The 2 Best Snap-On 20 Gallon Air Compressor Reviews 2021

You enjoy carrying out those DIY projects and taking down all those house-works yourself. However, all those construction and repair works require fast and efficient tools. And, to boost up the speed of these air tools, you need the best quality air compressor.

Now, speaking of air compressors, what could be better than a Snap-On 20 gallon air compressor? That is why, in this article, we are about to show you some best 20 gallon compressors with all the essential information.

Best Snap-On 20 Gallon Air Compressor Reviews 2021

To make things easier for you, we added all the specifications of these compressors, followed by their detailed descriptions. Also, check out each of the features of the products to compare them accordingly.

Best Snap-On 20 Gallon Air Compressor

1. Snap-on Official 870765 Vertical Air Compressor

Snap-on Official 870765 Vertical Air Compressor

If you are looking for the best vertical compressor that comes with a gasoline power-type, this one might be the perfect option for you. The vertical alignment allows you to get into those tight spots, and the gas-power ensures excellent portability.

Not just that, the design and weight of the compressor make it super-convenient for household jobs. Again, it offers you versatile adjustments and still guarantees that you get the best CMF values under any pressure.

Not to mention, the air compressor is oil-lubricated. Therefore, you need to carry out some regular maintenance work on it. However, the oil lubrication allows the structure to remain safe from corrosion and makes it long-lasting.


Horsepower: 2 HP
Maximum pressure: 121 psi
Weight: 110.2 lbs.
Power type: Gas-powered
Dimensions: 18.25 x 20.88 x 42.63. (in inches)

Snap-on Official 870765 Features

  • The air compressor is vertical and includes smaller footprints.
  • You will get versatile pressure-adjustment facilities with the dual-regulator design.
  • The pump of the air compressor is oil-lubricated.
  • It will offer you a CMF rating of 4.7 in 40 psi and 3.7 in 90 psi.
  • You can work with multiple tools by changing the adjustment-settings.

2. Snap-on Horizontal Air Compressor, Model 871118

Snap-on Horizontal Air Compressor, Model 871118

This Snap-on air compressor provides you all the facilities that you need to make your work hassle-free. First of all, the compressor is horizontal. Thus, it is super-easy to carry anywhere in your house.

Secondly, the structure comes with electric cords. As a result, you don’t have to think about any gas replacements. Thirdly, it is oil-free. That means, once you installed it, you can say goodbye to all those hectic maintenance works. Not to mention, it doesn’t get greasy as well.

Finally, the compressor has an outstanding CMF value with convenient noise levels. That is why you can get the best of the compressor and still feel free from any additional discomfort.


Horsepower: 2 HP
Maximum pressure: 150 psi
Air outlet: 0.25 inches
Power type: Electric powered
Dimensions: 22.125 x 22.5 x 43.75 (in inches)

Snap-on Horizontal Features:

  • You will get a regulated and a tank pressure-gauge with the compressor.
  • It comes with flat-free tires, 0.25 inch- quick coupler, and handles.
  • The compressor is horizontal and direct-drive.
  • The CMF value is 5.7 at 40 psi and 4.6 at 90 psi.
  • The compressor does not require any oil.
  • You will get a duty cycle of 50 and a nose level of 84dB with it.

What to Consider Before Buying a 20 Gallon Air Compressor

We all know that following a guideline and checking the factors can increase your chances of getting your hands on the best product. And so, here we present to you the factors that you need to consider before purchasing one.

What to Consider Before Buying a 20 Gallon Air Compressor

CFM value:

The Cubic Feet per Minute or the CMF value denotes the speed of the air supply towards the pneumatic tools. Now, while selecting your compressor, make sure that you keep a balance between the supply rate and the consumption rate.

For instance, your tool says that it needs 4 CFM at a pressure, opt for a compressor that has a CMF value of around 6.

Oil or no-oil:

Well, both type has distinct benefits. If you choose an oiled-compressor, you can work with highly-durable materials. However, you cannot skip the portion of regular maintenance. On the other side, oil-free ones are Teflon based and super convenient. But, these have a bit less of a lifespan.

Tank size:

Although the size of the tank does not make too much difference, people tend to emphasize it a lot more. Of course, you can go for a large one if you need to store more air. However, if you choose a small tank, it will build up the pressure quickly. Also, it will be light and easily portable.

Power source:

You can find both gasoline-powered and electric-powered compressors in the market. So, if you are looking for something a bit easier to carry, go for a gas-powered one.

However, there might require some extra maintenance. Nevertheless, you can also choose an electric one. It is less expensive and doesn’t need much maintenance-duty as well.

Horizontal v/s Vertical:

Well, this depends on how you feel comfortable using them. You see, vertical ones include smaller footprints. As a result, they work perfectly in narrow and tight spaces. On the other side, horizontal ones offer you impressive portability. So, decide what you are looking for and choose accordingly.

Installing a Snap 20 Gallon Air Compressor

It is pretty natural to get worried about installing an air compressor. However, we can assure you that the process is far easier than you think. Therefore, check out the following steps and install it yourself.

Installing a Snap 20 Gallon Air Compressor

Figuring lubrication-type:

Before starting anything else, figure out your lubrication type. That means, see if it is oil-lubricated or oil-free. After that, fix or set up the hose with the regulator-valve.

Adjusting power-tools

Now, it is time to jump on power-adjustments. So, to power up the tools, plugin compressor. Note that it is always better to use a socket that is not too far away.

Test and start:

Before starting, you need to test it out. So, pull out the safety valve and start your compressor. At this point, observe the tank and notice until it is pressurizing.

Match the air-pressure:

Lastly, check your tool and figure out the pressure-requirement of it. Nonetheless, match the pressure accordingly and finish up the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

We appreciate your concern and understand that you might have several queries running into your minds. That is why here we tried to cover up some frequently asked questions for you.

Do I have to use an air dryer?

Air dryer protects your compressor from the threats of corrosion, contamination, and malfunctioning. So, to control the water vapor and other residues, you can use an air dryer.

What horsepower rating is best for a 20 gallon air compressor?

If you are using an electric-powered air compressor, 5 HP is an ideal choice. However, you might need more than that for gas ones.

Which power-rating is best for air compressors?

If you want to carry out some heavy-duty works, you will need an air compressor with a higher CFM. Otherwise, moderate CFM is enough for DIY projects.

How many years can you use a 20 gallon air compressor?

Well, a 20 gallon air compressor can last for about 20 to 30 years. However, depending on your work-load, the numbers might vary.

Does a belt-drive compressor work better than a direct-drive one?

Well, a belt-drive compressor controls the lubrication process better than the direct-drive one. Also, it is much more long-lasting.

What is the perfect size of an air compressor?

The size that matches your air tools is an ideal choice. Also, depending on how light or heavy your work is, choose it accordingly.

Should I buy a single-stage one or a two-stage one?

If you want to use your air compressor for lightweight or regular works, a single-stage one is enough for you. However, for industrial usage, two-stage ones work better.

Do I need to buy an air receiver?

Air receivers can help your compressor to store more air and remove harmful particles from it. So, you can buy it for better performance.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the perfect air compressor among the overwhelming varieties of options is not child’s play. However, with all these details and guidelines, you can make a better choice.

Nonetheless, the products are highly durable and long-lasting. Not to mention, they are super-versatile as well. Therefore, choose any of these Snap-On 20 gallon air compressors without any worries and add it to your workshop.

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