Top 10 Best Airbrush Guns Reviews and Buying Guide in 2022

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There is absolutely no tool that can provide painting or dyeing as perfectly as air brushes. The even spreading of product will give a perfect finishing on any surface you want. If you have plans for painting your wall or even discover your inner artist, it’s time to choose the best airbrush guns.

Choosing an air brush gun is quite tricky for anyone since some of us are not comfortable working with air brush guns yet. You will have to choose the one you’re most comfortable to work with and obviously, the ideal one should give the best result. Besides, not all the air brush guns are suitable for every purpose. You’ll need to choose the one according to your purpose.

Editor’s Choice
Master Airbrush Cool Runner II Dual Fan Air Storage Tank Compressor

Master Airbrush Cool Runner II Dual Fan Air Storage Tank Compressor

  • Adjustable painting strokes were helpful for more precise painting.
  • A comfortable handle makes holding the brush easy.
  • Constant spraying with an efficient mini air compressor.
  • Smooth and professional finishing on the surface.
  • Easily cleanable.
  • Long air hose provides more flexibility

Spray Gun Vs Airbrush Gun: What’s The Difference?

Being almost the same type of tool, people often confuse between Airbrush guns and Spray Guns. They have certain differences in terms of mechanism & outcome. Airbrush guns are usually used for detail work where you need to control the paint exactly. You can use an airbrush gun on a larger scale, but it is more complicated.

Sprayers are great for large areas such as walls or ceilings because they can cover more space with less effort than an airbrush. Airbrushing is easier in smaller spaces where you control it at your own pace without any overspray coming out of the gun. Airbrushes also give you greater versatility when needing to apply paint precisely onto small objects like cups or picture frames!

Airbrushes excel when working with colored paints while sprayers are designed primarily for clear finishes which may not look as nice depending on what color surface your work on; some colors just don’t play well with sprays but that’s easily solved by using an airbrush. Airbrushes are also more appropriate for applying water-based paints which sprayers don’t work very well with!

Another great thing about airbrushes is, they come with internal paint mixing options, so you won’t have to worry about buying or mixing a separate color! Airbrush guns also allow you to do more than just paint, they’re great for applying varnishes and primers too.

Spray cans are easier to use because all the control is in your hands instead of relying on gravity like airbrushes; with spray cans, there really isn’t any mess involved, unlike an airbrush where oversprays can be problematic at times.

Types Of Airbrush Guns

While searching for an airbrush, you’ll see there are several types of airbrushes available in the market. You can differentiate that on the basis of control, feed, and so on. If you have previously used an airbrush gun or even seen them, you probably know how to operate them. And you must have learned about the structure and mechanism of an airbrush gun.

Now you have definitely noticed that all the airbrush guns do not look the same. That’s because the feed of those airbrushes are placed at different points, some airbrushes have their feed on the top of the gun, and some have their feed just right below the gun. Both of them have specific reasons for that, which you’re about to find out.

On the basis of paint feed type, we can see different types of airbrush guns like gravity fed airbrush, siphon fed airbrush & side fed air brush. All of them have their distinct features and facilities.

For example- a gravity feed airbrush is by far the most common airbrush guns in the market. The feed of this airbrush is placed on the top of the gun. That way it can spontaneously pull the paint into the mixing chamber where it mixes with air and completes atomization.

On the other hand, Siphon fed airbrush has the feed at the bottom of the gun from which the paint is drawn into the mixing chamber. A Siphon fed fluid cup can contain more paint, and therefore it is perfect for large scale painting projects.

Another type of feed that we often see is the side fed airbrush. This type of airbrush is basically a cross between gravity and siphon fed airbrush in terms of mechanism. The Side fed airbrush guns are also quite an efficient one as it combines the advantages of former two airbrushes.

You can classify airbrushes on the basis on mixing (internal mix & external mix) too, but the control type is the most important trait for sorting out different types of airbrushes. But why?

While you are airbrush painting, the most important step is to have precise control over your airbrush tool. You really need to be able to control your airbrush to obtain the exact color value that you are going for. Like you can determine the color opacity, the width of paint strokes and most importantly the amount of most that is going out of the gun.

The whole process of painting is done by only hand movements and operating the trigger of the airbrush. As you know, most of the airbrushes only have one trigger that will determine the quality and amount of the color coming out of it. Now, there are different types of trigger which will provide different functions. You just have to choose whichever you are comfortable with or works the best for you.

Based on the trigger types, an airbrush can be classified into four specific types. They are— single action airbrush gun, double action airbrush gun, automatic airbrush gun & lastly, pistol grip airbrush gun. As you will be looking for the best airbrush gun, you must know their differences and efficiency. So let’s dig into the details—

Single Action Airbrush

The Single Action Airbrush is the most basic type of airbrush which has less automatic features than the other ones. Unlike any other airbrushes, you can only control the airflow with the trigger. When you pull the trigger, the air passes through the gun & mixes with the paint to complete the atomization.

However, you can not control the paint volume with the same trigger in a single action airbrush. You will have to operate an additional screw to control the paint volume. That way, it controls the needle depth and adjusts it to the nozzle. You can decide as little or as much paint volume to be sprayed, and that’s how you can determine the color value or color opacity of your paint.

Dual Action Airbrush

A double action or commonly known as dual action airbrush is more popular for its double action on the trigger, thereby earning its “Double Action” name. You can use the trigger not only to control the air flow, but also to control the paint volume. So it’s kind of a two-in-one action, which will provide you more flexibility while painting.

The best part of a dual action airbrush is, you can change the paint volume even during the painting session. With a double action airbrush, it is a lot easier to determine the perfect color opacity or color value that you are going for.

Automatic Airbrush

An automatic airbrush is also a popular variant of airbrush guns which offers automatic airflow with a push button. When you turn on the airbrush, it automatically starts the airflow while you take care of your hand movement. So you can definitely focus on your painting other than having to pull the trigger to keep the airflow running.

Just like the other airbrush guns, the automatic airbrushes also have a trigger which is used to control the paint volume only. That way, operating this airbrush gun is so much easier than even a double action airbrush gun. With an automatic airbrush, you can get a better grip over the gun, so the painting result is even better.

Pistol Grip Airbrush Gun

The pistol grip airbrush is another airbrush that has a pistol style trigger other than the usual airbrush trigger. Some people prefer the pistol grip airbrush guns over any other airbrushes due to a less complicated usage procedure. This airbrush gun kind of resembles a paint spray gun, so some people can even relate to their previous experience while using this one.

The pistol shaped airbrush gun works just like a double action airbrush, but the only difference is controlling the paint volume. In case of a pistol grip airbrush, the harder you pull the trigger, the more air volume you will get. This straightforward painting process seems pretty easy for most of the people, so they often prefer this airbrush gun.

Despite you can control airflow & paint volume with the triggers and screws of your airbrush, you can’t achieve paint strokes simply by pulling any trigger or pushing any button. You have to get different size nozzles and needles for that, which should be compatible with your airbrush model.

Drawbacks Of Airbrush Gun

Airbrushes come with their own drawbacks as well though- one being that they store less paint which means it’s much harder to work on larger projects without having to refill them constantly but this disadvantage is made up by how easy it is when using an airbrush gun; no bulky hoses cluttering everything up!

Airbrushes are also generally more expensive to purchase. They can be a little intimidating because they’re not as straightforward and easy to use as spray guns, but once you learn about the basics of airbrush use, it’s really no trouble at all!

1 Min Quick Summary: Top 10 Airbrush Gun

All the airbrush guns in this list come with some special functions to perform well. However, some distinctive working nature is apparent in these machines. For your better understanding, we are going to mention their particular specification:

Table of Content:

Running short of time? Check out the gist topics of our content along with the product list in the table down below—


Comparison Chart:

Having trouble finding the best product? Worry not here’s a comparison chart to let you compare the top products and let you find out the best product easily—

Image Product Technical Details Price
A Complete Package

Master Airbrush Cool Runner II Dual Fan Air Storage Tank Compressor System Kit

Master Airbrush Cool Runner II Dual Fan Air Storage Tank Compressor System Kit
  • Package Dimensions: 14 x 13 x 13 inches
  • Capacity: 1/3 oz. c
  • Item Weight: 20.2 pound
  • Air Storage Tank: 3 liter 
  • Pressure: 15-50 PSI 
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Best Dual Action Airbrush

Paasche Airbrush TG-3W Talon Gravity Feed Airbrush

Paasche Airbrush TG-3W Talon Gravity Feed Airbrush
  • Style Name: Old Version
  • Product Dimensions: 12 x 7 x 3 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.7 pounds
  • Assembly Required: No
  • Batteries Required?: No
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Best Makeup Airbrush

SpeedShop IWATA Eclipse HP-CS Gravity Feed AIRBRUSH

SpeedShop IWATA Eclipse HP-CS Gravity Feed AIRBRUSH
  • Breadth: 0.35 mm
  • Air Pressure: 20 PSI
  • Air Hose: 6 ft 
  • Package Dimensions: 8.58 x 6.3 x 4.02 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.01 pounds
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Best Budget Pick

Iwata-Medea Revolution CR Dual Action/Large Gravity Feed Cup

Iwata-Medea Revolution CR Dual Action/Large Gravity Feed Cup
  • Product Dimensions: 4.4 x 7.8 x 2.2 inches
  • Item Weight: 8.8 ounces
  • Needle Combination: 0.5-mm 
  • Recommended Age: 8 years and up
  • Gravity-Feed Well: 1/3 oz (.9 ml) 
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Editor’s Pick

Badger Air-Brush Co. Sotar 2020-2F Large Gravity Feed Fine Airbrush

Badger Air-Brush Co. Sotar 2020-2F Large Gravity Feed Fine Airbrush
  • Color: Black
  • Product Dimensions: 8.75 x 4 x 1.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 8.2 ounces
  • Color Cup: 1/12 ounce 
  • spray pattern: 19 mm
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Best Long-lasting Airbrush

Paasche TG-3F Double Action Gravity Fed Airbrush

Paasche TG-3F Double Action Gravity Fed Airbrush
  • Style: TG-1AS
  • Product Dimensions: 11 x 6 x 2 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • BSP Adapter: 1/8″
  • Spray Head: 38 mm
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Best Airbrush For Newbies

Grex Tritium.TS3 Double Action Pistol Style Trigger Side Feed Airbrush

Grex Tritium.TS3 Double Action Pistol Style Trigger Side Feed Airbrush
  • Item Weight: 12.8 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 6.7 x 1.7 x 8.3 inches
  • Power Source: Compressed Air
  • Nozzle: 0.3mm 
  • Side Mount Reservoirs: 360 Degree
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Best Professional Airbrush Gun Set

HUBEST New Professional Dual Action Airbrush Kit Spray Paint Gun Kit

HUBEST New Professional Dual Action Airbrush Kit Spray Paint Gun Kit
  • Package Dimensions: 9.6 x 7.3 x 2.1 inches
  • Nozzle & Needles: 0.2 mm, 0.3 mm & 0.5 mm 
  • Item Weight: 12 ounces
  • Easy To Clean: Yes
  • Trigger: Easy To Control.
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Best Airbrush With Easiest Trigger Control

CHIMAERA Professional 0.4mm Airbrush Nozzle Single Action Gravity Feed

CHIMAERA Professional 0.4mm Airbrush Nozzle Single Action Gravity Feed
  • Product Dimensions: 7.5 x 3.9 x 1.6 inches
  • Airbrush Nozzle: 0.4 mm
  • Quick Hose: 4 mm
  • Trigger: Easy To Control
  • Item Weight: 8.1 ounces
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Best Multi-purpose Airbrush

Master Airbrush Multi-Purpose Airbrushing System Kit

Master Airbrush Multi-Purpose Airbrushing System Kit
  • Package Dimensions: 9.21 x 8.43 x 4.84 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.97 pounds
  • Air Hose: 6 Foot
  • Maximum Air Pressure: 25 psi
  • Air Flow: 10.5 liters/ min 
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10 Best Airbrush Guns Reviews 2022

As previously mentioned, the best air brush should ensure your utmost comfort and ease to give a smooth finish. So that your painting looks like purely professional and sophisticated. However, after deep research and hands on experiments, we have listed the top 15 products that we liked the most. Each of these products seemed perfectly functional to us for everyday use. So let’s dig in and check out our top 15 products! 

Best Airbrush Guns

1. A Complete Package: Master Airbrush Cool Runner II Dual Fan Air Storage Tank Compressor System Kit

Master Airbrush Cool Runner II Dual Fan Air Storage Tank Compressor System Kit

If you’re looking for a complete airbrush gun tool set, then this product will be the ideal product for you. This tool kit set has all the tools you will need for pulling off some class A painting. We liked this product for not only its all in one set up but also for its high end performance. Buying this single set will cut the hassle of buying the separate tools individually.

This tool kit has everything you need for airbrush painting. It has an efficient air compressor, air brush holder, quick release nozzle, air brush cleaner, 6 ft long air hose, mixing cups, cleaning pot, mix sticks and most importantly, an airbrush gun. Not only that, this tool kit also comes with a whopping 24 air brush colors. So, you can definitely tell it is a complete package. If you buy this air brush, you will not need to buy anything extra to complete your set.

Speaking of performance, this air brush tool kit is truly incredible in function. All the components of this tool kit work smoothly and definitely, the end result is awesome. The air brush gun has a wide range of features to make it perfect altogether and the 0.2 hp air compressor complements the air brush gun just how it’s meant to do. The 0.2 mm tip along with a 1/3 oz. gravity fluid cup delivers the most precise airbrush painting you ever experience.

Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 190 pounds
  • Tip:2mm
  • Fluid Cup: ⅓ oz.
  • Capacity:2 hp
  • Air Pressure: 15-50 PSI
  • Air Hose: 6 ft

Master Airbrush Cool Features

  • This tool kit has an acrylic paint air brushing system that has a precise control with dual action gravity feed airbrush along with just the finest 0.2 mm tip and a gravity fluid cup with up to 1/3 oz. capacity.
  • The single piston air compressor in this tool kit has a 0.2 hp capacity and a 3 liter air storage tank that is more than enough for non stop painting with absolutely no pulsation.
  • Two cooling fans are attached with the air compressor to keep the machine cool and let it run efficiently for a long time without obligatory resting time.
  • The air brush gun has a 4 piece head system to ensure the utmost precision for your painting. Its matched system delivers the finest atomization for the smoothest possible result.
  • The air regulation valve controls the paint to be spread into a micro fine spray for the smoothest finish. Also, the handle has a cutaway design that makes it easier for you to hold the gun comfortably and smooth control over painting.
  • Comes with all the essential air brushing accessories including an air compressor, cleaner, and also 24 most common vibrant airbrush colors. The kit is a complete package for those who are just starting their first airbrush painting lesson. Also comes with airbrush guide for proper guideline.
  • The tip size of the gun nozzle is only 0.2 mm with an additional fluid gravity cup with a capacity of 1/3 oz. or 9 cc. Its fluid cup has a funnel shape for even spraying.
  • The airbrush gun works on 15-50 PSI pressure that can spray the paint from hairline thin to as wide as 1 inch.
  • Perfect for DIY projects, even beginners can easily use this.
  • The complete package including all the accessories saved both money and cost by not having to buy them separately.
  • Airbrush colors provided by the tool kit were quite vibrant and high quality.
  • Adjustable painting strokes were helpful for more precise painting.
  • A comfortable handle makes holding the brush easy.
  • Constant spraying with an efficient mini air compressor.
  • Smooth and professional finishing on the surface.
  • Easily cleanable.
  • Long air hose provides more flexibility
  • The airbrush paint needs to be mixed with thinner to go through such a narrow air brush needle.
  • The air compressor is a little slow to start.
Bottom Line
This airbrush kit is indeed a great machine to collect if you are passionate about painting. Those who are looking for a complete airbrush kit reviews for making a full painting setup can definitely buy this product.

2. Best Dual Action Airbrush: Paasche Airbrush TG-3W Talon Gravity Feed Airbrush

Paasche Airbrush TG-3W Talon Gravity Feed Airbrush

If you want to buy a long lasting airbrush, you can consider this airbrush gun. The Paasche Airbrush Gun has quite a superior quality than any other air brush guns in the market. Comes in a sophisticated and durable wooden box, this air brush gun can be an amazing gift to any of your art enthusiastic friends! Besides, the extensive spray size range makes this one perfect for any type of painting work.

Pretty as it looks, this air brush gun has quite a super functional design to make your painting effortless and precise. The body of this air brush gun is chrome plated and the needles are made of purely stainless steel material that was highly polished. So, you do not have to worry at all for its long lasting service. The packaging comes with an air brush gun, 3 different sizes head, a long air hose and other necessary accessories for proper maintenance. Its different head sizes deliver extensive painting range from as thin as a hairline up to 3 inches.

Another great aspect of the design is the gun has just the right amount of weight to handle the machine exquisitely. It’s comfortable to hold and easier to operate than any other air brush guns in the market. The double action feature with a super efficient internal mix configuration certainly makes it the best dual action airbrush in the market.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 12 x 7 x 3 inches
  • Weight:7 pounds
  • Fluid Cup:4 oz.
  • Air Pressure: 20-75 PSI
  • Air Volume: 5 CFM

Paasche Airbrush Features

  • Flexible color option, this air brush gun can spray different types of paints like any solvent fluids and water based paints, any type of air brush color works with this air brush gun.
  • The air brush gun runs in 20- 75 PSI air pressure with a default setting of 20 PSI at 0.5 CFM air volume. This works non stop even on the weakest air compressor!
  • The air hose is 6 feet in length, giving you the fullest flexibility to move here and there with the gun, best for a craft table set up. Also, the long air hose lets you keep a distance from the air compressor to concentrate on your work.
  • Large 0.4 oz fluid cup to deposit enough color paint without having to refill more often. Continuous spraying without no chance of clogging due to the gravity funnel shape.
  • 3 different sizes head for different spray patterns, this air brush gun can spray paint from as thin as hairline up to 1.5 inches. With the fan, it can spray in up to 3 inches size.
  • Chrome plated air brush gun with pure stainless steel highly polished needles gives a long lasting using opportunity with the air brush gun.
  • Double action spraying along with internal mixing within the gravity feed saves you from the hassle from mixing the paint manually.
  • Comes with an elegant wooden box to ensure proper storage and safety.
  • No rust functional design, contains just the right weight and comfortable handle to flexible operation.
  • Extensive spray size gives the comfort of most precise painting on any size surface.
  • Needle stop in the handle helps to spray the paint consistently.
  • Fan air cap gives a wider spray size and saves time on larger painting tasks.
  • The deluxe wooden box makes it perfect as a gift.
  • Moderate sized fluid cup let you operate the gun longer without refilling often.
  • The nozzles are a little prone to cracking
  • Cleaning the dry paint from the brush is a little troublesome
Bottom Line
This efficient product has all the incredible features that impressed us as we used it for quite a number of days. Despite being on an expensive side of the price range, this air brush gun is a worthy collection for any painter.

3. Best Makeup Airbrush: SpeedShop IWATA Eclipse HP-CS Gravity Feed AIRBRUSH

SpeedShop IWATA Eclipse HP-CS Gravity Feed AIRBRUSH

This air brush gun is the perfect choice for those who are looking for high end products. Simple yet efficient design and superior performance are the keys to make this product our choice. Despite this product doesn’t come with a lot of accessories like the previous two, its performance covered up with the smoothest finish we have ever seen.

IWATA is a pretty reliable name those who are even slightly acquainted with air brush guns. Their supreme quality kept them outshining the other brands in spite of having a high price range. This air brush gun is from their Eclipse series with multi-purpose uses. Highly precise and heavy paint flow made this product line popular among all the artists!

As simple as it looks, this air brush has a comfortable hand design that gave us some extra flex on spraying the paint. The gravity feed design makes sure constant & consistent spraying over the surface with a unique 0.35 mm fine needle and corresponding nozzle combination. Besides, the 1/3 oz. gravity fluid cup puts all of it together having adequate storage for air brush paint. The 6 ft air hose having a 1/8 inch breadth keeps the machine on the go with a consistent flow. Overall, this product has every right to become the best airbrush gun for any purpose.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 58 x 6.3 x 4.02 inches
  • Weight:01 pounds
  • Tip:35mm
  • Fluid Cup: ⅓ oz.
  • Air Hose: 6 ft

SpeedShop IWATA Features

  • Simple yet efficient design, gravity feed airbrush makes sure to never go out of flow while working with it. The easy to hold handle provides high flexibility in working with this machine.
  • An additional 6 ft air hose with a 1/8 inch breadth on both ends ensures consistent air flow from the air compressor to the nozzle end. Runs on 20 PSI air pressure to give out the best result.
  • Unique fine sized needle with only 0.35 mm breadth ensures the utmost precision on painting on even the smallest surface. Comes with corresponding fine nozzle to help it spray evenly.
  • Can be used for a lot of purposes, from oil painting to spraying foundation over your face, the high paint flow along with high precision makes it all relevant for multi purpose use.
  • Gravity fluid cup having 1/3 oz. capacity stores an adequate amount of paint for continuous paint flow over the object surface.
  • Lightweight design, making it easier to hold and preventing exhaustion of hand on long time use.
  • Can spray even heavy acrylic paint if thinned into correct consistency and density.
  • Lightweight body
  • Simple, easy to hold design
  • Easy cleaning
  • Comfortable trigger mechanism
  • Easy disassembling, makes it easier to clean
  • Excellent build quality
  • Incredible and smoothest painting finish on the surface
  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t come with any extra accessory
Bottom Line
Despite being expensive, every little detail of the IWATA brush enchanted us with a high end result on different types of painting jobs. If you are looking for the best makeup airbrush or the best airbrush for body painting, this product will certainly be your number 1 choice for professional airbrush gun.

4. Best Budget Pick: Iwata-Medea Revolution CR Dual Action/Large Gravity Feed Cup

Iwata-Medea Revolution CR Dual Action/Large Gravity Feed Cup

If you are looking for a budget friendly alternative of the IWATA Air Brush gun, you can buy this model. This air brush gun is another mesmerizing product from IWATA. Lightweight design with extra portable features, this air brush gun is one of the best airbrush gun deals in the market.

The first thing we noticed about this air brush gun is its surprisingly lightweight design. This airbrush has been designed to ensure the utmost comfort of the user. Even if you don’t want to use an air compressor, you can use a mini battery run air compressor so that you can move with this air brush gun wherever you want.

Just like the previous one, this product also has 1/3 oz. gravity feed cup. So you can deposit enough paint for constant use. This product is also a dual action air brush gun. So operating this air brush is incredibly easy. The trigger mechanism is also super comfy that makes it even easier to handle. Also, it has a wider nozzle and needle combination. That is why it is far easier to apply thick or heavy paints like acrylic paints. This brush is also incredible for applying makeup also. Overall, this air brush is quite a competitor with the high end ones despite having a cheaper price range.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 4 x 7.8 x 2.2 inches
  • Weight:8 ounces
  • Tip:5mm
  • Fluid Cup: ⅓ oz.

Iwata-Medea Revolution Features

  • It is a dual action air brush gun. It’s easier to operate and doesn’t need any extra skill to use this air brush gun.
  • This brush has an ergonomic design that is surprisingly light in weight. So that it doesn’t exhaust your hand and easier to move the gun here and there.
  • The trigger mechanism is quite straightforward and easy to handle. You can operate this brush even if you have no previous experience of operating an air brush gun.
  • It has a larger nozzle and needle design combination. So you can use even thick and heavy paints to spray on your surface. The paint requires only a little thinner or no thinner at all.
  • It has an internal mix feature that makes your painting always ready to spray. The top feed airbrush cup also helps to have a constant spraying session.
  • Great for any handicraft projects, even you can apply makeup foundation with this air brush gun. You can also use it to draw some temporary tattoo on your body.
  • This product is compatible with a mini portable air compressor. So it allows an extended portability and super flexible use.
  • Less expensive in price compared to other IWATA products
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Comfortable handle
  • Compatible with battery run mini air compressors
  • Extended portability
  • Easy trigger mechanism
  • Dual action with internal mix function
  • Easy to operate for beginners
  • Suitable for makeup application
  • Can spray thick and heavy paints
  • Doesn’t come with any additional air hose
  • Little complicated to clean
  • Fine lines are a little tricky to achieve
Bottom Line
This air brush gun is yet another air brush gun we genuinely liked. If you’re a beginner and want to have some class A airbrush skill, you should definitely consider this air brush. In our opinion, this air brush gun is truly one of the best budget airbrush gun to buy.

5. Editor’s Pick: Badger Air-Brush Co. Sotar 2021-2F Large Gravity Feed Fine Airbrush

Badger Air-Brush Co. Sotar 2020-2F Large Gravity Feed Fine Airbrush

Just like IWATA, Badger is another trademark of reliability for air brush guns. Wonderful performance and amazing result both contributed to make their products to become high end products. The Sotar 2021 air brush gun is no exception from that. This complete kit package has all the eye catching features that made us choose this product.

The Badger Sotar 2021 airbrush gun comes in an elegant black plastic case with the gun & necessary accessories. While unboxing this product, the first thing we liked was its ergonomic design. A lightweight and comfortable operating design was quite a charmer. The classic combination of fine needle & nozzle has an extensive spray range from hairline thin up to 0.75 inches. Its dual action feature along internal mix property makes it even easier to operate.

Although it doesn’t have a large gravity feed fluid cup, it’s still quite enough to accommodate an adequate amount of paint inside. The 2 ml cup gravity fluid cup actually saves from wasting a lot of paint remaining in the cup. Multiple smart features like preset spray pattern along with backward needle release from the air gun also impressed us. Overall, this air brush paint was quite fascinating for its versatile uses.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 75 x 4 x 1.5 inches
  • Weight:2 ounces
  • Tip:35mm
  • Fluid Cup:

Badger Air-Brush Features

  • The airbrush gun has a lightweight & ergonomic design, easy to hold and operate for a long time without hurting the hands at all.
  • Small gravity feed fluid cup prevents wasting of air brush paints remaining in the cup. The internal mix feature makes the action smooth and foolproof.
  • Ergonomic trigger design, easier to handle even if you are not professional. Dual action configuration makes the whole operation a lot easier.
  • This product comes with three different needles with different spray patterns. The fine needle (black in color) or nozzle can spray a hairline to as wide as 19 mm (0.75 inches). Again, the medium needle (white in color) or nozzle can spray from “pen” line thinness up to 1 inch or 25 mm thickness. Lastly, the heavy needle (clear) or nozzle has a spray pattern from a “blunt pencil” line to 1.25 inches or 31 mm thickness.
  • Features multiple smart options like backward ejection of the needle and preset spray pattern on the brush that makes it even more efficient.
  • Comes with a plastic box with other essential tools and accessories.
  • Lightweight and easy to hold design, doesn’t exhaust the hands even after a long time use.
  • Extensive spray pattern options
  • Saves from wasting paint due to small gravity feed cup
  • Backward ejection of the needle makes it easier to disassemble.
  • Preset spray pattern helps to achieve the desired thickness even before starting the painting
  • Dual action configuration
  • Internal mixing
  • Great for beginner use
  • Easy to clean with air brush gun cleaner
  • The trigger is a little uncomfortable
  • Needle needs to be handled carefully, otherwise gets broken
Bottom Line
The Badger Sotar 2021 airbrush had an amazing result on performance and outcome. Its smart features and extensive spray pattern are what makes it ideal for using. If you’re looking for a good airbrush you can definitely choose this product.

6. Best Long-lasting Airbrush: Paasche TG-3F Double Action Gravity Fed Airbrush

Paasche TG-3F Double Action Gravity Fed Airbrush

This airbrush is yet another super efficient brush from Paasche. Those who are looking for a double action airbrush within a moderate budget range, should definitely buy this product. All the essential accessories along with a air hose comes with the packaging.

Although it doesn’t come in any luxurious packaging or box like other airbrushes, this airbrush gun can beat the rest with its superior performance. You can definitely choose between your preferred type of paints, either solvent or water based fluids. Also, the ergonomic design provides a major convenience to your position too.

This airbrush gun can work even on the weakest air compressor having a low pressure & air volume requirement. It can actually work just smoothly on an air pressure as low as 20 PSI at 0.5 CFM. Don’t worry, you can run this airbrush on an air pressure as high as 75 PSI too. So overall, this airbrush is just another excellent product in a moderate budget.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 10 x 7.5 x 1.75 inches
  • Weight:8 ounces
  • Air Pressure: 75 PSI
  • Air Volume: 5 CFM
  • Air Hose: 6 ft

Paasche TG-3F Features

  • The airbrush gun has a pretty ergonomic design, provides as much comfort as your hand needs. It does not make your hands tired on long time usage too.
  • This airbrush can operate on low air pressure and air volume setting, it can run smoothly on air pressure as low as 20 PSI. You can even operate this airbrush gun on high air pressure like 75 PSI.
  • This airbrush gun does not need high air volume to let the machine run smoothly. It needs only 0.5 CFM air volume for nonstop running, so you do not need any large air tank with your air compressor.
  • The packaging comes with all the necessary accessories and tools you will need, even it includes an air hose to connect with your air compressor. So you do not need to buy anything extra to start the painting.
  • This product is a double action airbrush gun. So you can control the airbrush more precisely with a lot more comfort.
  • This airbrush gun can work on both water based or solvent paints or fluids. So you can use it for any painting or even makeup tasks.
  • The gun has three different head sizes for different application sizes. Highly polished stainless steel needs are just the perfect companion to provide the most precise detailing.
  • The whole body is chrome plated, having no chances of forming rust or getting damaged at all.
  • Comfortable design
  • Internal mix feature
  • Gravity feed fluid cup
  • Double action facility
  • Easy cleanup
  • Long air hose
  • Durable finishing
  • Multiple options on the application size
  • Strong needles
  • No storage box
  • Needs thin paint to spray
Bottom Line
This airbrush gun would be a brilliant choice too if you are looking for a long lasting comfortable airbrush at a moderate price. We would definitely recommend this product to be the best airbrush gun for 2021.

7. Best Airbrush For Newbies: Grex Tritium TS3 Double Action Pistol Style Trigger Side Feed Airbrush

Grex Tritium TS3 Double Action Pistol Style Trigger Side Feed Airbrush

If we were told to choose the most comfortable brush in the market, we would definitely choose this brush. Ergonomic design and double action feature made this brush just perfect for holding it comfortably. But what’s the best feature of this brush? Let’s find out—

Looking at the features, the Grex Air Brush gun may seem just a conventional air brush gun like any other product in the market. Gravity fed fluid cups, efficient needles and ergonomic design may feel like just a usual air brush. But the functionality and usage procedure are what makes it different from other air brushes.

The best part of this air brush is definitely the trigger mechanism that makes the change. For the first time, we saw an actual comfortable trigger to go with the air brush body. Most of the air brushes either contain a very small or tricky trigger which is really hard to operate. But this time, we were quite happy with how we could easily operate this airbrush.

Another exciting thing about this air brush gun is its adjustable side by side fluid cups. This mount reservoir will make your experience so effortless that you’ll hardly have to think of running out of fluid from your brush. Being perfect for all types of painting tasks, the Grex Airbrush is therefore one of the best airbrushes you can ever buy.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 7 x 1.7 x 8.3 inches
  • Weight:8 ounces
  • Tip:3 mm

Grex Tritium TS3 Features

  • Super comfortable design, easy to operate and easy to hold at any position you are comfortable with. Lightweight & ergonomic design make it really effortless to achieve the perfect precision.
  • Pull style trigger with a double action feature provides a super easy usage procedure, you can control both air & paint with only one trigger that is easy to operate.
  • Dual mount reservoirs let you operate the air brush for a longer time without having to refill the fluid cup. You can switch to a single feed cup as per your convenience too. The feed cup is designed to have an internal mix function along with a cutting edge design which provides precise control over even the finest detail.
  • The patented Quick Fit needle cap is super easy to set up and remove which excludes the chance of breaking the needle much often. The set up is a lot easier and quicker than any other needle cap in any air brush gun.
  • Best for any types of airbrush painting jobs such as murals, fine arts, woodworking, body painting, makeup, automotive, cake decorating, illustration, etc.
  • User friendly trigger
  • Easy to hold design
  • Quick installation of the needle cap
  • Longer operating time due to dual feed cup
  • Double action feature
  • Perfect for any type of DIY project
  • Finest precision due to thin nozzle
  • Compatible with any air compressor
  • Only one size nozzle
  • Perfect for small objects only
Bottom Line
This product is indeed a smart choice for those who are new with air brush painting. It’s not that expensive either, so you can definitely consider to buy this air brush gun if you’re looking for both comfort and precision in a moderate budget.

8. Best Professional Airbrush Gun Set: HUBEST New Professional Dual Action Airbrush Kit Spray Paint Gun Kit

HUBEST New Professional Dual Action Airbrush Kit Spray Paint Gun Kit

If you are looking for some really versatile air brush kit, you can definitely choose this complete set to fulfill your demand. This dual action brush set is another name of precision with an extensive range of nozzles & needles along with the perfect tools & accessories. The HUBEST air brush gun will be the product for you if you are intending to buy an air brush for DIY art & craft projects.

This elegant looking airbrush has just the best features & efficient technology to make any type of air brush painting a breeze. Having a conventional design, it offers just the right precision and usage of air & paint to work along. Easy to control triggers and easy to clean features make it as incredible as the best airbrush gun you can ever think of.

Although, the best part of this airbrush gun is definitely different sets of needles and nozzles that come with the kit. The 0.2 mm, 0.3mm & 0.5mm nozzle is more than perfect to achieve just the right painting size no matter how large or small the surface is. You can achieve a hairline streak as well as wider streaks by installing different nozzles & needles every time. Shifting the nozzles is quite easy too.

This airbrush gun kit comes with all the essential tools and accessories you will need to start your own airbrush painting journey. Starting from the hose to even cleaning brushes, this airbrush kit is the complete package everyone wants.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 6 x 7.3 x 2.1 inches
  • Weight: 12 ounces
  • Fluid Cup: 9 cc
  • Air Pressure: 15-50 PSI

HUBEST New Professional Features

  • Conventional ergonomic design makes it easy to use and hold, being light in weight makes it even easier to operate too.
  • Dual action airbrush, so it can control both the air and paint only with a single trigger. You can mix around the air & paint as per your choice to obtain the optimum result you are looking for.
  • You can change the width of the paint streaks & even the opacity of the paint over only one single trigger, which is great to achieve different ranges of value.
  • The trigger is easy to control. Once you get accustomed to it, it will provide the precise result that you were looking for.
  • The airbrush gun features a micro air control valve, with which you can easily control the air flow into the airbrush gun. So that you can get the highest control over the paint streak size.
  • The airbrush has a gravity feed cup that requires a lot less air pressure than any other airbrush gun. Also, you can easily disassemble the feed cup to clean the air brush effortlessly.
  • Comes with different nozzle & needles of 0.2 mm, 0.3 mm & 0.5 mm which will give you the right width of paint streak for the surface. You can achieve a hairline thin streak to even 1.5 to 2 inches streak with the fanning nozzle.
  • Suitable for any art & craft DIY projects like paintings, temporary tattoos, sculpture paintings, commercial art etc.
  • Precise control on both air and color
  • Easy to hold & operate
  • Easy to control airbrush trigger
  • Complete kit, won’t have to buy any spare accessories or tools
  • Finest precision on the paint streaks
  • Super easy to clean
  • Compatible with any mini to a medium-sized air compressor
  • Super low price
  • Disappointing packaging
  • The needles and nozzles are super delicate
Bottom Line
The HUBEST Professional Dual Action Airbrush Kit has an astonishing price tag of only 40 dollars, which makes the kit all worth it. You can’t find a cheaper alternative of what they’re providing and with this amazing performance, we must say we are quite impressed with this one.

9. Best Airbrush With Easiest Trigger Control: CHIMAERA Professional 0.4mm Airbrush Nozzle Single Action Gravity Feed

CHIMAERA Professional 0.4mm Airbrush Nozzle Single Action Gravity Feed

The CHIMAERA Professional Airbrush gun is another budget friendly choice for those who are beginners. You can use this amazing airbrush gun to learn airbrush painting for any DIY project. Its easy function and easy operation will make yourself an expert in airbrush painting.

The first thing we liked about this airbrush gun is its simple design and performance. Having a similar design as Paasche or IWATA, you can use it as a training tool before you start to use the expensive guns. Although this airbrush is no less than any high end airbrush guns in terms of performance.

Having only a single nozzle size, this airbrush gun may not satisfy your needs for high precision. But this single action airbrush gun has the easiest trigger control which is amazing for beginners. Additional nozzle wrench and a quick hose connector make it suitable for any small to medium size air compressor. Overall, it’s quite a useful product if you want to try airbrush painting in a cheap budget.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 5 x 3.9 x 1.6 inches
  • Weight:1 ounces
  • Fluid Cup: 2cc

CHIMAERA Professional Features

  • Usual lightweight design, easy to hold and operate.
  • Single action airbrush gun, the trigger is super easy to control.
  • Comes with 2cc gravity fed paint cup with a lid on.
  • This airbrush has a 0.4 mm nozzle to obtain a medium size paint streak.
  • Comes with a 4 mm quick hose connector that makes it extremely easy to connect with your air compressor hose.
  • This airbrush gun has a built-in Teflon ring for nozzle cap which is better for resisting corrosion.
  • The gravity feed is super easy to feel with the 2 cc eye dropper that comes with the packaging, you can insert either paint or ink into the fluid cup.
  • The whole airbrush unit is easy to clean, thereby making it suitable for beginners.
  • Fantastic for beginners
  • Easy to control trigger
  • Compatible with all types of color paints & inks
  • Easy to clean
  • Fluid cup is easy to refill with eye dropper
  • Single size nozzle
Bottom Line
This product is the best beginner airbrush deal that you can get. So if you want to be an expert in airbrush painting and looking for a beginner tool to practice, you can definitely consider this airbrush. The price range is also affordable. Overall, this airbrush gun is quite an excellent choice for the best cheap airbrush deal in the market.

10. Best Multi-purpose Airbrush: Master Airbrush Multi-Purpose Airbrushing System Kit with Portable Mini Air Compressor

Master Airbrush Multi-Purpose Airbrushing System Kit with Portable Mini Air Compressor

Just like the HUBEST airbrush gun kit, the Master Airbrush offers its own complete airbrush gun kit including a portable mini air compressor. If you are a beginner in airbrush field, and want to start with small painting tasks, this kit will be your friend.

The first thing we liked about this airbrush is how small the whole packaging looks, making it extremely easy to transfer the kit anywhere you want. The complete kit includes a master airbrush G22 & an airbrush air compressor C16-B with an air hose. To start with a basic airbrush painting session, these are all you need. Although it doesn’t come with any extra accessories like eyedropper or cleaning brushes but these three are enough to start.

All of the components of this kit are actually pretty great for beginner level users. The G22 airbrush set is renowned for its high precision performance with a dual action feature. It has a gravity fed fluid cup that has a 1/3 oz capacity. This fluid cup well complements the 0.3 mm nozzle to provide a medium paint streak ranging from a half to one and a half inches wide strokes. The easy operation and convenient trigger will lead you to have the easiest airbrush painting experience.

Another fantastic component of this complete kit is the air compressor, which is small in size but extremely functional. This efficient air compressor runs on either a powerful 12V DC battery or a 110V direct plug in AC adapter. So you can use it both wired and wireless. Despite being small in size, this air compressor doesn’t compromise with the features, and 0.4 CFM air volume, 25 PSI air pressure & high air flow of 10.5 liters surely speak of that. An automatic turn on/ turn off also contribute to its easy functionality.

Overall, this airbrush + air compressor kit is what you need to ensure some professional level airbrush painting on any surface.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 13 x 8.46 x 4.8 inches
  • Weight:8 pounds
  • Tip:3mm
  • Capacity: ⅓ oz
  • Air Pressure: 25 PSI
  • Air Volume: 4 CFM
  • Air Hose: 6 ft

Master Airbrush Features

  • Comes in a complete package containing an airbrush gun, airbrush mini air compressor, and an air hose.
  • Dual action airbrush with a multipurpose airbrushing system that has an easily operable trigger to control both air and paint.
  • Airbrush contains a gravity fed fluid cup with one third oz capacity along with a 0.3 mm needle & nozzle. It can provide up to 1½ inches wide paint strokes on any surface.
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design that is extremely comfortable for holding and operating. It will provide you with a slow hand movement which is important for airbrush painting. Even though, your hand will not feel tired or pained.
  • Super mini & portable air compressor runs on either a 12 volt powered DC battery or through a 110 V direct plug in AC adapter.
  • The air compressor operates on an air pressure ranging from 2 PSI to 15 PSI, although it can go up to 25 PSI at highest.
  • The air compressor has a built-in airbrush holder which also helps you to put the airbrush gun in the right position while refilling.
  • A high air volume of 0.4 CFM delivers just the perfect air flow level to operate the air compressor smoothly.
  • Its air compressor provides a high air flow of 10.5 liters/ min which is more than enough for even the highest color opacity of your paint.
  • The air compressor is absolutely oil-free with an automatic turn on/ turn off function that will help you to automatically put the compressor on the motion.
  • Perfect for any DIY painting projects
  • Complete package, doesn’t need any additional air compressor
  • Easy to operate, and easily controllable dual action trigger
  • Lightweight airbrush gun & air compressor, easily portable in any bag
  • High airflow and air volume ensure constant operation on the airbrush gun
  • Auto shutoff technology saves the air compressor from potential damage due to overheating
  • Only one size nozzle & needle
  • Little hard to clean
Bottom Line
The Master Airbrush Multi-Purpose Airbrushing System Kit is thereby one of the best airbrush gun kit for beginners that you can ever come across. The price range is also pretty affordable, so you can definitely give it a try and sharpen your skill for high end airbrush guns.

How to Clean An Airbrush Gun

Cleaning an airbrush gun is one of the hardest & trickiest steps of handling an airbrush gun. You must clean your airbrush after every single use. Otherwise, it will clog the needle and make your airbrush absolutely useless.

How to Clean An Airbrush Gun

An important part of cleaning an airbrush is knowing the right procedure. An airbrush gun is super delicate, and so it its nozzles and needles. Breaking the nozzle and needle of any airbrush while cleaning it is a pretty common scenario. So you need to know the right step of cleaning your airbrush. Worry not, here’s a simple three step tutorial for how to do that—

1. Disassemble The Airbrush Gun

The very first step of cleaning your airbrush gun is to pour out the extra paint and disassemble the parts. Now you have to be really careful while doing this step, because breaking the airbrush parts are pretty common in this step.

Start by disposing the extra paint from the airbrush. Dump out any excess paint that is remaining in the airbrush feed or siphon. Turn the gun over and shake it to get rid of the excess paint.

Then remove the parts one by one. Start with the needle cap & nozzle cap. Unscrew them gradually and then dismount the nozzle. Then take off the front handle of the gun which will unleash the airbrush needle. Unscrew the needle chucking nut and finally remove the needle. You may need to use a mini wrench for all the disassembling procedure. But you can use your hand if you don’t have one.

You need to be really careful in this step, because chances are you may break the needle or nozzle while removing it. Try to handle everything gently and keep it at a safe place to move on to the next step.

2. Cleaning The Airbrush Parts

Now to the actual step, prepare the parts for cleaning. Make a cleaning solution beforehand, take two tablespoons of white vinegar and mix with two cups of warm distilled water, and your cleaning mixture is ready. Or you can also use a commercial airbrush cleaner instead. Prepare the airbrush cleaner as per the manufacturer’s instruction.

Now submerge all the airbrush parts in the cleaning solution. Let it soak for about 5-10 minutes, a longer soaking time will damage the lubricated layer of the airbrush parts. So do not keep it in the cleaning mixture for too long.

Then take a damp paper towel/ soft cleaning rag and clean all the parts. Be careful with the parts, handle them gently. Use a cotton swab to clean the corners. To clean the inside of the gun, take a small pipe cleaner and insert it to clean it properly.

After you’re done, put the parts on a tray to dry it completely. It’s important to totally dry out the moisture to prevent rust. Then reassemble the parts.

3. Reassemble The Airbrush

The final step is to reassemble the airbrush. Follow the instruction manual that came with your airbrush gun to assemble all the parts. Use a small wrench to assemble all the parts and be careful not to break anything in between. After you’re done with the reassembly, give your airbrush a test run to see if it’s working fine. Once you’re happy with the result, you’re done!

Complete Buying Guide For Best Airbrush Gun 2021

Now that you’re interested to buy an airbrush gun, the next step is to find the best one for you. As you know, the best airbrush gun is a tricky product to purchase. Depending on several traits and criteria, you should choose an airbrush that will work the best for you. If you fail to find a suitable one, even the best one will fail to serve your purpose.

Complete Buying Guide For Best Airbrush Gun 2021

So what’s the solution? You should get such a product that will serve everything that you were looking for. Now different people will have different preferences of buying an airbrush, which calls for an ultimate buying guide for the best airbrush gun for 2021. So let’s cut to the chase and see what to keep in mind while buying your own airbrush gun—

Airbrush Type

The airbrush type is the very first thing you should be checking. There are different types of airbrush guns depending on their trigger function, feed position, and mix options. Different types of them actually offer different features, so you actually have to determine which one is best for you as per their facilities.

Trigger Type

As we all know, the trigger function is one of the most important traits for choosing an airbrush. You can choose among single action, double action, or automatic airbrush, whichever you feel comfortable. You can control only the airflow with the trigger of a single action airbrush, where you can control both airflow and paint volume with a double action airbrush.

Double action airbrushes need expert skill to control, but provides more flexibility if used properly. On the other hand, an automatic airbrush provides more control over the gun, and as a result, you can focus more on your hand movement and paint volume.

You can also choose the airbrushes with a pistol shaped trigger, which will provide more control as a double action airbrush.

Feed Type

An airbrush will have either a gravity fed paint cup or a siphon fed fluid cup. A gravity fed paint cup will need only a little amount of paint, and it’s great for small surface areas and thin paint strokes. However, you have to refill the feed more frequently as it has a smaller capacity.

A siphon fed fluid cup, on the other hand, requires more paint, and perfect for any large scale painting tasks just as body painting or background painting. You won’t have to refill the feed that much often as it can contain a lot of paint. You can also choose a side feed, which kind of provides a similar facility for both gravity fed and siphon fed airbrush.

Mix Type

Based on the mixing option, there are internal mix airbrush & external mix airbrush. Usually, the external mix is common in single action airbrush guns. And the internal mix option is a built-in feature of any double action airbrush. Choose according to your preferences for airflow control.

Needle & Nozzle Size

The needle and nozzle size will determine the size of the paint stroke you want. An airbrush with different needle and nozzle options will help you to obtain different paint sizes to obtain the finest precision. You can obtain a paint stroke as thin as hairline or even as wide as 3-5 inches. So you can ensure the most comfortable airbrush painting.

Another important thing about nozzle and needle is, they frequently break. You may accidentally break them while cleaning or assembling them. So check if extra needle and nozzles are available in the package or you can buy them separately. That way you can easily replace them even if they break.


A lightweight and ergonomic design is what you should be looking for in an airbrush. You should choose such a design which will provide the maximum flexibility to your hand. So that you can comfortably move your hands without making them tired.

Paint Type

You should check what type of paint your airbrush supports. Some airbrushes work with only thin paints. So you need to thin out the paint by mixing the paint with paint thinners. You can check out the instruction manual to check what type of paint you should use in your airbrush gun.

Usually, most of the airbrushes only support high flow liquid acrylic paints, which is not versatile for any type of painting. So try to find the airbrushes that support other paint types like oil-based paints or alcohol-based paints. That way, you can do any type of painting with your airbrush.

Extra Accessories

Check if the packaging comes with any additional tools and accessories like air hose, extra nozzles and needles, eyedrop, etc. This will help you to handle the airbrush better. Also, you can check if your airbrush package comes with an air compressor. That way you won’t have to buy an additional air compressor for your airbrush.


The price of an airbrush gun is somewhat important for everyone. Because you can find an airbrush gun in every price range. Starting from 10 dollars, the price of an air compressor can go as high as 500 dollars.

You really need to check what you’re getting in the package at your budget. If you are a beginner, try to skip the high end products and opt for the budget friendly airbrushes. You can switch to a professional product once you achieve the skill.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about buying the best airbrush gun for you. If you still can’t figure out a suitable product for you, check out our reviews and choose any one of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will The Airbrush Clog?

An airbrush will clog if you don’t clean it immediately after using it. Other than that, it may clog due to the wrong paint types or if you don’t thin out the paint correctly. You can also experience a clogged airbrush if any part of the product breaks internally.

What Is The Use Of The Airbrush Tool?

You can use an airbrush to spray liquid materials like paint, ink, dye, foundation, etc. This will provide a smooth and even finishing on the surface.

What Is Airbrush Used For?

An airbrushed is used for spraying various liquid materials like paint, dye, ink or even foundation. This is used to give a smooth and even finishing on any painting job.

What Kind Of Paint Is Best For Airbrushing?

Acrylic paints, specifically high flow liquid acrylic paints will work best in any airbrush. You can also choose any alcohol or oil-based paints in your airbrush.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint To Airbrush?

High flow liquid acrylic paints are by far the best choice as an airbrush paint. If you can thin out the paint properly, you will definitely get a superior result.

Do You Need To Thin Paint For Spraying?

If the airbrush paint is too thick to go through the airbrush needle, you must thin out the paint. You can easily do that by using paint thinner. Thinning out the paint is also important to let the paint mix with the air properly.

What Does It Mean To Airbrush A Photo?

Airbrushing a photo actually has nothing to do with real time painting. Editing a photo on a computer or mobile is popularly known as airbrushing a photo.

What Is Airbrush Tattoo?

Airbrush is often used to make temporary tattoos on the human body. It is a painless procedure and easily removable, so people are relying more on airbrush tattoos.

Are Cheap Airbrushes Any Good?

Cheap airbrushes are actually pretty great for beginners, you can use a cheap airbrush to be your first airbrush to learn airbrush painting. Other than that, cheap airbrushes sometimes give an excellent service if you buy the best product in the budget. Check out our reviews to see some really good cheap airbrushes.

What Does Dual Action Airbrush Mean?

Dual action or double action airbrush is a type of airbrush gun that has an elevated trigger mechanism which will give the user precise control over both airflow and paint volume. Double action airbrushes also mix the paint internally to provide the best result. 

Final Verdict

To wrap it up, our choice for the best airbrush gun 2021 is the Master Airbrush Cool Runner II Dual Fan Air Compressor Airbrushing System Kit. This kit is like a dream come true for any beginner to professional level painter. It is a complete airbrush set and had the best performance among all the airbrushes we had tried out so far. The price range is also in an affordable range, so we really think it’s the best airbrush deal for 2021.

So that’s everything for our best airbrush review and buying guide. If you struggle to choose the perfect one for you, simply rely on us. All the products on this list won’t disappoint you at all. Happy painting!

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