Can You Use a Wood Stain on Plastic? (Right Ans 2022)

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Simple efforts can make anything different. If you buy some inexpensive staining materials from any local stores, and use them on a piece of wood or concrete or plastic, then you will get something more elegant.

You know staining something with proper ways and proper material can give it a perfect finish. But you need to have proper ideas on them.

In fact, Wood stains can be used on anything that is made of wood. Besides, you can use them on the concrete floor. But, can you use wood stain on plastic? Will it work on plastic?

Let’s have a look…

Can You Use a Wood Stain on Plastic?

Well, many of us don’t know whether using wood stain on plastic will be good or not. So, when they apply wood stain on plastic material, they get disappointed. That’s because wood stains don’t work on plastic.

Can You Use a Wood Stain on Plastic

So, the answer is “No”. You can’t use wood stains on plastic. It is nonporous, and for this reason, any kind of stain won’t work.

Now, do you have any plastic wood furniture in your house? And you want to stain it? Well, don’t give up.

You can use polyurethane finishes like the Polycrylic Water-Based Protective Clear Finish by Minwax; they are specially made for plastic wood. It will provide translucent color, just like the original wood stain.

How Can You Change the Color of Plastic?

Changing the color of plastic is not a big deal. You just need to follow a few steps-

  • First of all, select a space or well-ventilated area, for setting up the painting.
  • Take the can of spray paint and remove its cap.
  • Carry that paint about eight to ten inches away from your plastic, then spray from one side to another in the sweeping motion.
  • Now, apply the paint (a thin coat) and wait 2 minutes.
  • Before handling, leave it for 1 hour to dry.

So, you see! You can easily change the color of plastic. Well, there is another way that you can use to change your plastic color.

You can use different kinds of stains. For choosing, you can see the concrete stain review. It may enhance your knowledge.

Gel stain is a good example. You can use agel stain on plastic. It will give the plastic a different look and smooth finishing. So, try it!

Can You Stain Plastic Wood Filler?

You may know that plastic wood filler is used for filling small holes, and gouges, as well as cracks in the woods which are not finished yet. Now, the question is, can you stain plastic wood filler?

Can You Stain Plastic Wood Filler

The plastic wood filter is mainly fine ground wood dust or wood chips. So, we can say, they are actually nothing but wood. That’s why you can stain plastic wood filler.

Most of the time they come pigmented. Besides, there are some manufacturers who always recommend staining that piece of plastic wood before you use it for filling. Moreover, they also suggest using a filler that is equivalent to the stain.

Can You Stain Plastic Lattice?

This is a quite common question. Some people think that it is not possible to stain plastic lattice. But it is totally wrong. You can stain a plastic lattice if you want.

In this case, staining is the same as painting. You can use exterior house paint, for example, Behr’s for painting or staining.

It is 100% good acrylic (latex) paint. And for using the acrylic paint, you won’t need any primer, as this paint always bonds directly to the plastic (PVC).

Can You Stain Plywood?

Plywood is a kind of building material. Most importantly, while using plywood, you may need to stain them. This will enhance the beauty of your project. If you want to stain plywood, you may need to use gel stains. Besides, you can use any kind of wood stain for preconditioning that wood.

Can You Stain Plywood

If you want to stain plywood, you can follow the steps given below-

Sand plywood surface

Use a hundred grit sandpaper to sand the whole surface of the plywood. This will help the plywood to open its pores. For this reason, it will be easier for the surface to accept the stain.

Apply the same process to sand with 150 grit, as well as 200 grit. It will help the surface to be smooth.

Clean the dust

Use any wet rag for washing off the sanding dust. It is an important step for the stain’s even application. The dust on the plywood surface would cause blotches in that stain.

Dry the plywood

Leave the plywood for a while so that it can dry.

Apply wood conditioner

Use a brush to apply a wood conditioner (one coat). You can use the Touch of Beeswax Wood Furniture Polish and Conditioner with Orange Oil for an excellent and durable result. You have to brush in a similar direction, like the wood grain. This conditioner will help the softer wood by preventing an uneven stain. But you can apply it with all kinds of wood.

Allow conditioner to soak

Now, wait for ten to fifteen minutes. During this time the conditioner will soak in the plywood. After that, use a rag to wipe the conditioner off.

Brush the layer of wood stain

Follow the wood grain to brush a layer of wood stain. At the same time, use a clean rag for wiping the stain off. Repeat the same process until the stain becomes dark enough.

Dry the stain

Wait for 24 hours, so that the stain may dry.

Apply polyurethane

Apply a coat of polyurethane or clear varnish for protecting the surface which is stained. Be careful while applying the coat for avoiding drips and try to apply it evenly.

Dry the sealant

Before you are going to apply the plywood, let the sealant dry.

Frequently Asked Question

I know, there are so many questions roaming around your mind, and you want to know the answers. Some of you asked us several questions through email, and among those, we are going to answer some common questions.

Does gel stain require any topcoat?

Yes. All kinds of stains need topcoats. Get stain also requires a topcoat as the protectant and sealer.

Can I darken plastic wood?

Yes, you can. If the first coat doesn’t provide enough dark staining, then apply the second coat.

How much time do I need to wait to dry the plastic wood?

In the case of shallow fills, you need to wait for 2 to 6 hours, and for the deeper fills, you need to wait for 36 hours.

Can I remove wood stain from plastic?

Yes, you can. Use Dawn Power Dissolver, which is designed for removing stains from plastic items.

Final Verdict

Staining makes anything look differently. It enhances the beauty and makes everything attractive. But can you use wood stain on plastic? Yes, you can stain a plastic with the given staining materials. So, what are you waiting for? Collect the equipment and follow the steps to stain plastic materials.

Best of luck!

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