Dewalt DW745 Review: 10-Inch Table Saw, 16-Inch Rip Capacity

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If you’re looking for a top-notch job site table saw, you must go for a premium manufacturer. When it comes to top of the line brand for table saws, Dewalt is the one to name first! The DW745 is by far the most promising value for money table saw you can get from them. If you’re unsure about getting this or not, this Dewalt DW745 Review will help you decide.

It has a mighty cutter mechanism with fine-tuning, active dust collection, expandable table-top, built-in storage, easy saw replacement, what not! Don’t miss out the complete review today, we’ll help you understand how it performs in real life. This article will get you a complete answer on any question you might have about the Dewalt DW745.

Main Key Features of the Dewalt DW745

First, let’s get to know the key features of this table saw that make it stand out from others:

  • This saw has a powerful 15 amp motor that rotates its 10” blade at 3,850 RPM for consistent and seamless cuts.
  • Adjusting and changing the blade mechanism is breeze with its tool-free and modular design which also makes it safer.
  • Dust collection is a breeze with its dust chamber along with a convenient collection port to attach a central vacuum.
  • It has a 20” wide rip with fence rails to give you superior control while you’re working on bigger pieces.
  • The maximum cutting depth on this machine is 3-⅛” while the blade is at 90° angle and 2-¼” while at 45° angle.

Dewalt DW745 Table Saw & Bosch 4100XC Table Saw – Comparison Chart

The Bosch 4100XC-10 table saw is pretty close to the one from Dewalt in terms of features. For your understanding, let’s compare the Dewalt DW745 table saw with the one from another popular brand, Bosch:

Our Choice
Dewalt DW745 Table Saw
Bosch 4100XC-10 Table Saw
Dewalt DW745 Table Saw
Bosch 4100XC-10 Table Saw
The biggest pro for Dewalt is its price despite the high-end features.
For almost the same features, Bosch charges twice the price of Dewalt
You get a whopping 3850 RPM for blade speed which makes it a ton easier to cut any wood without stutters.
The Bosch offers you 3650 RPM which is less than the Dewalt745, resulting in occasional stuttering while cutting.
Moving the DW745 is way easier with only 53.9 pounds of weight. Besides, the handle design helps you take it like a side bag!
You will get 94 Pounds to the Bosch table Saw which makes it a ton harder to move around, especially if you have to lift it.
Dust Management
Dust Management
This Dewalt table saw offers a practical solution to dust and vacuuming with an integrated dust chamber and port.
The dust collection mechanism of the Bosch isn’t as efficient as the DW745. You have to stick to the old school dust management systems.
Rip Capacity
Rip Capacity
Dewalt offers a 20” Rip capacity which is retractable and expandable.
Bosch has a bigger expandable Rip capacity which is 30” for double the price.

Dewalt DW745 Review: In-depth overview

Among all the Dewalt table saws, there are a ton of reasons that make the DW745 stand out from others. The first thing would be its ability to work cleanly, both from inside and outside. It cuts at 3850 RPM speed with a 15-amp motor, using a 10″ blade which is the highest of its class.

Dewalt DW745 Review

This speed combined with its fine-tuning, you can get the cleanest edge you could ever ask for. Besides, it comes with a central dust control system with a dust port where you can connect a shop vac. If you cut bevels a lot, this saw can help you on that pretty well as it has built in miter gauge.

You can fine tune the bevel and make precise cuts with a maximum depth of 3-1/8″ at 90° and 2-1/4″ at 45° angles. There are rip fences on either sides of the blade whereas the right Rip expands up to 20″ for bigger pieces. It allows you to run the pieces with precise measurements using the parallel guide fence and engraved measurement.

Main Features of the Dewalt DW745: Explained

The Dewalt DW745 is a great saw that doesn’t only ensure fine cuts, but also helps you do it efficiently. Here are the key features of DW745 that make it stand out and surpass all the other saws at its class:

Higher RPM:

The DW745 comes with a 15-amp heavy-duty motor with a no-load speed of whooping 3850 RPM. With this much power and speed, this saw cuts pretty efficiently without leaving an unwanted chip on the edges. With its 10” blade, you can easily cut both thick and thin materials for both professional and DIY purposes.

Greater Bevel Cuts:

Cutting efficient bevels requires a heavy build quality with precise engineering where Dewalt has proven its worth already. The DW745 cuts bevels at 0° to 45° angles alongside 90° without stuttering a bit. You’ll get a large miter gauge for the bevel cuts which also has a fine-tuning capability for maximum efficiency.

Parallel Guide:

Making your cuts precise from edge to edge is an art of workmanship and the DW745 does a great job here. It offers a parallel guide fence for customized cuts at any position and lock in its place for effortless cuts. On top of that, this saw has a parallel measurement scale engraved on the table-top for better guidance while cutting.Dewalt DW745 Review

Expandable Rip Fence:

Dewalt did a great job at designing the DW745 saw and put an expandable rip on the right side of the blade. There is a 12” space on the left Rip as well which ends up onto a parallel fence for precise cuts. Its rack and pinion system fence expands up to 20 inches and gives you plenty of room to work on.

Superior Dust Control:

With the DW745, you’re getting a superior dust control mechanism which is the best of its kind for sure. It comes with a dedicated 2-½ inch dust port where putting a shop vac is exceptionally easy. You’ll find it super handy to keep the ambience a lot cleaner even if you produce a lot of dust.

Easy Blade Mechanism:

Accessing to the riving knife and blade with the dado stack is a piece of cake with its blade system. Besides, the modular guard mechanism will protect your fingers and hands while doing anything to the blade like changing it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got more questions about the Dewalt DW745, or how to use it? Here are some of the most common ones we get along with their answers:

What’s the Best Dewalt Table Saw?

Although Dewalt has a long list of table saws, the most value for money would be the Dewalt DW745. It packs in all the premium features that other brand offer from double the price Dewalt offers.

Which Table Saw Is Better Dewalt or Bosch?

As you can see in the comparison chart above in this article, Bosch stays behind the Dewalt table saw. You may have to pay way more for the same features Dewalt offers from almost half the price of Bosch.

What Is the Best Table Saw for a Beginner?

If you’re just getting started with table saws, we suggest you go for the Dewalt DW745 table saw. That way, you’re not spending thousands, but getting the professional features to get into the job more efficiently.

What Is the Safest Table Saw?

The scariest part of a table saw is the blade area with the riving knife and dado stack. However, the DW745 comes with a safety cover on the blade for safe cutting and a modular guard system.

Do I Need a Stand for a Table Saw?

You don’t necessarily need a stand for your table saw if you’re working on regular jobs. However, for a better control while working for hours, you may want to consider getting a stand for comfortable woodworking.

Final Verdict – Dewalt DW745 Review

Getting your first table saw can be really confusing, especially when it’s a work site machine that has everything packed. The Dewalt DW745 is indeed a top-of-the-line table saw that surpasses even its higher competitors from many aspects. We hope that our Dewalt DW745 Review helped you know it better and decide if it’s worth the investment.

Its easy transportation mechanism with a sturdy base and tool-free adjustments will surely make your jobs a ton easier. Whether you’re a professional woodworker, or an enthusiast DIYer, this table saw has everything ready. It will help you make precise cuts with better finish, and offer an unparalleled dust control.

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