If you want to get a good professional outcome, we will suggest choosing at least 20 gallons. You can increase that size up to 30 gallons if you are using this for professional work. But remember, this recommendation is only for the professionals. Air compressors with a Large tank allow you to work flawlessly without any hassle and interruption. But this large size choice also requires more investment.

While using the compressor for personal uses, then you can use 10 gallons or a little bit more than that. You can do your work perfectly with it. It doesn’t cost you a lot but it is enough for your results. So, first, consider your needs, why you are looking for then step ahead for a proper one. 

What Size Of Air Compressor Do We Need For An Impact Wrench?

The size of the air compressor completely depends on the size of the impact wrench. If the size of the impact wrench is smaller, you won’t need a huge amount of air to run it. Then you can use an air compressor with less capacity. But in case of a big impact wrench, the picture will be totally opposite. So, it depends. I am going to talk about the commonly used sizes to give you an idea.

For ¼ inch impact wrench:

It won’t need much air pressure. So you can use an air compressor with a capacity of 1-1.5 CFM(cubic feet per minute). This can give the impact wrench enough air pressure.

For ⅜ inch impact wrench:

It will need a bit more capacity. However, you can use a 3-3.5 CFM air compressor. If you want to work with one of a little bit less capacity, maybe that’s possible. But you get a better output in the mentioned range.

For ½ inch impact wrench:

It’s the most commonly used impact wrench. A 3.5-5 CFM air compressor will be helpful in this case. If you ask for an average number, you can use 4 CFM. But our recommendation will be to use an air compressor with a capacity of 5 CFM. This capacity is optimum for a good output you will need.

For a 1-inch impact wrench:

It’s not used in general. It is used mainly in construction sites. However, you need to use a 9-10 CFM air compressor which is expensive of course. But to get a good outcome, you will have to pay for this. Otherwise, that wouldn’t be much effective.

What Are The Considerable Facts Before Buying An Air Compressor For Impact Wrench?

Before buying an air compressor for an impact wrench, you should consider some features. Look for an air compressor that is more powerful, less risky, portable, quiet, more durable and produces lower heat. These are the common quality characteristics of the best air compressor for impact wrench. You need to focus on several points.


In this case, you should consider 2 points: CFM(cubic feet per minute) and PSI(pounds per square inch). The recommendations about CFM are discussed above. For PSI, you should consider the size of the impact wrench like CFM. The average PSI is 90. But you can use 125 to 175 PSI according to your needs. 

Tank size:

The tank size is also discussed above. Remember again, in the case of Tank size- the larger is the better. Never use the tank that is under 6 gallons.

Tank shape:

The tank shape is not a factor of the performance of your air compressor. But it should be considered for your easy use. It depends on the place you will work, the requirement of the workplace. If you want to carry it easily, you need a small compressor. Otherwise, you need a larger one. 


Yes, that’s an important point. You can buy an air compressor of large size and capability at a low cost. But you may face different problems while operating it. There comes the necessity of reliable brands. If you follow our recommendations, you can get them easily for sure since we enlisted them from experts’ choices.


The impact wrenches are used in garages and stores mostly. In that case, portability is not a big issue. But if you use it for personal purposes, you will need a smaller and portable one. The wheels and handles are also needed for easy mobility. You can consider it based on your requirement and more dynamic use.

Why Do You Need To Buy An Air Compressor For An Impact Wrench?

Air compressors are used in many sectors for better service. For conducting impact wrench, an air compressor is greatly effective. You will get a number of benefits from it.

Fast output

You can accomplish your work rapidly. When you have a limited time, an air compressor can help you either it is for professional or personal use.

Completing task easily:

You don’t have to toil too much to remove bolts from tight spaces anymore. While repairing an automobile, you can use this instead of the conventional ratchet and socket set. That’s how you get relieved from fatigue.

Increased productivity:

When you’re using an air compressor for an impact wrench, you can work faster. So, you can handle a number of projects. 

Save time:

Conducting an impact wrench with an air compressor won’t take time like a sandblaster. Rather it works so fast and will save your time for sure. 

Note: You got enough info about the air compressor from above. If you’re interested, you can read how to use an air compressor.

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope you have been able to gather enough information about purchasing this product. For your convenience, we are answering some of the most asked questions about the best air compressor for an impact wrench. So let’s begin-

✅ What type of air compressor is needed for an impact wrench?

Usually, you need an air compressor with 4 to 5 CFM capacity for a half-inch impact wrench with  90 PSI to above. This is the most common. For other uses, the size varies.

✅ What size of air compressor is needed for an impact wrench?

For professional services, a tank size of 20 gallons or more is recommended. But for personal use, you can consider 10 gallons.

✅ Will a 6-gallon air compressor fit for running an impact wrench?

From the technical side, it is possible. But this size of the air compressor will give you many troubles. Remember, the minimum is not the standard. For professional use, the minimum standard is 20 gallons.

✅ How much PSI is needed to run an impact wrench?

The average PSI is 90 for impact wrench. But you can consider 120 or more PSI to get the best result.

✅ Will a pancake compressor work fine with an impact wrench?

No, you will not be able to do this with a pancake compressor below 6-gallon capacity. Those are too small to run an impact wrench. It can be used for nail guns only.


In the above, we just tried to give you a complete idea about the best air compressor for impact wrench. We enlisted the best products for you so that you can easily choose. Among our reviewed products, our recommendation will be Makita MAC5200 Big Bore Air Compressor if you consider buying one from the list. Because, this is optimum according to productivity, durability, and price. 

There are many models of air compressors in the market. This guide is made to help you so that you don’t get distracted by the variety of products. You just consider the above points and find out what product will be the most suitable for your work. Then you decide!

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