Can I Use Deck Screws for Framing?

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You can find different types and sizes of screws near you. But they are used for different purposes. Well, deck screws are one of them. Now the question is for which purposes can you use deck screws?

There are some people who keep asking, “Can I use deck screws for framing?” Well, this is an intelligent question. And to know the answer, I did some research and got some detailed information.

If you want to know the answer, please stay with us a little more…

Can I Use Deck Screws for Framing?

According to the name, you may already know that deck screws are used in the case of screwing deck boards. But they are not engineered or designed to be used for the purpose of framing.

Can I Use Deck Screws for Framing

So, you can say, deck screws are not structural screws for framing. But screws and nails are used for holding together all the things. And the things range from the frames of a wooden house to kitchen cabinetry and outdoor decking.

That’s why; I will say yes, you can use deck screws along with nails for framing. But if you’re looking for the ideal screws for framing, we would suggest getting framing screws. We have been using the Simpson Strong-Tie SDWS16212QMB .160 2-1/2″ SDWS QuikGuard Framing Screw for a while now, and we must say we are pretty impressed!

Sizes of screws for deck framing

While purchasing screws for any purpose, you need to know the size of those screws. Otherwise, you will end up with an improper screw that may not match your purpose.

But keep in mind that screws and nails are not the same. So, don’t think that 16d size nails for deck framing and 1/4″ size screws for deck framing are the same. That’s because both of them are totally different materials.

You can use a gauge for measuring the diameter of a screw.. The lower the gauge, the smaller the screw. And in the case of deck screws, usually, 10 gauge or 8 gauge screws are best. So, try to use8 or 10 screws for decking.

While you are using any structural wood screw, then you will need to use 1/4″ diameter. You can also say this as 14 gauges.

Now, let’s talk about the length of the screw. If you use any smaller screw for a lengthy wood, then it will be worthless to use because the screw must cross nonetheless halfway into that piece of wood.

In the case of attaching the deck boards in joists, the deck screw of 2.5” is enough. So, you can use these size screws for decking joists.

Screws or nails for deck framing

You already know that screws and nails are used together for deck framing. But if you ask me to choose one over another, then it will be quite difficult. So, let’s go through the attributes of them and decide which is better.

According to project size

In the case of large projects, such as the installation of hardwood floors and house framing, nails are used. The reason is they are less expensive as well as typically stronger than screws.

On the other hand, people use screws for mid-sized and small projects, for example, decking and woodworking. They provide more control while extracting as well as inserting.

For structural joining

Nails are used in the case like framing walls and structural joining as they are so flexible under pressure. And people use nails While attaching roofing and siding, as well as installing hardwood floors.

For structuraljoining

Most of the time, common nails are used for carpentry, construction, and framing. While installing clapboard siding, box nails are used. On the other hand, finishing and brad nails are used for the detailed works, such as securing molding, baseboards, as well as door jambs,

For temporary jobs

For temporary jobs, screws are better than nails, because screws can create strong bonds. Moreover, you can remove them more easily.

For cases like joining the parts of furniture, constructing cabinets, and mounting trim and hardware, screws are mainly used. As they are less potential to damage and cause a lesser amount of vibration upon insertion, they are more preferable for delicate substances like drywall and plaster.

Flexibility and tensile strength

The screws contain more tensile strength. So, in the projects in which you need to join pieces under the bearing weight and tension like kitchen cabinetry, and porch railing, you should use screws. In other words, you should use screws for pressure treated wood.

On the other hand, if you consider the flexibility, then nails are the best because they are more flexible than screws.

So, you can see, it’s up to you, whether you want to use screws or nails for deck framing.

Frequently Asked Question

Some of you have asked us lots of questions. So, in this section, we will try to answer some of the common questions. We hope you will get your answer too.

Can I use deck screws for pressure treated wood?

Yes, of course. You can use deck screws for treated wood.

What is the meaning of structural screws?

Construction screws or structural screws are high-strength and thin screws that are made of heat-treated, super strong galvanized steel.

How long is the 2d to 16d framing nail?

6d nail is 2 inches, 8d is 2.5 inches, 12d is 3.25 inches and 16d nail is 3.5 inches long.

What are the best wood deck screws?

For pressure-treated wood, eagle Claw Stainless steel is one of the best deck screws.


“Can I use deck screws for framing?”Well, I hope, now you know the answer to this question. So, try to know your requirements and according to those, decide whether you will use deck screws for framing or not.

If you have any further questions or any confusion, please let us know. We will try our best to help you. Till then, have good luck!

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