The 6 Best Kids Tool Belt Reviews 2021 [Expert Opinion]

Are you searching for a kids tool belt because your kid is troubling for one? Then you should be strategic to find the right one according to his/her age. A good tool belt may give him proper knowledge about fixing tasks.

Finding the best kids tool belt depends on some technical features, as we will share our knowledge about the product with you. Now, choosing a toy is not the solution, you pick such a kit that will serve your purpose. Then, sensitize the knowledge to all on the toolset to kids and they are used to it too.

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Image Product Name Rating Price
My First Tool Set by DIYjr – Real Tool Set for Kids My First Tool Set by DIYjr – Real Tool Set for Kids
Check Price On Amazon
Fellibay Kids Tool Belt Child’s Tool Pouch Fellibay Kids Tool Belt Child’s Tool Pouch
Check Price On Amazon
Real Leather Kids Tool Belt for Kids Woodworking Children Carpentry Real Leather Kids Tool Belt for Kids Woodworking Children Carpentry
Check Price On Amazon
TOMY John Deere Deluxe Talking Toolbelt | Perfect for Toddler Fixer Uppers TOMY John Deere Deluxe Talking Toolbelt | Perfect for Toddler Fixer Uppers
Check Price On Amazon
EverEarth Childrens Tool Belt EE33714 EverEarth Childrens Tool Belt EE33714
Check Price On Amazon
YITOOK Kids Tool Belt Adjustable Children’s Carpentry Tool YITOOK Kids Tool Belt Adjustable Children’s Carpentry Tool
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6 Best Kids Tool Belt Reviews In 2021

We have arranged to pick 6 best kids tool belt reviews for you to get the ideas and have the knowledge. Now, our experts have gone through the technical issues and we are presenting the benefits here for you.


1. My First Tool Set by DIYjr – Real Tool Set for Kids

My First Tool Set by DIYjr – Real Tool Set for Kids

As you are looking for the best tool set for the little helpers, this is the right option for you. Here, it comes with a little replica of all kinds of tools of a 11 piece set, which will serve the purpose very well. Even, it will minimize your hassle to give real tools to their kids.

This kit comes with real care to match the kids demand and size. This is a real DIY Childrens tool belt, that they can wear and get engaged in any building task. Moreover, the tools have real materials, as your kids will find them substitution of real tools. Then, they will not give more trouble for getting the real one.

As this tool set is perfect for kids size, they can enjoy the benefits of it too. But due to the make and the usability of the tools, they require parents care when the kids will play with them. So, it will help the kids to be safe and not take any action that is harmful.

My First Tool Features:

  • This is a legit tools for the kids, as they will be able to use it while fixing anything and can participate well
  • It comes with 11 steel made tools in a tool belt, that is fully suitable for kids and can be used for any real work too
  • Made with real materials and they get a feel to use the real tools while working
  • Manufactured with professional grade materials, where the kids will learn how to engage with tasks using the tools.
  • Whenever and wherever the kids are playing it requires parental guidance and supervision.

This real scale tool set will fulfill your demand from all dimensions, so you can get this one for your kids. Now, it is comparatively safe and perfect for the kids to move on learning.

2. Fellibay Kids Tool Belt Child’s Tool Pouch

Fellibay Kids Tool Belt Child’s Tool Pouch

When you are upto searching for a child’s tool belt, you can go for Fellibay kids belt. Here, it comes with 5 pockets and a set of tools that the kids may enjoy. Then, the belt is very much real to handle those tools and give real feel to the kids.

The belt comes with a hammer loop, that is a real experience that kids may have and this belt is suitable for 3 to 10 years kids. Now, it will allow you to give hand on training for handling any kind of tools, the kids will learn and they can become a good help when they are grown up.

This belt gives the real worker a feel for each kid, and they love to help their mom and dad. So, it will give the kid a worker environment as a construction guy, so it’s a real fun for him. Now, if you are upto getting one belt for your kid, it is a real and good deal.

Fellibay Kids Tool Features:

  • It is a real dummy of original playing tool belts, comes with 5 pockets and other tools.
  • There are some special parts modification with the tool belt, that gives a more realistic experience to the kids.
  • This tool belt can adjust different types of tools and it is suitable for kids from 3-10 years old.
  • It gives hands on training for using all kinds of tools and gives kids experience to handle tools.
  • It can become a kids construction play, costume and any getup for fun.

Choosing the right set of tools will make your kids happy. They will get a real feel of using tools and they can become a good hand for the future. So, if you are thinking of one, this could be a good choice.

3. Real Leather Kids Tool Belt for Kids Woodworking Children Carpentry

Real Leather Kids Tool Belt for Kids Woodworking Children Carpentry

Is it not amazing to have a leather belt for active kids tool belts? Then yes, you need not to move around any more, it is the right place for you. It fits from 21 inches to 28 inches There is a real tool apron with what your kid loves to become like dad or grandpa.

This tool belt comes with a necessary amount of loops and pockets that manages different types of tools for roleplaying. Every kid will love it for its leather belt. In this way, kids learn working and help in construction works. Your boy and girl, whoever uses it, will be awesome.

All the tools are heady as real tools but each is less than 1 pound, they come with real feel and kids feel adorable in them. The tool belt comes with easy handling and they are quite strong to last for years.

Real Leather Kids Features:

  • It is made with suede leather and manages a hammer and other tools well.
  • It covers the waist size from 21 inches to 28 inches. There is an additional tool apron too.
  • The tool belt comes with tools around it can can accommodate enough tools to get the kids happy
  • The belt can fit real happers too and the kids get a real feel of working on a project.
  • Tools are all heavy like real tools. Total weight is less than 1 pound weight. The belt also has an easy release buckle to maintain and give your service for years.

When you feel your kids need a tool belt to practice and get learning your tasks. So, this tool belt is quite a well developed medium for the kid. It is a good choice for you to get the right set which suits your kid best.

4. TOMY John Deere Deluxe Talking Toolbelt | Perfect for Toddler Fixer Uppers

TOMY John Deere Deluxe Talking Toolbelt | Perfect for Toddler Fixer Uppers

When you are looking for both kids and youth tool belts, then you can check the Tommy John talking toolbelt. Actually, this is a perfect tool set for training kids about different fixing tools. Even, it comes with some amazing features. All the tools are replicas of real tools that will amaze the kids well.

The most amazing thing from the tool belt, is that it talks! It gives the real sound of tools in the workplace and inspires the kids. So, this is better than other toys and a licensed product from John Deere. Now, your kid will be very happy to enjoy the set with creative playing.

This is a trial play set that lets your kids learn the use of each tool. So, while growing they will be inspired to help you. This is a perfect set for gameplay for learning and enjoying construction kit.

TOMY John Deere Features:

  • Licensed John Deere toy that comes with 7 pieces tools and a DIY Play set
  • It comes with necessary tools like wrench, pliers, hammer, screwdriver, ratchet and measurement tools.
  • This belt is amazingly different from others, as it makes sound and inspires the kids to work
  • This is a realtime play kit for the kids from 2 year to above.

This is a perfect tool belt for the kids that your kids will love to have and enjoy. You can get this set closing your eyes and get your kids expert through game play.

5. EverEarth Childrens Tool Belt EE33714

EverEarth Childrens Tool Belt EE33714

If you want to have a tool belt that will work like a kids tool bag, which comes with necessary tools and instruments the kids like to have. Kids love to see their parents to work on any building or DIY projects. So, they love to get engaged in the task, too. But due to the risk of real tools, they don’t get permission.

This tool belt will develop the child’s mental and physical development to have things done. This is a perfect role-playing set that your kids can play and enjoy their times happily. And, it also engages kids to be involved in their own DIY projects.

The kit allows kids to use the water based paints, recycled packaging and manufactured with highest quality. But whatever happens, you should not handover it to any kids below 3 years.

EverEarth Childrens Features:

  • A perfect toy to develop children psychology and brain development through gameplay
  • This is a roleplaying kit where the kids can roleplay as a carpenter, a mechanic and a construction worker.
  • The kit is made with sustainable resources where paints are water based, recycled packaging and other things are used
  • Suitable and perfect playing set for kids above 3 years
  • Kids can learn physical works and how to use tools from this set

Finding a right kids playset is tough, where this set is fully modified for role playing and your kids will be smarter. Grab one to make your kid more smarter.

6. YITOOK Kids Tool Belt Adjustable Children’s Carpentry Tool

YITOOK Kids Tool Belt Adjustable Children’s Carpentry Tool

Your kids are troubling to become your helper in any kind of construction or DIY project? Yes you need a role playing set which will make them happy and know the tricks to use tools. YITOOK kit is a carpenty tool where you will get all necessary tools within one pound. So, it will also become a good mock up as a role player.

This tool belt is equipped with necessary tools for playing as a construction worker or a carpenter. Also, it is made with a nylon strap that fits from 21 inches to 32 inches waist. This is also a heavy duty strap that will last longer than any other toy set.

It is a perfect toy for kids which can be a good companion for the kid and become an everyday support for his playing. Even, this is one of the Best Kids Tool Belt that you may find around you.

YITOOK Kids Tool Features:

  • A suitable game playing kit that comes with low weight tools and a perfect kit for kids
  • The tool belt is organized with necessary tools and it will be a good kit for construction or carpentry play
  • Made with heavy duty straps to hold all the tools which the kids will use for playing
  • The belt is designed for handling all the tools and it is adjustable to waist sizes
  • It carries small sized tools that kids can play on carpentry or woodworking projects

When you are upto buying a perfect kit for roleplaying games for your kids, you can for sure go for a tool belt for your kid. The price will be worth the results it will bring from the tool belt.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Kids Tool Belt?

You will always need to check out the features, benefits and technical issues of the Best Kids Tool Belt. For that you need to know some features, that you will have to check with your expected kit which actually matches or not. So, generally a kid’s tool belt develops the brain activity that makes him more active in his work, as we need to be choosy for getting the proper tool belt. Let us show you in detail.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Kids Tool Belt?


The making quality of the tool belt should be checked properly. Also, the belt material should be long lasting, and better quality. So, all the tools should be made with food grade plastic as kids eventually put them in their mouth, they should not be harmful. The making quality should be checked.

Adjustable Belt:

Generally these tool belts are for the kids above 3 years. So, a kid can use this adjustable belt for years. As they grow up, their waist size will increase, so they can adjust it and wear it according to their size. Even, it will help them to play with this set for years. So, checking the adjustability will be a positive thing.


Whichever the belt we buy for your kids, those should be fully safe for them. There are different brands and models. As most of the tools are replica of real tools, some might be helpful for eyes and skin too. So, when we get a belt, we should be careful about the sharpness and other issues. Even, buying one with less risk should be better for our kids.

Brain Development:

These tool belts allow our kids to work with us on DIY projects. So, we need to engage them in real time work as they are becoming a good help in projects. In that case they do not use the real tools and try to help with their tool belt, so it develops their mind how to use tools and what are their usability. Moreover, if we allow the kids to play with these sets, then they will not only role play these games but also will learn something too.

As we have discussed with you about the benefits and usability of the tool belts, you can choose which kit should be best. It is you who has the choice and power to select one for your babies. From the making, the quality and the positive impact, you can measure which kit will be perfect for them. So, getting the right one will be a perfect decision for them.

Frequently Asked Question

We will find different types of queries of readers on tool belts before buying. So, we have organized some of them for you with necessary answers which will give you vast ideas and details about the product.

Are Tool Belts Bad For Your Back?

Heavy tools with a tool belt are always harmful for our backs, so If we can choose the tool belt with demo tools of less weight then it will not harm their back anymore.

How Do I Know What Size Of Kids Tool Belt Will Fit My Child?

There are different sizes of kids’ tool belts in the stores. These come in from sizes of 3 years to above.

What Is The Average Cost Of A Kids Tool Belt?

There are kids’ tool belts from different price ranges. Basic level belts are from 17 to 30 dollar. And those with more tools and better detailing are around 50 dollars.

How Long Can My Child Use Their Kid’s Tool Belt?

These kids’ tool belt comes in adjustable size. So from 3 years kids can start using it and can also use it till 10 to 12 years.

What Bonus Tips Can You Look Out For?

Choosing a perfect kids toolbelt is tough but you can go for a moderate budget one which comes with all necessary tools and will give a real roleplay environment to the kid.

Final Thought

We have shared our knowledge about Best Kids Tool Belt and it will help you to pick some short listed belts too. This is not tough anymore, you can also check our buying guide to know more and be selective. You need to allot your budget first and move on to buying one for your kids.

We will suggest that you can go for My First Tool Set by DIYjr depending on the quality and better features. We can assure that your kids will fall in love with it. So, why are you waiting, go for the right one you want to have for your lovely kid!

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