Best LB7 Injectors (Review) in 2021 – Top 5 Picks!

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Finding a good lb7 injector is always a hassle, so are you also facing the problem? Well, you know cheap-quality components give us more trouble. Indeed, high-quality and effective injectors is a rare piece in the market, it will take your time to find them.

Thus, to prevent you from getting faulty injectors and save your time, we have wisely chosen some best lb7 injectors. These will give you the durable and functional usage that you are paying for! So, let’s dig into the content.

Table of Content:

In the article, you will come across some of the very definite and premium-quality lb7 injectors and we have kept it informative along with a buying guide. Choose & jump right to your desired segment from the table of content below:

Quick Comparison Chart For LB7 Injectors:

To keep it simple and easy, we have not picked more than five lb7 injectors to review.

ImageProduct NameFeaturesPrice
Bosch 0986435502 Auto PartBosch 0986435502 Auto Part
  • It is durable and long-lasting
  • It does not cracks or leaks
  • Has a great fit body for every kind of vehicle
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Bosch Automotive 0445120008 LB7 Genuine Replacement InjectorBosch Automotive 0445120008 LB7 Genuine Replacement Injector
  • Has a slim and lightweight design
  • Made durably enough to last long
  • Do not leak or cracks in the longest time
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Bostech DE651 Remanufactured Fuel InjectorBostech DE651 Remanufactured Fuel Injector
  • Provides ultimate safe performance
  • Highly examined both disassembled and assembled
  • Made with durability for increased life-span
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  • Has a durable construction
  • Is highly compatible and versatile
  • No feasible issues of corrosion, cracking, or leaking
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Reman Auto Electronics GM 6.6L Duramax Fuel InjectorReman Auto Electronics GM 6.6L Duramax Fuel Injector
  • It’s a highly efficient and versatile injector
  • Does not catch any rust or corrosion
  • The nozzle is very convenient
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5 Best Lb7 Injectors Reviews 2021

Below is the detailed review of the 5 best lb7 injectors you have been looking for. We hope you get to meet the one you are here for. So, keep on reading the article.


1. Bosch 0986435502 Auto Part

Bosch 0986435502 Auto Part

Bosch brings innovative manufacturing of diesel fuel systems for cars and trucks for a long time. You already know the efficacy of performance Bosch puts into its products. Similarly, this lb7 injector is no exception. You will love this one from the best lb7 bosch injectors.

This lb7 injector possesses a safe performance, with its upgraded engine. Moreover, they give limitless vehicle performance with enough oil to maintain. In addition, this hardcore metal made injector prevents any cracking or leaking.

Moreover, the injector is lightweight and slim to fit even in the narrow area of the engine. This injector comes with OE specifications testing and specification. The wearable parts are replaceable with original Bosch equipment, and you will get an unlimited mileage warranty on this piece.

Bosch 0986435502 Features:

  • Made with good quality metal for a long time, crack and leak-free performance
  • Has a slim and lightweight design making it easier for you to fit in the narrow injector box of your vehicle
  • Tested using all the OE specifications and passed with 100% accuracy for a break free performance
  • They have perfect fit, form, and function as OE injectors to provide the best possible output
  • It is durable and long-lasting
  • It does not cracks or leaks
  • Has a great fit body for every kind of vehicle
  • It comes with enough oil to give your vehicle foolproof performance
  • Installation of this injector is hard work and requires a professional hand

Nonetheless, if you opt for your safety over anything, then undoubtedly go for this injector by Bosch. You and your vehicle’s engine both won’t be deceived by this injector.

2. Bosch Automotive 0445120008 LB7 Genuine Replacement Injector

Bosch Automotive 0445120008 LB7 Genuine Replacement Injector

A quality injector does not come for free, obviously, you have to search for it. But let us ease up your job by introducing you to Bosch Automotive 0445120008 LB7 Genuine Replacement Injector. By inputting this in your vehicle, you will get rid of all the worries of leakage, combustion, cracking. You can consider it from the best lb7 performance injectors available in the stores.

Though looking like steel, this lb7 has high-grade metal to solve most problems. There are chrome-plated ball seats for extra support while installing, and protection of internal parts from corrosion. You will find the injector design as slim and lightweight that is a perfect shape to suit every type of vehicle.

Installing an injector was never easy unless Bosch came up with this. All the necessary accessories such as crush washers and O-rings come with the package for the most secure installment. This version is way more upgraded and has compensated for the previous one’s faults and shortcomings. As we can consider it as one of the best lb7 injectors available in the market and suit our vehicle.

Bosch Automotive Features:

  • Made with durable metal and hardened chrome-plated ball seats to prevent rusting and corrosion of internal parts, respectively
  • It is equipped with necessary installation accessories such as O-rings and copper crush washers to suit well
  • Made with more caution than before to get adaptable the lb7 engines and prevent accidents
  • Has a new version of body correcting crack issue to prevents cracks, and in return, it will prevent leakage of oil
  • Has a slim and lightweight design
  • Made durably enough to last long
  • Do not leak or cracks in the longest time
  • Internal parts remain corrosion-proof due to the chrome-plated ball seat
  • Has an easy installation process
  • The price is too high.

Undoubtedly, this lb7 injector truly matches the words ‘you get what you paid for.’ Even, if you invest in this lb7 Bosch injector you won’t regret it for a second.

3. Bostech DE651 Remanufactured Fuel Injector

Bostech DE651 Remanufactured Fuel Injector

Can’t you find the perfect fuel injector for your 2001-2004 GM 6.6L Duramax LB7? Then you might not try this one from Bostech. This is a complete remanufactured fuel injector that has all premium components. Thus, making it durable, leak-proof and a performance booster for your engine. It may not be from the lb7 injectors replacement products.

Even though it comes disassembled, the injector is effortless to place in. It has pre-installed O-rings and new seals in the upgraded version for your convenience of installation. All the components come with proper examination and polishing for safer and better performance in the long run.

Additionally, the injector has a precise finish and inspected after assembling with OE quality. There are 13 months of unlimited mileage warranty to the injector for OE parts replacement. Moreover, it has 12,000 miles warranty for a year from the beginning.  It is from the high-performance lb7 injectors from around you.

Bostech DE651 Features:

  • Has pre installed O-rings and seals to help you ease out with the installation process
  • Has a year of warranty for 12,000 miles performance, which gives great performance confidence
  • OE performance and durability tested for the longest time of use
  • Has 13 months of unlimited mileage warranty to provide customer support at the initial phase
  • Provides ultimate safe performance
  • Highly examined both disassembled and assembled
  • Made with durability for increased life-span
  • Has OE quality finish
  • Limited warranty coverage

Hence, do not hesitate to buy this Bostech fuel injector for your lb7 if you are looking for OE performance in every phase.



It is manufactured with the highest possible form by correcting all the flaws of the previous version. It is really awesome. In addition, it is durable when made for which there is no cracking or leaking as a result. For a long-lasting performance with the least maintenance, this injector is worth using in a vehicle.

It serves the engine with limitless oil to maintain its non-stop performance all the time. However, this injector is a bit heavier than the previous ones, for which its quality remains intact. It is self preventive of any external harshness or contaminants.

Installing this injector is effortless due to the presence of an O-seal ring that comes in multiple colors. This awesome diesel injector comes with a year warranty to give you hassle-free service. Moreover, You don’t have to spend extra on the replacement parts as this injection is highly compatible with other injection systems. It is a successful lb7 injector upgrade kit.

2001-2004 CHEVY Features:

  • OE examined construction and design, made for compatibility, safe and better output
  • Has o-ring for better and effortless installment in a few minutes
  • Provides unlimited oil to the engine for nonstop performance without a break
  • Made with durable, heavy-duty materials to increase the usage of the injection
  • Has a durable construction
  • Is highly compatible and versatile
  • No feasible issues of corrosion, cracking or leaking
  • Increases the engine’s performance
  • Has one year of backup warranty
  • It is pricey due to heavy buildup

Nonetheless, if you want to have the best quality lb7 injector without looking at the price, then this Duramax injector is worth having.

5. Reman Auto Electronics GM 6.6L Duramax Fuel Injector

Reman Auto Electronics GM 6.6L Duramax Fuel Injector

Last but not the least, this fuel injector from REMAN is going to change your car’s engine performance. Its continuous and controlled flow of oil gives the engine an extra boost to run for long. Moreover, the nozzle ensures it doesn’t drip or spill the oil anywhere else than the engine.

It has pre-installed O-rings that make the installation of the injector fast, easy, and secure. It is OE examined and its body is made durable to prevent any cracks and leaks of oil. Even this durability is made to last the injector longer.

The body of the injector is made to prevent any rust and dirt. It also makes the injector requiring no or the least maintenance. Also, you can have a long, safe, and secure car drive if you install Reman’s fuel injector in your vehicle. The manufacturer on the other hand, claims to refund $150 dollars for the core flaw similar to lb7 sac injectors.

Reman Auto Electronics Features:

  • Has a strong body and handy nozzle for the long term and convenient usage
  • Provides foolproof performance to the engine without stopping
  • The nozzle prevents dripping of oil and ensures continuous oil flow to the engine to make it run
  • It is tested in terms of durability and safety features for longer use
  • It’s a highly efficient and versatile injector
  • Does not catch any rust or corrosion
  • The nozzle is very convenient
  • Has a durable, yet lightweight construction
  • Highly tested and examined in every step
  • Easy to install with pre-installed O-rings
  • Does not have a warranty period

What To Consider Before Buying An Best lb7 Injectors

Nevertheless, an injector is a very sensitive thing to buy, as it can make or break your car’s performance. Therefore, there should not be any less effort on your part to pick the right one. To help you out, we will point out a few things, which you must be looking for in the best lb7 injectors you want to buy.

What To Consider Before Buying An Best lb7 Injectors


If the injector is durable, it will solve half of the issues that you might face. So you can imagine how crucial an injector’s durability is to determine the performance. A durable injector comes with necessary technical features and manufactured with excellent and durable materials.

So, the durable injector won’t crack and leak, which means the engine will be safe. And, due to the safety issues and no more trouble, there are fewer chances to take any accident in place. Materials such as robust metals and stainless steel are more prominent choices when it comes to injectors.

Easy installation:

With an easy installation process, you can have great control over the injector. Once in a while, you can check the injector for quick supervision by disassembling and installing again by yourself, instead of waiting for months to go to a mechanic.


Why will you need maintenance? It depends on the quality of the injector. As worse the quality, as much maintenance needed. If it is durable and passed through OE examination, then it won’t need much maintenance. OE approved injector automatically means it has passed through the highest quality test.


Well, it is not mandatory for your injector to have all kinds of components such as chrome plated, or O-rings. But, these come with proper maintenance and high efficacy. Therefore, if you want to invest in a powerhouse injector for your vehicle’s engine, then buy and invest a bit more on the one with these components.

How to Install and Remove LB7 Fuel Injectors

Working with anything related to automobiles frightens off people, thus they choose not to take the risk. However, if you are someone looking forward to doing something like installing and removing LB7 fuel injectors, then we are here for you!

How to Install and Remove LB7 Fuel Injectors

To make it explicit for you, we will show you step by step guides for both installation and removal of fuel injectors to and from your vehicles.

Process for installing LB7 fuel injectors:

  • Open the car front and unwire the battery in the first place
  • Then, remove the AC condenser and place it somewhere temporarily
  • Next, go to the engine and uncover the fuel injection module cap
  • Now place the injector and attach the necessary plugins
  • Attach the glow-plug harness and the fuel injector keys
  • Next, open the fuel return component in the engine
  • Then, close the injector module

Great! You have placed the injector super fast and easy. Then attach all the wires of the battery, and AC as these were detached.

Process for removing LB7 fuel injectors:

  • Initially, find the coolant and drain it on the drain valve. Collect all the debris in a dustbin.
  • Unwire the battery while the coolant is draining to prevent distortion to your modules
  • Detach the AC condenser and fold it to keep on the passenger side battery, but you don’t have to empty the AC
  • Then, detach the water thermostat and coolant neck
  • Next, you have to uncover the fuel injection detach module to work on the injector
  • Now remove the glow plug and fuel line
  • Next, remove fuel injector keys
  • Next, remove the fuel return component
  • And finally, remove the fuel injectors

However, it may seem like a breeze seeing this breakdown of steps. But we will recommend that you never try it if you are an absolute beginner at automobile functioning. Even, take it to a mechanic, or else you might get confused with the wirings and end up having accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions

The frequently asked section of the lb7 fuel injectors covers all the informative and necessary answers. Hopefully, it will be helpful and worth a read if you have similar queries.

Is the lb7 a good engine?

Yes, in this world filled with all faulty and cheap engines, LB7 is one of the most trusted engines for years. Still, it has held on to its customers’ expectations and loyalty.

Is LLY better than lb7?

They both are excellent in their own phases. LB7 is known to increase your engine’s power through high RMPs. On the other hand, LLY is meant for a quiet, and smoother performance.

Are LLY and LBZ injectors the same?

Yes, the LLY and LBZ uses the same injectors, but are different from LB7

Is the LBZ the best Duramax?

For its increased performance, durability and compatibility, LBZ is surely considered the best Duramax by the users. The output is unmatched from this injector!

Is LMM or LML better?

LML is considered as the better engine than LMM due to its lowest emission . With LMM, there are problems regarding DEF on all makes. 

Final Thought

Finally, we have discussed a lot on high performance lb7 injector. Since there were not a bunch of them reviewed, so we guess it was easier for you to detect the best lb7 injector for your vehicle.

In expert opinion, the Bosch Automotive 0445120008 LB7 Genuine Replacement Injector is the most recommended one of the five. The durable metal and hardened chrome-plated ball seats were simply matchless to other products & make it truly long-lasting. Also, easy installation & improved design will make it incredibly suitable for usage. However, all five of them are unique in their specification. But this one comes with high-performance, continuous durability, and compatibility.

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