Can You Use Minwax Stain on Concrete? (Proven Answer 2022)

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The floors stained with Minwax, are so beautiful to look at! Just compare the normal floor with the stained floor, you will see the difference.

But, do you know about Minwax stains? Before using, you should know the meaning of minwax stain. Basically, Minwax is an oil-based stain. If you use Minwax, you will be provided with beautiful and natural colors.

Minwax stain is best for the unfinished wood cabinet, doors, furniture, trim, hardwood floors as well as molding. In fact, they are so smooth and beautiful with perfect finishing.

You may wonder, whether a wood stain can be used on concrete or not. Well, let’s see…

Can You Use Minwax Stain on Concrete?

Well, there are so many concrete stains on the market. So, if you want, you can choose the best concrete stain brand by overlooking concrete stain reviews. Besides, you can also use minwax stain on concrete. Using wood stain on concrete is similar to painting concrete with wood stain.

Can You Use Minwax Stain on Concrete

Now, if you compare minwax stain concrete and acid stain concrete, you will see a huge difference. In the case of an acid stain, it leeches in the concrete as well as makes itself a part of the concrete.

Like minwax stains, it doesn’t just sit on the top. Minwax stain never leeches in the concrete or becomes a part of it. It’s just like a painting on the concrete.

So, yes! You can use minwax stain on concrete. It will give a different as well as a better look.

How to Use Minwax Stain on Concrete?

Using Minwax stain or wood stain on concrete is the easiest among all other stains. You just need to follow a number of steps.

  • At first, take an oil-based paint brush (4 inches)
  • With the help of that paintbrush, apply wood stain on the concrete
  • Avoid using a latex paintbrush
  • In the case of the horizontal surface of concrete, always apply a thin coat. Otherwise, it will start to pool.

By following these steps, you can easily apply wood stain on concrete. You may still keep asking, “Can old cement be stained?” Well, why not! Just clean the old concrete properly, then stain it and give it a new look.

How to Remove Minwax Stain From Concrete?

After knowing the process to apply, you should also know the process to remove any stain. Because, it doesn’t matter how professional or skilled you are, mistakes and accidents happen to everyone.

Can You Use Minwax Stain on Concrete? (Proven Answer 2022) 1

So, in such a case, knowing wood stain on the concrete removal process can rescue you from those mistakes and accidents.

You know most of the wood stains are actually oil-based stains. And this oil-based stain on concrete can be removed by following some steps-

Blot up wood stain

Use old rags or paper towels to blot up wood stains as much as possible. If you take much time, it will sit strongly on the concrete as well as the porous material. And that will make it more difficult to clean.

Use the absorbent

Use baby powder or kitty litter to cover that stain. These will help you to remove the stain from concrete as absorbents. Besides, you can also use sawdust, if there is a sufficient supply of it.

Use plastic wrap to cover that area as well as tack down its edges with the help of masking tape and wait 24 hours for the settlement of the absorbent.

Sweep-out absorbent

Sweep the absorbent out and throw it in the garbage bag.

Smear some soap

Apply liquid soap on the remaining stain. Mix the soap with some water and spray it on the stain. Take a nylon brush and produce a thick state of soap. Now start scrubbing the stain. Scrub until the stain disappears.

Soak the soap up

Soak up the soapy, dirty mess with the help of absorbent. Use old rags or paper towels to remove them. After that, use hot water to hose down that area.

If there still remains any stain, then follow the whole process again and start with the baby powder or kitty litter to cover the stain.

Add a poultice

Mix a poultice including absorbent like kitty litter or diatomaceous earth, as well as acetone (active element in the remover of nail polish) for attacking powerhouse stains.

Make a thin paste by mixing two ingredients into a bowl. Mix until it makes consistency like peanut butter. Don’t forget to use protective gloves.

Put on the poultice

Spread a layer of that paste on the stain. The thickness of that layer should be ¼ inch. Use plastic wrap to cover that poultice and with the help of masking tape, tack down the poultice.

Now, leave it for 24 hours to dry, it may take more time depending on the humidity and weather.

Eradicate the poultice

Use a plastic tool, for example, a spatula, to scrape the poultice off. Now take a paper towel or damp cloth for wiping the area.

So, you see, if you have done any mistake, you can easily remove it. Just buy the equipment and follow the steps, you will see the result. You can also remove the solid stain on concrete by following these steps.

Frequently Asked Question

It’s okay to be confused. I know, right now, you have lots of questions on your mind. So, I am going to answer some questions that some of you have asked. I hope these answers will remove your confusion.

Can I use wood stain on concrete?

Yes, of course. You can use any kind of wood stain on concrete. But remember to follow every step properly.

How much time does the concrete stain require to dry?

In optimum weather or situation, the stain will need an average of 15 to 20 minutes to dry, but the overall cure time is a day or 24 hours.

What kind of stains are used on concrete?

You can choose between two types of stain for concrete. They are- water-based stain and acid-based stain.

Which is better, staining, or painting concrete?

Concrete stains take less work, dry faster, as well as go on quicker than concrete paint, but there is no significant protection.

If you have any further questions, please let us know. We will try our best to help you.

Final Verdict

So, are you still confused about whether can you use Minwax stain on concrete?” I hope you are not.

Minwax stain or wood stain whatever you say, it can be applied on concrete. It enhances the beauty of the concrete and makes it more elegant. If you have done any mistake or accident while using it, you can easily remove that mistake. It’s just like a painting on the concrete.

What are you waiting for? Go and give your concrete floor a new look by staining it.

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