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10 Best Roof Cleaner Reviews In 2021 (Must Read This)

A dirty roof is a major setback on getting a picture perfect house. Avoid the dirty scene and keep your rooftop clean. If you are thinking of not hiring the professionals and clean your own roof, you’ve come to the right place! Our best roof cleaner reviews can help you find the ideal products to pull off a deft DIY roof cleaning.

Deciding to clean your own roof is indeed brave. Because cleaning your roof back to its original state is quite dreadful and exhausting. But the best products can contribute to ease off your workload and let you finish faster. Besides, it’s important not to damage the roof with harsh chemical products. So finding a great quality product is vital.

Best Roof Cleaner

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10 Best Roof Cleaner Reviews In 2021 (Must Read This) 1

Wet and Forget 1 Gallon Moss, Mold and Mildew Stain Remover

10 Best Roof Cleaner Reviews In 2021 (Must Read This) 2

B.E.S.T Rubber Roof Cleaner

10 Best Roof Cleaner Reviews In 2021 (Must Read This) 3

Spray & Forget Revolutionary Roof Cleaner Concentrate

10 Best Roof Cleaner Reviews In 2021 (Must Read This) 4

Wet & Forget Roof and Siding Cleaner

10 Best Roof Cleaner Reviews In 2021 (Must Read This) 5

Spray & Forget House Deck Cleaner

10 Best Roof Cleaner Reviews In 2021 (Must Read This) 6

Thetford RV Rubber Roof Treatment

10 Best Roof Cleaner Reviews In 2021 (Must Read This) 7

Propack Rubber Roof Cleaner

10 Best Roof Cleaner Reviews In 2021 (Must Read This) 8

Dicor Corporation Rubber Roof Cleaner

10 Best Roof Cleaner Reviews In 2021 (Must Read This) 9

Rust-Oleum Jomax Roof Cleaner

10 Best Roof Cleaner Reviews In 2021 (Must Read This) 10

Mold Armor E- Z House Wash

Top 10 Best Roof Cleaner Reviews In 2020

Finding the best roof cleaning product is indeed tricky for anyone. Because everyone doesn’t have the same dirty roof. Your roof can be dirty with moss, mold, mildew or even fungus. Most of the time pressure washing your roof doesn’t help to solve these problems. So a variety of roof cleaners are required depending on the condition of your roof. 

Anyways, we did find out the best products after deep research and hands on experimenting on our own roofs. We made a list of 10 products that we really liked on account of different purposes.

So the product list is as follows—

1. Wet and Forget 1 Gallon Moss, Mold and Mildew Stain Remover

Wet and Forget 1 Gallon Moss, Mold and Mildew Stain Remover

This product is quite a charmer for all purpose cleaning solution. No matter how your roof has become dirty, cleaning it with this product will be a piece of cake. This product has just the right chemical formulation that makes it more efficient than any other roof cleaners in this budget. The formula efficiently cleans up even the stubborn moss, mold and mildew stains, making it the best roof cleaner for moss.

Speaking of chemical formula, this roof cleaner has a non-caustic, non-acidic formulation. Besides, this product doesn’t contain even a trace of any bleaching chemical. So you can be absolutely tension free if you are concerned about any damage. This product is super amazing for any type of material. You can use this for concrete, stucco, aluminum, bricks, and even painted surfaces. So it comes handy for cleaning not only your roof but also sides, decks, etc. 

This roof cleaner can also be used for wooden surfaces, so you can even use it for cleaning your old furniture to give it a new life! The best part of this roof cleaner is you do not have to scrub or rub the surface after applying, just apply it and it will do the rest of the job itself. This one step cleaning process is what made us choose this product.

Wet and Forget Features:

  • The packaging contains 1 gallon of cleaning agent, which is capable of cleaning up to 2000 square feet surface after diluted with water. So only one gallon is more than enough even if you have a medium to large roof. 
  • Removes moss, fungus, mold, mildew, even the toughest stains quite efficiently. The chemical formulation removes it without harming the surface.
  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor surfaces. You can use it on any type of surface like concrete, aluminum, brick, stucco or even painted surface. Works great on wooden surface too.
  • Has the perfect chemical formulation that doesn’t damage your surface. It has a non-caustic, non-acidic formula, without any bleach.
  • Doesn’t require any scrubbing or bleaching after applying. Just even application will do everything. One step process of using.
Bottom Line
The Wet and Forget Stain Remover is indeed an impressive product for anyone looking for some DIY roof cleaner. The method of application and the end result seemed so effortless that it was kind of same with the professional roof cleaning services.

2. B.E.S.T Rubber Roof Cleaner

B.E.S.T Rubber Roof Cleaner

Despite being more durable, pliable and even water-proof, rubber roofs are a total nightmare to maintain. Cleaning it is another troublesome job that no one ever talks about. But the B.E.S.T Rubber Roof cleaner puts an end to this hassle quite effortlessly.

The first thing we liked about this product was its multi-purpose use. Because rubber roofs need a good quality protectant to make it more durable. This product can be used as both cleaner and protector for your rubber roof. So you can definitely kill two birds with one stone with this product. Amazing chemical formula with no petroleum ingredient gives the perfect professional strength your rubber roof needs.

This rubber roof cleaner cleans up any streaks, road film, or even oxidation from the surface. Also, it eradicates any mildew, mold, fungus, and algae formation on the roof. This product also moisturizes your rubber roof to preserve it in a better condition for a long time. Overall, this product is quite an incredible product for those who look for the best rubber roof cleaner.

B.E.S.T Rubber Features:

  • Made specifically for rubber roofs, not only cleans the roof but also protects it from any future dirtying.
  • Has an amazing chemical formula with no petroleum content at all. Doesn’t damage the rubber roof even the slightest bit.
  • Removes any type of streaks, road film, and oxidation from the roof as well as fungus, mildew, mold, and algae infestation.
  • Protects the rubber roof by moisturizing, conditioning and preserving it so that your roof gets a durable life.
  • Comes in 48 oz. size, which is more than enough to clean up a medium to large surface.
  • Stays up to 6 months in each use, so twice a year application will definitely keep your roof well.
  • Easy application process, smearing the diluted product on the surface will the rest of the job. Completes all the work in only one step.
Bottom Line
This amazing product is indeed a wise choice for the wise people who chose rubber roofs for their house. Considering its price range, durability, and efficiency, this product is a clean cut winner of all the rubber roof cleaners in the market.

3. Spray & Forget Revolutionary Roof Cleaner Concentrate

Spray & Forget Revolutionary Roof Cleaner Concentrate

This product is another perfect cleaner for any outdoor surface. Dirty, moldy roofs or walls can be easily cleaned by this super concentrated roof cleaner. The concentration is literally the perfect example for a little goes a long way. Because you can make quite a large volume solution by diluting it with water.

This product comes in 1 gallon bottle, with which you can make 10 gallons of cleaning solution. This solution is enough to destroy all the dirt you want to sweep out just like a breeze. Not needing any rinsing afterward, this solution can cover up to 2000 square feet surface with just one bottle.

Another impressive part of this product is, it has a completely non-corrosive formula that will not make any damage even on the most delicate roofs. It is totally bleach free with no lye and no acid in the concentration. Absolutely zero phosphate and heavy metal contents will surely make your wall safe for a longer time.

Spray & Forget Revolutionary Features:

  • The product is super concentrated in consistency. Makes up to 10 gallons of cleaning solution with just 1 gallon of the product after dilution.
  • The product is enough for medium to large sized roofs. Can clean up to 2000 Square feet of the surface with each packaging.
  • It has a non harmful chemical formulation with no bleach and corrosive agent. The usage of zero harmful components promotes the safety of the surface.
  • Can be used on both interior or exterior surface, any surface like concrete, brick, tally gets cleaned quite nicely.
  • Doesn’t need any rinsing afterward, only applying the product over the surface does all the tasks.
Bottom Line
The Spray & Forget Roof Cleaner Concentrate is indeed a superb choice for any type of roof cleaning no matter how dirty your roof is. At this price range, we think it’s really a great deal on the best roof cleaner for mold.

4. Wet & Forget Roof and Siding Cleaner

Wet & Forget Roof and Siding Cleaner

If you want a product that compiles all the roof cleaning supplies in one package, this is the ideal product. This product has a hose end attached to the bottle. So you can easily apply it on your roofs and even on the sides. Although the hose end isn’t the only thing that made this product incredible.

The Wet & Forget Roof & Siding Cleaner has just the appropriate formula that cleans up all the dirt without even damaging your roof. It comes in a non refillable bottle with a spraying hose. The cleaning solution contains strong chemicals but no corrosive agent. It is totally bleach, phosphate and acid free. So you can use the solution on pretty much any surface you want. Although the formula doesn’t compromise its efficiency. It is quite active and can clean even the most stubborn moss or algae on the surface. Which makes it one of the best roof algae removal products.

The hose is quite a life saver for those who cannot apply cleaner properly. It can spray up to 25- 30 feet on your roof and side walls. Besides you can finish your job only by spraying the cleaner, no rinsing or scrubbing required. Each packaging is enough to cover up to 1500-2000 square feet. So only one bottle can finish a small house completely. Overall, this product is also incredible in terms of efficiency and price.

Wet & Forget Features:

  • The container comes with a hose end. So you don’t need any additional tools to buy for spraying or applying.
  • Has a safe chemical formula. Still cleans up all the dirty and unwanted bits of moss, algae or fungus. 
  • The non-corrosive formula doesn’t damage the surface. So it is usable on pretty much all types of surfaces.
  • The hose end can spray the solution up to 30 feet higher on your house. So it can reach up to a two storied house to complete the cleaning.
  • Each packaging can cover up to 2000 Square feet surface area. So it is pretty much enough to clean a small one storied house completely.
  • Doesn’t require any rinsing or scrubbing after applying. Only spraying the solution on the surface does all the work.
Bottom Line
Considering all the aspects of this product, this product is quite a capable one for your service. Even the price is within an affordable range, so you can definitely give this product a try.

5. Spray & Forget House Deck Cleaner

Spray & Forget House Deck Cleaner

The Spray & Forget House Deck Cleaner is another super concentrated chemical roof cleaning product that makes a lot of solution from just a small amount of product. The packaging comes with 32 oz of product. It can make up to 5 gallons of solution after dilution. So you can clean a large surface with just one bottle.

Just like any good quality roof cleaner, this product also has a non harmful chemical formula. It is free from any type of harmful chemical substance that can harm your wall. Although it aims for cleaning house deck, you can use this for cleaning the roof too.

This multipurpose cleaning agent works on almost every surface. Starting from brick, concrete, wood, stucco to even painted surface was cleaned up pretty nicely. It is quite easy to use like any great roof cleaner, no rinsing required! Overall, if you have a small area to cover, you can consider this product.

Spray & Forget House Features:

  • No harmful chemical formulation. So you can use it on pretty much any surface you need to clean.
  • Easy to use, doesn’t require any rinsing or scrubbing after applying. The mold and mildew will disappear with the subsequent rainfall. 
  • The product is highly durable, keeps your roof clean for a long time. Also, the bio degradable formula will not affect your health either.
  • Highly concentrated product, makes up to 5 gallons of solution with only one packaging.
  • Comes with a hose end additionally, which is removable. The hose can spray up to 20 feet high.
Bottom Line
The Spray & Forget roof washing chemicals are indeed a great solution for any type of dirty roof. If you have a whole house to clean including the house decks, you can consider this product and give it a try.

6. Thetford RV Rubber Roof Treatment

Thetford RV Rubber Roof Treatment

The Thetford RV Rubber Roof Treatment is another suitable roof cleaner for rubber roof. This product is not only great for cleaning the rubber roof but also excellent for protecting it. The anti static feature of this product doesn’t let any harmful thing to grow on your roof. So you can be tension free for a long time.

This amazing roof cleaner comes in 1 gallon quantity, that is quite enough for a moderate sized rubber roof. The formula has an amazing consistency, that coats the roof totally with a tough polymer. That way it gets an anti static finishing. As a result, no more grime can stick to your roof. Also, it prevents any future grey streak formation.

Another plus point of this product is its UV protection feature. As you already know, the UV ray discolors your roof to a paler color. So the look of your house gets spoiled within a short time. This is truly an amazing feature for any type of roof cleaner, which is why it is a perfect choice for best rubber roof cleaner.

Thetford RV Rubber Features:

  • Suitable for rubber roof cleaning and protection.
  • Has a UV protectant feature which creates a barrier over the roof to protect it from UV effect.
  • Stays for a long time, so you do not have to apply anything else to seal the protectant solution.
  • Creates a tough polymer layer on the roof that has anti static property. So that no damaging component can stay on the roof.
  • Great for reducing grey streaks and prevents sticking the grime.
  • Comes in a suitable packaging size to cover any medium to large size rubber roof.
Bottom Line
The Thetford RV Rubber Roof Treatment is really a value for money to protect your expensive roof wall from getting damaged. Although the rubber roof is more durable than others, using this product can further prolong the durability of your roof. If you are looking for an all in one rubber roof essential, you can consider this product.

7. Propack Rubber Roof Cleaner

Propack Rubber Roof Cleaner

This product is also made especially for rubber roofs. It both cleans and protects e rubber roof just like any great quality rubber roof cleaner. But this product is quite exceptional from the conventional roof cleaning products. This rubber roof cleaner has a dense consistency. So you can dilute the product and use it then. It comes in a 128 oz size, so it gives a lot of solution to cover your roof.

The bottle gives an instruction to mix it with water in a 1:1 ratio. Then you can spray it. Since it doesn’t come with any hose end, you have to buy a separate spraying bottle to apply it. But that’s not a problem because applying it is easier than any other rubber roof cleaner.

The chemical formulation of this cleaner well adheres to the surface and doesn’t get washed off by rainfall. It needs a few days to dry off, after that you’re all set. The product stays on your roof up to 6 months. So once applied, you can be absolutely tension free for 6 months. Overall, this product is also a top rubber roof cleaner at an affordable price.

Propack Rubber Features:

  • Suitable for RV Rubber Roofs, can be applied to any type of rubber roofs also.
  • Prevents grey streaks, road films and oxidation from the roof by moisturizing and conditioning the top part.
  • Also helps preventing mold, fungus and mildew growth on the roof for a long time.
  • Stays on the surface for up to 6 months and prevents damage to the rubber roof.
  • Has a dense consistency, produces a double amount of protective solution after diluting with water.
  • One step easy application, strongly sticks to the roof and doesn’t get washed away with rain.
  • Non petroleum formulation doesn’t damage the roof for long time use, instead protects it.
Bottom Line
This product is particularly suitable for those who own an RV. So if you are looking for the best RV roof cleaner, you can definitely choose the Propack Rubber Roof Protectant/ Cleaner.

8. Dicor Corporation Rubber Roof Cleaner

Dicor Corporation Rubber Roof Cleaner

If you are exhausted with continuous grey streak formation on your white RV roof, then good news, the Dicor Corporation Rubber Roof Cleaner is a specialist in it. This product is a super value for money within a cheap price range. Besides the easy application process makes this product a remarkable one.

All of us already know even pressure washing doesn’t help to remove the grey streaks on RV rubber roof, let alone oxidation and road films. But this product can effortlessly solve your problem for up to 6 months only on a single coat of rubber roof cleaner on your RV roof. No formation of unwanted mold or mildew, only picture perfect RV is all you’re going to get.

This product also works great even on the most stubborn grime on your roof. So even though you have a fireplace, you no longer have to worry about the grime on your roof. The formulation seemed quite efficient yet harmless for the roof. Overall, this roof cleaner is an excellent choice for any RV rubber roof.

Dicor Corporation Rubber Features:

  • The formulation is harmless for any type of rubber roof, yet works excellent to eradicate any dirt you might face with your rubber roof.
  • Removes grey streaks just in a nip, brings back the nifty and tidy look of your roof just like it is new.
  • Strongly sticks to the roof and stays up to 6 months to prevent any further dirty roof on your RV.
  • Removes grime from any type of roof and washes it away to give the new looks of your roof.
  • Prevents oxidation and road films from any RV roof, so you can get a clear white top on your RV.
  • Surprisingly cheap in price range, you will get a gallon of product in a low price range.
Bottom Line
Like the amazing price range it has, the end result of this roof cleaning product is indeed incredible. So if you are looking for something cheap yet works great, this product is truly the best value of money you can ever get.

9. Rust-Oleum Jomax Roof Cleaner

Rust-Oleum Jomax Roof Cleaner

Rust-Oleum has always been another name of reliability and excellent finishing when it comes to household paints or roof cleaners. Their Jomax Roof Cleaner is just as awesome as their other products. It effortlessly cleans up any stubborn dirt on your roof. Not only moss, mildew or molds but also grime and black streaks get disappeared once you use this product.

Intended for better than professional result, this roof cleaner is quite a charmer for any types of roofs like slate, tile, metal and any other non porous roofs. Not just these materials, this product is perfect for even asphalt, wood and composition roof also. Hence it is one of the best asphalt roof cleaners in the market.

This product is not only a mere roof cleaner, it enhances the beauty of your roof too. It adds an extra shine to your roof. So that you can get a better result than any roof in the market. The super dense consistency makes up to 20 gallons of solution after diluting with water. So you can easily smear it over 2000 sq ft surface. Overall, this product is also an incredible product to shine and protect your rooftop.

Rust-Oleum Jomax Features:

  • Works on any type of roofs, tiles, slate, metal, or any non porous roofs as well as wooden, asphalt, and even composition roofs.
  • Gives an extra shine to the roofs other than cleaning so that the roof looks just like new.
  • Makes up to 20 gallon cleaning solution from one single bottle, which is enough to cover 2000 sq ft surface area.
  • It uproots moss, mildew, algae, and also fungus. So you get a clean roof without any hassle.
  • The easy one step application process, doesn’t require any rinsing or scrubbing.
  • Gives a fabulous finishing on the roof just like professionals.
Bottom Line
The Rust Oleum Jomax Roof Cleaner is worth every penny if you use it properly. Both cleaning and shining the roof is not only the professional thing now. You can do it both if you buy this roof cleaner and use it.

10. Mold Armor E- Z House Wash

Mold Armor E- Z House WashIf you have a large house to clean up, the Mold Armor House Wash is the best choice for you. This product has a large coverage area, it covers up to a whopping 4500 sq ft surface area with a bottle. It is perfect for any wall surface like brick or concrete. It works great on vinyl, wooden surface, painted wood and stucco too.

The Mold Armor House Cleaner has a super efficient hose end, that makes the application easier than ever. This hose end can easily spray the cleaning solution on the second floor. That way you no longer have to use a ladder to reach the places you want to spray.

The best part of this product is, it starts working just in 10 minutes, works and molds and mildew, and make them disappear. It has a special property to kill mold infestation on any wall, that is why we consider it as the best roof cleaner for mold. Unlike any other roof cleaners, it requires rinsing or pressure washing the wall 10 minutes after the application. Which is kind of better, because keeping the conventional roof cleaner for a long time may eventually damage the wall. Overall, this product is quite an impressive product to buy.

Mold Armor Features:

  • Starts working on the dirt only in 10 minutes, removes any sort of mold, mildew or algae infestation.
  • The hose end can spray the cleaning solution evenly, up to two stories of a building.
  • Amazing for side walls and wooden decks, but the roof is where it’s a winner.
  • Covers up to 4500 sq ft area in a single bottle, doesn’t need any dilution with water.
  • Works the best on brick or concrete roofs, and also on tiles and stucco.
Bottom Line
This product works like magic when it comes to roof cleaning. The large coverage area at such a low price doesn’t compromise its performance even the slightest bit. So you can definitely buy this product if you’re looking for a cleaner for your big house.

Different Types of Roof Cleaners – Which One Works Best for You?

As we have mentioned earlier, only a specific type of roof cleaner serves for the specific job. I mean, you cannot use a concrete roof cleaner to clean a rubber roof, can you? So it’s essential to have an idea on the types of roof cleaner, so that you can choose the best roof cleaner for you. 

What Causes Roof Stains?

There are literally countless roof problems you can face on your roofs. We’re not talking about only dirty roofs, we are also focusing on other roof problems like leaking roof or damaged roof. Either way, you’ll need the respective roof cleaner it needs.

Before we dig in, we need to know how many types of roofs we normally see. There’s concrete roof, brick roof, tiles roof, asphalt roof, rubber roof etc. Now each type of roof may have different problems according to the material and nature. Also, the problems will greatly depend on the climate of your region. 

Anyways, there are a few catastrophes that are quite common in all types of walls and roofs. For example, almost every type of roof faces mold infestation problems. Moss and mildew problems are not that uncommon either. For that, you have to use roof cleaners that are specialized in mold or moss killing. 

Best Rubber Roof Cleaner

In case of rubber roofs, there are frequent chances of grey streaks, oxidation and even road films if the roof is used on a vehicle. Which makes it quite unpleasant to see. Specialized rubber roof cleaners can efficiently eradicate all these problems. Also, most of the rubber roof cleaner also creates a barrier to protect the roof from further harmful damage like UV or mold infestation.

Best Concrete Roof Cleaner

On the other hand, tiles and asphalt roofs frequently have a problem of grime formation. The houses with a fireplace also have a tendency to make the roof dirty as well as the chimney. Although the concrete roof cleaner does pretty much everything that it needs. So you can undoubtedly use up normal roof cleaners for cleaning the asphalt and tiles roof.

But the most important thing is to check if the cleaner has any damaging ingredients for the roof. Most of the roof cleaners in the market tend to have a lot of dangerous chemical ingredients in the cleaner. Which makes the roof damage further and destroys the roof. Sometimes it leaks the roof and spoils the original color of the roof.

Most of the time, roofs containing corrosive agents such as caustic soda, acid, phosphate, and heavy metals can damage your roof. On the other hand, petroleum agents in rubber roof cleaner will definitely have a negative impact on your fancy rubber roof. So you should be really careful before choosing the suitable roof cleaner.

A Complete Buying Guide Best Roof Cleaner 2020

As we mentioned earlier, choosing the wrong roof cleaner will result in more damage to your roof. So you should be more careful about what you’re choosing. But worry not, we are there for you! Here’s a complete buying guide to buy the best roof cleaner for your roof—


The formulation is the most important point of consideration in our opinion. You should never choose the wrong formula for your roof. Never choose the roof cleaner for your rubber roof that was meant for concrete roofs. Besides, avoid the cleaners that have a harmful component in it. Like any corrosive agent like caustic soda or acid. You should really check on the formulation before buying the cleaner.

Another important part of checking formula is to know how to use the product. Usually, most of the roof cleaners call for dilution with water. You have to know the perfect ratio of diluting the product. Besides that, you really need to check out the consistency and density of the product to see how well it will stick to your roof. So, the formulation is kind of the top priority of a roof cleaner.

Type Of Roof Cleaner:

On the basis of usage purposes, there are several types of roof cleaner in the market. Mostly the roof cleaners are classified as what problem your roof has. If your roof has a moss infestation, then you should opt for a moss cleaner. On the other hand, if you want to remove the grime from your roof, choose an algae roof cleaner. 

Other than it’s functional classification, roof cleaners are classified depending on the surface material too. For example rubber roof cleaner, asphalt roof cleaner, concrete roof cleaner and so on. You have to sort out the type of your roof and the problem of your roof to make the right choice.

Protective Features:

The protective features are another important point to consider. Because you shouldn’t be satisfied only by cleaning your roof. Protection is important! Look for what protection features your roof cleaner offers. 

In the case of a concrete roof cleaner, all you need to see is its formulation. Because the protection certainly lies in its components. If it doesn’t have any damaging component, then you can tell it’s protective. Because not letting the damage happen is a way of protecting your roof, isn’t it? Although you should really check if your concrete roof cleaner provides any additional protective features like shining the surface or preventing moss or mold infestation. That way you can get to choose the best roof cleaner for your concrete wall.

On the other hand, rubber roof walls require extensive protection as it is kind of vulnerable to some certain damaging components. Like a UV protectant component in a rubber roof cleaner is a big plus point to have. Besides it has to prevent grey streaks formation and any future chances or mold or mildew formation. So the protective features are indeed important.

Climate Condition:

The climate of your area is another essential point to consider. Because not all the roof cleaners are intended for the same weather. If your region has often rain or snow fall, you should get the ones with water protection features. There are certain roof cleaners that provide an extra waterproof layer upon applying. 

If your area isn’t exposed to heavy rain or snowfall, then you do not have to worry about all the stuff. Just buy the ones whichever you like.

Method Of Application:

Different types of roof cleaners definitely have different methods of application. Considering you’re not a professional, you should opt for the ones that are the easiest to apply. Most of the good quality roof cleaners have only one step application process, spraying on the surface and you’re done! 

Some of them might need some additional scrubbing and rinsing for the best result. But we won’t suggest that considering the hassle and struggle you’ll have to go through with those roof cleaners.

A few roof cleaners have a hose end attached to the bottles. This extra tool makes it easier to apply the product to the surface, even in higher places. So you should really get one with the hose end attachments with the bottles.


One of the most important questions that pop up in our mind before buying a roof cleaner is how long it’s going to last. Obviously, the longer it stays the longer it protects your roof. Especially for rubber roofs, it’s important for the cleaner to stay for a long time as it protects the roof. Besides, it doesn’t let the roof get dirty, you can go a long time without even cleaning it. 

In our opinion, about one year lasting time of a roof cleaner is quite decent among all the roof cleaners in the market. If you don’t find the long lasting ones, 6 months is pretty fair to buy.

Price Range:

Obviously, professionals don’t use expensive products. They usually get the best deals from the market after years of experience. So buying the expensive roof cleaners won’t do anything extraordinary. So we think you should keep your budget in moderate yet look for the best products. You can check out our reviews to help you guide.

So that’s how you can choose the most suitable roof cleaner for any type of roof. If you still have a hard time to choose the best products, you can trust us with our top 10 best roof cleaner reviews.

Frequently Asked Question

✅ What Is That Black Substance On My Roof?

Usually the black substance you notice on your roof is a type of algae that turned black with time. The black substance on your roof can also be grime, depending on your weather.

✅ Can I Use Water And Soap To Clean My Roof?

Roof cleaners usually work better than water and soap to clean the roof. You can still use soap and water to clean your roof by scrubbing it.

✅ What’s The Best Way To Clean My Roof?

Getting a bottle of roof cleaner is by far the best method to clean your roof. It causes less harm to the roof as well as makes it less troublesome to clean the roof.

✅ Are Chemical Roof Cleaners Safe?

Most of the chemical roof cleaners are not safe no matter which type your roof is. But if you check the ingredients and skip the ones with corrosive components, you can pull off the perfect roof cleaning without damaging it.

✅ Can Mold And Dirt Harm My Roof?

Mold and dirt on a roof make it damp as it may hold water. Besides, it makes the roof look visibly bad.

✅ Should I Pressure Wash My Roof?

Pressure wash is a good technique to clean roofs, but it doesn’t work as great as chemical roof cleaners. It totally depends on you on how you want to clean your roof.

In Conclusion

Among all the products we have tried and tested, these are the 10 products that we liked the most. But the Wet and Forget Moss, Mildew and Mold Roof Cleaner gets the spot for the best roof cleaner 2020 considering all the aspects. The formulation, application, finishing, durability, and obviously the price range makes it the best deal in the market. You can even use it for asphalt roof or as the best roof shingle cleaner. Overall, it is the top product that made us truly satisfied with its performance and end result.

So that’s all for our top 10 best roof cleaner reviews. If you want to pull off an excellent near to professional DIY roof cleaning task, you can have your trust in one of these products. You’ll definitely not regret it. Tell us which one did you like the most. Happy cleaning!

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