Bosch GCM12SD Review: 15 Amp 12 Inch Corded Dual-Bevel Miter Saw

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Are you a professional carpenter and do a lot of complicated works that need versatile cutting of different types? Top-notch fabrication and cutting requires high efficiency alongside good flexibility, especially in the control. A miter saw is the best machine that gives the most flexibility in complex cutting. However, finding the best Multifunctional miter saw isn’t as easy, unless you get it from a top-quality brand.

Luckily, we have a solution for you today with one of the most convenient and professional miter saws in the market. This Bosch GCM12SD Review will help you get to know about this machine including its pros and cons. So, stick to the article and let’s explore what Bosch, being a top brand offering in this flagship miter saw.

Bosch GCM12SD Main Features

  • It comes with a powerful 15 Amp motor that generates high torque speed to cut any hardwood.
  • You’ll get a 12 inch, 60 Teeth Saw Blade that can give you a really great at cutting through thick lumbers.
  • This miter saw gives you a 5 inches vertical cutting capacity as well as 14 inch horizontal capacity.
  • Dual-Bevel is a specialty of this saw as you can cut angles from both the right and left side of the blade.
  • The sliding glide on this machine will allow you to make precise cutting lines without wobbling and help you cut super quick.
  • You’re getting a laser guide on it for a precise predetermination of where you’re going to cut.
  • There’s a 1 touch lock/unlock button for better control on the piece and a vacuum port for clean woodworking.

Bosch GCM12SD Miter Saw & Milwaukee 6955 Miter Saw Comparison Chart:

Our Pick
Bosch GCM12SD Miter Saw
Milwaukee 6955 Miter Saw
Bosch GCM12SD Miter Saw
Milwaukee 6955 Miter Saw
The Bosch miter saw has a 15-A motor with high-end cutting capacity.
The Milwukee saw has the same motor size, but comes with a higher price range.
Laser Guide
Laser Guide
This saw from Bosch comes with a laser guide for precise cutting.
You’ll get no laser cutting guide with the Milwukee miter saw.
Dust Management
Dust Management
The dust management of the Bosch miter saw is on the left which takes in both shop vacs and dust bags.
The Milwukee saw comes with a bad dust management system, as you have to sacrifice a space on the back of the saw.
Sliding Material Supports
Sliding Material Supports
You’ll get two sliding material supports on this miter saw from Bosch to support bigger pieces.
There’s no sliding material supported on the Milwukee saw which means you have to rely on add-ons for supporting big pieces.
Blade Size
Blade Size
The Bosch miter saw works with a 12” blade size and a smooth transition on both sides.
You’ll get the blade size and a strong base as Bosch has with the expensive Milwukee.

Bosch GCM12SD Review – 12 Inch Corded Dual-Bevel Sliding Glide Miter Saw

This multifunctional miter saw from Bosch comes with a dual bevel cutting feature for professional jobs. You can make cuts from 0° to 45° on both left and right sides along with any bevels on big pieces. It gives you this feature with the 33.9 degree bevel detents for accurate cuts every time. Besides, there’s no need to reach the back of the saw to bevel angles because the bevel controllers are right in front. Bosch GCM12SD Review

You’re getting an upfront bevel lock for effortless adjustments as well. Cutting bigger pieces with this Bosch miter saw is a breeze because of its 12″ big saw blade. Besides, there are two integrated sliding material supports for up to 40″ piece length. Not to mention, it’s a perfect setup for repetitive cuts. On top of that, the no sliding rail design is a great thing when you’re putting it against a wall.

Plus, it gives you the soft going glide transition with a knob to customize the tension. You can adjust the miter ranges with 10 levels at 50° to the left and 60° to the right. Plus, the adjustable miter detents for maximum flexibility! For better dust management, it gives you a dust chute for 1-1/4″ and 35 mm vac hoses. Safety becomes a no-brainer with its clear lower blade guard with visibility inside while cutting.

Bosch GCM12SD Key Features

Bosch GCM12SD Review

Dual bevel options:

This miter saw gives you the dual bevel options meaning that you can make angle cuts on both left and right side. Plus, its upfront bevel lock mechanism will help you with professional wood cutting.

Precise bevel angles:

You can make precise bevels from 0° to 45° angels on both the sides, regardless of the size of your piece. Not only that, the 33.9 degree bevel detents will give you superior control over the cuts you’re making.

Adjustable depth:

There’s an adjustable cutting depth controller on the right side of the blade with a dedicated dado controller. Therefore, rabbeting and making dado with personalized depth becomes a lot simpler.

Usable both handed:

No matter whether you’re a left-handed person or right-handed, this saw is customizable for both. And the adjustments take literally a few minutes or so, and you’re good to go, which is great news for shops.

Material support:

Working with bigger materials without wobbling is way easier with this miter saw as you’re getting integrated sliding supports. You can slide them out as long you need to, lock it in place, and put the piece. No hassles!

Variable miter ranges:

This saw also gives you a variable miter range with 10 levels from 50° to the left and 60° to the right. Not to mention, the strong base gives you a firm locking mechanism once you make the adjustments and lock.

Laser guide for cutting:

Professional jobs require preciseness and this saw gives you that with a laser guide. It doesn’t only help with the cutting line, but also saves you time to spend on the other things like design and fittings.

Safety and dust:

Safety is built into this machine with a transparent blade guard that keeps you away from the blade, predominantly. Plus, the dust chute for 35 mm vacuum hoses makes your workshop a lot cleaner and easier to maintain.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions about the Bosch GCM12SD, which is common; here are some of them along with their answers:

Does the Bosch GCM12SD have a laser?

Yes, the Bosch GCM12SD comes with a laser pointer with it to help with the cutting. It shows you the trace where the blade’s going to go through.

What is the best Miter saw on the market?

Considering all the factors that make a miter saw good, the Bosch GCM12SD would stay on the first list. As it offers high end features within a competitive range, it’s indeed a value for money.

Where are Bosch miter saws made?

With over 300,000 employees, and a whooping 320 subsidiaries, Bosch has multiple places to produce their tools. USA and China are the countries Bosch makes most of their tools.

Should I get a 10 or 12 miter saw?

Getting a 12” miter saw can help you with thicker lumbers and pieces while giving you superior cutting capabilities. If you’re a professional, you should go for the 12” blade instead of 10”.

Final Verdict

A professional, high-end miter saw makes your jobs a lot easier that it would be with a regular saw. We hope that the Bosch GCM12SD Review helped you understand that truth with its impressive features. Bosch being one of the most prestigious and experienced manufacturers takes a bit perk here as well.

For the final verdict, we’d say, if you’re after a professional miter saw that can give you the ultimate capability of wood jobs, go for it. It gives you both right and left bevel, smooth cutting, higher material capacity, better dust management. And most importantly, you can save space setting it up as it doesn’t take any space against the wall.

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