Selecting The 7 Best Primer For Rusted Metal Reviews (In 2021)

Are you thinking of treating some rusted metal stuff? If yes, the most suitable way would be using a primer. But before that, you should find a perfect one to do the task. When looking for a solution, it should be the best primer for rusted metal. And we are here to help.

There are no shortages of options in the market. So, it’s more than easy to get confused. If this is the case and you can’t decide which primer will be the best particularly for your need? Then, this is the article you are looking for! Here, we provided everything you need to know in detail. Certainly, that will help you to choose the best metal primer for you

Without visiting one shop to another, you will be able to do that. Our experts minimized that hassle for you. They have selected the seven best primers from the market. All you need to do is just follow along and pick the one you require. So, let’s get started!

Selecting The 7 Best Primer For Rusted Metal Reviews (In 2021) 1

Table of Content:

We researched several different metal primers of various brands. Finally, come up with the best seven primers for you. Those are in the following table below. Further, in this article, you will have detailed specs of each primer in the table. So, you can start with a quick look then proceed to the details.

Comparison Chart:

When you are not sure which metal primer would be perfect for you? You can check the market’s best comparative chart for that. There the primers are sorted relatively. It will enable you to have a swift run-through. Among all the products, you will be able to choose the one right for you rather quickly.





Selecting The 7 Best Primer For Rusted Metal Reviews (In 2021) 2

Corroseal Water-Based Rust Converter Metal Primer-1 Gal

Selecting The 7 Best Primer For Rusted Metal Reviews (In 2021) 3

Krylon K06903700 Rusty Metal Primer

Selecting The 7 Best Primer For Rusted Metal Reviews (In 2021) 4

Rust Converter ULTRA (1 Gallon)

Selecting The 7 Best Primer For Rusted Metal Reviews (In 2021) 5

Rust-Oleum 7769502 Enamel Paint 32-Ounce, Flat Rusty Metal Primer

Selecting The 7 Best Primer For Rusted Metal Reviews (In 2021) 6

TotalBoat Rust Primer Converter (Gallon)

Selecting The 7 Best Primer For Rusted Metal Reviews (In 2021) 7

Rust-Oleum Spray Paint 12-Ounce, Flat Rusty Metal Primer

Selecting The 7 Best Primer For Rusted Metal Reviews (In 2021) 8

Krylon K06903907 Rust Protector Primers, White Primer

7 Best Primer For Rusted Metal Reviews 2021

In this article here, you will find a review of the 7 best primers for rusted metals. With insight, we presented all the facts about each of the primers. All the points that we liked and also that we did not do much. We desire and aim to provide you with all the necessary guidance. You will pick the best primer for rusty metal in a blink of an eye.

So, let’s go ahead further with the descriptions.

1. Corroseal Water-Based Rust Converter Metal Primer-1 Gal

Corroseal Water-Based Rust Converter Metal Primer-1 Gal

Corroseal water-based rust converter is the first metal primer on our list. It is from Rodda Paints, one of the largest in the Pacific Northwest established in 1932. It is a single-step solution you may be looking for! If so, the corrosion rust converter might be worth taking a look at.  

This best metal primer for rusty metal is easy to apply and non-flammable. It is designed mainly for marine use. But also best suited for any automotive or household, even commercial use. It comes with an excellent area coverage of 250 square feet per gallon. And substantially, it prolongs the durability of the metal equipment(s) you use on. 

Corroseal rust converter is a perfect primer to convert the rust (iron oxide). The rust changes into magnetite. It’s a stable substance that protects the equipment from further rust and corrosion. On top of that, this converter gives the paint a firm grip while keeping it from wearing off. Now with paint on top, you don’t have to worry about rust anymore.

What We Like
  • Non-flammable, non-corrosive properties with safety assurance..
  • Single-step solution for restoration of any rusty surface.
  • Easy to apply and convenient.
  • Effortless cleaning with water and soap.
  • Up to 200 to 250 square feet coverage per gallon.
  • Superior-class industrial quality.
What We Don't Like
  • Requires extra care for light-colored surfaces (e.g., light color car).
  • Proper knowledge is required for perfect results. 
Bottom Line
It has built a matchless reputation over the years. It’s capable of meeting all your rust management needs. It does so with a professional standard. This rust converter metal primer presents a specific formulation for the marine industry. It’s one of the best, most trusted, and popular rust converter primers in the market.

2. Krylon K06903700 Rusty Metal Primer

Krylon K06903700 Rusty Metal Primer

The Krylon Metal primer is one of the fastest-drying primers on our list. It’s a corrosion controller with a dry time of just 8 minutes. If you are someone who prefers fast results, this may be the product you are searching for. It promises a smooth, rust-fighting finish that is not only effective but also durable.

The Sherwin-Williams Company is a US-based manufacturer that produces it. This 12 OZ product effectively smoothen any uneven surface. On the other hand, it increases the adhesion for paint that makes paint over rust a piece of cake. It also makes the paint long-lasting and keeps the metal surface corrosion-free.

As it is an oil-based rusty metal primer that makes you metal ready for all weather. This rust protector is one of the best in its price range. And the brilliant part is Krylon showed out of the ordinary corrosion test results. In an array of tests among its opponents.

What We Like
  • Gives up to 15x faster dry-time.
  • It provides a sturdy finish working on even and uneven surfaces.
  • It provides the best paint for rusts with high-end quality.
  • Extremely lightweight that is effortless and fast.
  • Provides full corrosion resistance in all weather.
  • It provided better results on different cases against corrosion.
What We Don't Like
  • The spray action requires minimum expertise to avoid an uneven spray.
  • Requires color testing before applying it to the actual surface.
Bottom Line
The Krylon Rust Protector Primer is a fantastic paint primer at an excellent price. It’s fast and durable. It’s a brand that is tested and meant to provide exceptional corrosion protection.

3. Rust Converter ULTRA (1 Gallon)

Rust Converter ULTRA (1 Gallon)

Rust Converter Ultra is a professional grade best metal primer for rusty metal. ULTRA is a highly effective converter for rust. It turns the rust into an inactive substance while completely shuts out the dirt and moisture. That necessarily controls the corrosion and prevents its further advancement. The rusty metal neither requires any grinding nor any sandblasting or scraping.

Even the rustiest of metals is treatable. Corrosion triggered by any weather is convertible with it. With 500 square feet coverage per gallon, you can treat any metal with efficiency. From machinery, automotive, marine, indoor, or outdoor nonporous rusty metals to anything that has rust on it. It has the confidence of providing top-notch durability.

The ULTRA is an oil-based converter. It provides you with immediate equipment cleaning with just water and soap. It also has a convenient drying time of 20 minutes for each coat. Applying a second coat gives the best finish. It ensures the complete transformation of the rust on the metal surface. When the perfect primer is a demand, this is the solution for sure. 

What We Like
  • Converts rust into an inert material, removes the moisture.
  • Does not require sandblasting and saves money.
  • Provides ultimate protection in the all-weather environment.
  • It ensures the durability and integrity of rusty metal surfaces.
  • Ensures hassle-free guaranteed satisfaction no requirement for thinning.
  • It takes only 20 minutes to dry up. 
What We Don't Like
  • Less effective than high-end premium water-based rust converters.
  • May leave stubborn stains.
Bottom Line
The ULTRA from FDC would be an applaudable economic option for your personal needs. In terms of overall quality and durability, it is one of the famous and versatile primers in the market.

4. Rust-Oleum 7769502 Enamel Paint 32-Ounce, Flat Rusty Metal Primer

Rust-Oleum 7769502 Enamel Paint 32-Ounce, Flat Rusty Metal Primer

Rust-Oleum is a name of trusted quality since 1921. The 776950 primer is one the finest from Rustoleum rusty metal primer reviews you may find. Whether it’s a clean, slightly, or even heavily rusted metal, this flat rusty metal primer can handle all. It instantly stops rust and shuts out corrosion.

Compared to solo enamel-use, the rust-oleum delivers double protection. It’s a perfect choice for being both indoor and outdoor solutions. This 32 Ounce flat metal primer is durable. It gets into a close bond with the rust. Prepares the surface for the paint to have a rigid adherence and gives a smooth protective finish.  

Depending on ambient temperature and air humidity, the drying time may vary from 4 to 6 hours up to 24 to 48 hours. Rust-Oleum is an oil-based primer. It effectively covers the rust and present with an even, suitable surface to finish your paint.  

What We Like
  • Ensures proper bonding with the rust, holds up to rough use and extreme moisture.
  • Works on metal surfaces as well as, heavy, slightly rusted, or clean.
  • It also keeps the metal surface rust free for a prolonged period.
  • It ensures the durability and integrity of metal surfaces in any environment.
  • It provides rust prevention with guaranteed satisfaction.
  • It comes in lightweight equipment at a reasonable price.
What We Don't Like
  • The dark reddish color needs a little more of a coating.
  • It requires a bit longer time to recoat.
Bottom Line
The Rust-Oleum Enamel Paint is another excellent addition to the trusted Rust-Oleum brand. It’s easy to apply and simply outstanding in its work with equally high quality. 

5. TotalBoat Rust Primer Converter (Gallon)

TotalBoat Rust Primer Converter (Gallon)

When it comes to shutting off corrosion, TotalBoat Rust Primer is the ultimate solution. It also ensures excellent paint adhesion. Whether it’s an old rusted metal or a new shiny one, it takes care of both. It stops the rust instantly while ensuring it never returns.

It halts the progress of the rust by turning it into a static material. Any new rust spot is also taken care of. All without any grinding, sandblasting or scraping. You just need to brush this rust primer on the already wire brushed metal surface and let it turn black. The black color indicates that it’s dry. 

The TotalBoat Primer is suitable for all kinds of rusted metals. Automotive (i.e., car, bikes, boats) to the outdoor metal railing, or indoor garage tools to steel doors. It treats any metal that has rust on it. This phosphoric acid-based converter can be a better alternative in most cases, for almost any primer out in the market.  

What We Like
  • It ceases the advancement of any rust in a metal surface instantly.
  • It covers a large variety, including metal railings to a boat trailer, everything.
  • It maintains a high-end quality in protecting and preserving from corrosion.
  • Extremely user friendly.
  • It has excellent economical coverage at a convenient price.
  • It can be an alternate option for almost any primer in the market in a more advantageous way. 
What We Don't Like
  • It takes longer than usual to turn black in different Humidity and temperature.
  • May drip off quickly.
Bottom Line
The TotalBoat Rust Primer is a rust converter that does what it says. It’s a product that offers a wide usage range. It also comes with superiority in performance, easy application, excellent economic coverage. And many more, which makes it a must as an option.

6. Rust-Oleum Spray Paint 12-Ounce, Flat Rusty Metal Primer

Rust-Oleum Spray Paint 12-Ounce, Flat Rusty Metal Primer

Rust-Oleum Spray Paint is the second rust metal primer from Rust-Oleum that made it to our list. It is suitable, especially for heavily rusted metal surfaces. It also bears excellent rust prevention ability. Like any great oil-based primer should have. 

The Rust-Oleum Spray Paint metal primer provides an ultimate protective finish. It gives such a finish that is sturdy and durable at the same time. It dries up only in 15 minutes. This 12-ounce primer cane can cover easily up to 20 square feet. It’s a primer that can withstand heavy use and demanding environments.  

It bonds tightly with the rust and does not leave any air or moisture behind during the bonding. From the bonding, we get a surface to which topcoats can smoothly and effectively adhere. Also, the spray paint primer has an all-angle spray option.

What We Like
  • It makes a heavily-rusted metal surface paintable that adheres very effectively.
  • It works fast, to put different coats in a few minute intervals.
  • It provides corrosion resistance that makes the treated rusted metal durable.
  • Suitable for automotive, marine, household-level use.
  • It guarantees rust prevention with its fish-oil-based formula.
  • It comes in a 12 Ounce pressurized cane with up to 20 square feet coverage. 
What We Did't Like
  • Only for metal surfaces that have heavy rust.
  • Requires  little experience for the nozzles to work all through.
Bottom Line
The spray paint metal primer is also a great addition to the industry. It justifies its brand reputation. This Spray Paint Flat Primer is no exception. And it is a name that you can always trust for quality.

7. Krylon K06903907 Rust Protector Primers, White Primer

Krylon K06903907 Rust Protector Primers, White PrimerKrylon Rust Protector Primers are products that offer extra corrosion protection. These primers work seemingly for all rusty metals painted or bare. And they easily convert rust to a paintable surface. Increased paint adherence is also in its service list. No wonder, it’s surprising what this 1 pound cane can do to control and manage all your rust problems.

And the coolest part is it works fast. It dries up to 15x faster than its leading counterparts. It takes just 8 minutes to have the ultimate rust controlling finish that is smooth and durable. It is not only a primer but also a painting with almost 30 different colors to choose from. 

It also offers matte, semi-gloss, and gloss finishes. Our white Krylon Rust Protector Paint here is like no other. It is only 2 hours that it takes for a whole project to be ready & dried. Besides, it has a record of consistent better performance in various corrosion tests.

What We Like
  • With up to 15x faster dry-up time for any complete project to be ready.
  • It provides an ultimate finish that is long-lasting.
  • It provides adequate protection against rust on metal that guards with high-end quality.
  • Working with it is effortless, easy, and fast.
  • It’s oil-based material is suitable to ensure protective measures against the rust.
  • Provides increased durability to your rustic metal tools.
What We Don't Like
  • Requires minimum expertise to avoid uneven spray all over .
  • To cover the primer color, it require some extra layers.
Bottom Line
The Krylon Rust Protector Primer is a fantastic primer with a fast project finish time. At an excellent price, you get a product that provides actual durability. It’s an established brand that is meant to provide brilliant corrosion control. 

How to choose the best primer for lightly rusted metal? 

When you start a rust management project, all the rust may not be similar. Specific areas that are exposed to more abuse tend to get more rusty. And then, there will be surfaces with minor to very slight rust. And yes, they should not be treated with the same product. Different rusts should be managed according to the need.

Understanding the surface:

Understanding the surface below rust is essential. The below-surface means the metal. There are three main metal types: cast iron, steel, and stainless steel. Rust praying on them is common. What is different is the way they are rusted. If you are trying to fix a steel type lightly rusted metal then no primer may be needed. The painting only should suffice. For cast iron, we have to select the right featured primer.

Look at the features:

When you are treating rust, it’s mainly on the cast iron. Depending on the exposure of the metal surface, rusting starts & gets going. In a chemical combination of water, oxygen, and iron, the oxidation continues. We then call it rusting. Now to remove or treat it when it light, you cannot just use any primer or converter. You need to look for the oxidation related features of the primer before you select it.

Selecting the feasible one:

Usually, the anti-rust formula is not very appropriate for the light rusty metals because there is less or o rust to work on. So, the primer may rise to the actual metal surface and cause discomfort if there is not enough rust. But for some premium quality metal primer, it’s not the case. They have the property that makes them suitable for heavy rusted or lightly rusted metal surfaces. So, these metal primers can be excellent choices for light rusty surfaces.

Another great option can be the primers are featured for light rusts. And for sure, they are within budget. 

What to consider before buying a primer for rusted metal?

If you want to buy the primer that exactly you need, there are specific parameters you may want to consider. In this section, we are going to discuss those parameters briefly but without missing anything important. In this guide, you find all you need to know about buying the best rust primer for you.

As we already know, there are a lot of primers for rusted metal available in the market. These primers come in various sizes and shapes. They have their specifications regarding the way they work best. And also which option is best for what type of rust and corrosion. 

What’s the need?

Before you go ahead and pick any rusty metal primer, you have to understand your need. What exactly do you plan to achieve? Is it a massive restoration or comparatively a light project? Depending on the rust and intensity of the corrosion, you want to choose the rust primer, a general-purpose or a heavy-duty one. 

Different approaches the primer works:

When it comes to rusty metal primers, the way they work are not all the same. Some of the primers just cover the rust and contain it, which is perfect if you are working with very light rust. Some remove it altogether. Then there are primers that are rust converters. They remove dust and moisture. They also stop the corrosion and turn the problem into a part of the solution. 

Durability and effectiveness:

There is no question on the fact that you want your primer to be durable. And to get the strength, you need to consider the effectiveness. A useful primer will show an active response to the rust upon applying. Depending on the metal (steel, cast iron, or stainless), you have to pick the right rust primer.

The final appearance:

Sometimes the end justifies the means. It is very accurate in a restoration project of a rusty metal surface. Along with quality, effectiveness, and durability, the final appearance can and needs to be significant. So, in such a situation, you must consider and be sure of the end appearance before choosing the primer.

Desired finish & needed preparation:

Last but not least, you need to consider the preparation, you may require, with different primers. If you select accordingly, your ease of work will be intact. Hence, you will avoid things that are not necessary. And go with only the essentials, you will get the best job done with the desired finish.   

Why Should You Get a Primer for Rusted Metal?

If you’re thinking of priming for some restoration project choosing the best primer is a must. It’s the most essential and crucial part of the whole project. Missing the right introduction is like a death sentence for the entire plan. All your hard work will fail without it. You may end up right back where you started with no notable result.

Here are points why:

  • The rustier the metal, the more heavy-duty primer you will be needing. 
  • Without the right primer, it’s doubtful to get dependable corrosion protection.
  • You might get a temporary result, but you will need the best for a lasting one.
  • You might not get any noticeable results at all.
  • All your hard work will be in vain without the long-lasting rust control you wanted. 

So, to get the perfect result, you need the best option. It will be useful and durable only with high performance. For that, there is no alternative other than choosing the best primer that works flawlessly for rusted metal.

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope, this article has by far provided enough information about rust primers. If you still want to know more about using this product, this segment will help you out further-

✅ What is a primer for rusted metal?

A rusted metal primer is a substance used as a preparatory coat on rusted metal. It protects from the growth of rust on the paint layers. More importantly, it prevents the development of rust further. 

✅ Can you paint over rusted metal? 

Yes, you can and in one of two ways. Either by using a rusty metal primer or a metal rust converter. Both will work fine according to your need.

✅ Is it okay to use a metal primer on new metal?

Generally no, because the metal primer contains fish oil that is meant for working on the rust. But on a clean metal surface that fish oil will rise to the surface. It may make the adherence of paint ineffective.
But if the primer specifically features that it is suitable for new metal too then yes you can use that.

✅ Are primers able to stop rust?

Yes, if your primer effectively keeps moisture away from the metal surface, it will be able to stop rust. Use  of primers perfectly, causes rust away.

✅ What is the black inert material that forms on metal after priming?

The black coat that forms as an inert substance is called magnetite. It develops due to the chemical bonding between the primer and the rust (Iron Oxide).

✅ Is it a wise decision to paint the rusted metals?

Sure, you can do that well, if it can be restored using various metal primers or with metal converters. These stop the rust and adhere to the paint to the rusty metal.  

✅ How do primers bring effects on rusted metals?

The primer contains a specially formulated fish well that manages the rust. It makes the metal rust free and stops further corrosion.

✅ Can we paint a rusty metal? 

Yes, you can and in one of two ways. Either they are using a rusty metal primer or a metal rust converter.

✅ Can primer really stop rust?

Yes, if your primer effectively keeps moisture away from the metal surface, it will be able to stop rust.

✅ What is the preferred paint for rusty metal?

Any paint can be best for rusty metal if the rust is managed correctly before using the paint. You need to prime the rust with a good primer or have a rust converter primer to do that.

✅ What type of paint to use on rusted metal? 

You can use any paint you like on rusty metal after treating the rust with a metal primer or converter. You can also use some spray paint converter to paint the rusted metal.

✅ Can over rusted metal be painted?

Yes, you can. To do that you need to sandblast the rust, and then brush it from the surface. Then, apply some primer and wait to dry, and then you can use the paint you like.

Final Thought

It’s more than easy to get confused among the various kinds of metal primers in the market. There are many features and facts you may need to check for. Especially for a new bee, there is a good chance of ending up buying the product not suitable for the needs. Hence, the new bee or not, we certainly hope our comprehensive guide helped you. Then to look for necessities, it pointed you in the right direction.

We also presented you with our top 7 list and now going to reveal our overall top pick. The overall best in our list is the Corroseal Water-Based Rust Converter Metal Primer-1 Gal. It provides a superior industrial quality as well as keeps your equipment corrosion-free. It comes with extended durability and ease of use. All these features make it our best primer for rusted metal. So if you’re looking for something that will save your metal stuff from rust, purchase this product & stay tension free. Happy hustling!

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