Dewalt Dwe7491rs Review: An Expert Guide in 2022

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If you’re familiar with a single tool manufacturer, chances are you’ve already used or at least heard about DeWalt. They make some of the most popular and efficient tools that professionals love to work with. The Dwe7491rs table saw is no exception because DeWalt did a great job putting a complex mechanism in this machine.

It makes professional job site woodworking a breeze and with shop-compatible vac system. Therefore, we decided to write this Dewalt Dwe7491rs Review to explore and see if it’s worth your investment. Let’s dive deep and inspect the reasons behind the popularity of this table saw and why professionals love it.

Dewalt Dwe7491rs Review Main Key Features

There are the key features that make the Dewalt Dwe7491rs a great piece of tool for professionals, such as:

  • This job site table saw comes with a 15 A high torque motor with a no load speed of 4800 RPM.
  • You’ll get a miter gauge cutting capacity with fine-tuning handle and measurement scale on board.
  • The miter angles are from 45° to 90° with fine adjustment with a depth of 2-¼” at 45° and 3-⅛” at 90°.
  • It has a large 22″ rip capacity left to the blade and 32-½” to the right along with adjustable fence.
  • For a super safe and clean cutting experience, this table saw offers blade guard and easy dust collection.

Dewalt Dwe7491rs Table Saw & Oliver 10in Jobsite Table Saw Comparison Chart:

To help you compare the Dewalt Dwe7491rs with the similar table saws, we’ve picked the Oliver table saw. It has somewhat similar features from a higher price range compared to the Dewalt Dwe7491rs. Before you make a buying decision, check this comparison table out to determine which one to go with:

Oliver 10in JobSite Table Saw
Our Choice
Dewalt Dwe7491rs Table Saw
Oliver 10in JobSite Table Saw
Dewalt Dwe7491rs Table Saw
The Oliver table saw offers less torque of 4000 RPM which might fall short for hardwood and pressure-treated boards.
The Dewalt Dwe7491rs comes with a 15 A motor that offers 4800 RPM of speed which is super powerful.
Measuring Aangles
Measuring Aangles
The Oliver table saw’s miter gauge isn’t as precise as the Dewalt one.
Measuring the angles is super easy with the Dewalt fine-tuning handle.
Rip Size
Rip Size
With the Oliver table saw, the right rip is 28″ only.
You’re getting a 32-½” large rip on the right side of the blade with the Dewalt Dwe7491rs table saw.
Cutting Capacity
Cutting Capacity
Oliver offers the same cutting capacity which makes it even in bevel cuts.
Dewalt offers a bevel cut from 45° to 90° with a depth of 2-1/4″ to 3-1/8″.
Dust Management
Dust Management
Oliver offers the same features with a slightly larger footprint of 33 inches which requires a few inches more to store.
Transporting and dust collection is seamless in the Dewalt Dwe7491rs with transportation wheels and 2-1/2″ dust port.

Dewalt Dwe7491rs Table Saw Review

The Dwe7491rs comes with a 15 Amps high torque motor that generates a no load speed of 4800 RPM. It’s a highly capable setup that supports 24-tooth carbide blade with 10″ diameter to cut thick boards. You can use it to cut miter angles anywhere from 45° to 90° angles with fine adjustment capability. There’s an engraved measurement ruler on the table-top to guide you with the angle.

Dewalt Dwe7491rs Review

It’ll help you run miter cuts with the depth of 2-¼” at 45° all the way up to 3-⅛” at 90° angle. Don’t worry about other cutting issues, it has highly functional blade adjustment as well. You can make rabbets, mortise alongside dado, and tenons on up to 3” thick boards without chipping out. If you’re handling large boards, no worries, it offers a 22″ rip capacity left to the blade and 32-½” to its right side.

There’s also an adjustable rack telescoping ripping fence foldable over to make narrow rip cuts more precisely. Moving onto the bottom of the machine, you’re getting a 2-1/2″ dust collection port that supports any vac system. Its blade guard with automated dust collection mechanism makes it a safe table saw to work on. Furthermore, it has an efficient machine with less hassle and dust management.

Dewalt Dwe7491rs Key Features

So, you now have an overall idea about what you’re getting from the Dwe7491rs job site table saw. If you want a quick overview on the main features it comes with, here you go:

Dewalt Dwe7491rs Review

Large Rip Area on Both Sides

If you’re a professional and work with large pieces, you’ll find this table saw very useful. It has a large 32+” rip on the right, 22” on the left, giving you a total of 54” space to work on. Besides, the rip fence on the right is adjustable and has a measurement scale engraved.

High Torque Motor and Blade

The table comes with a high torque 15A motor that rotates the blade at a whooping 48000 RPM. It makes sure the blade goes through the piece as a knife through butter. Besides, its control panel on the front is also super handy for better control while you’re cutting your pieces.

Precise Bevel Cutting Angles

Not only it does straight cuts pretty efficiently, you’re also getting a miter gauge with fine-tuning handle onboard. The handle allows you to make fine adjustment to cut the wood anywhere between 45° to 90° angles. Not to mention that you can make dado, rabbets, mortise, etc.

Safe and Easy Blade Maintenance

Maintenance and safety is a big concern while getting any power tool and Dewalt thought that out in this machine. You’re getting a riving knife on the back of the blade to avoid major safety issues like kickback, contraction, etc. Furthermore, the blade guard will be a big help for both safety and guide as well.

Effortless Dust Management

A workplace can never be an ideal one unless it has a good vacuum system for the saw dust. This machine gives you a top-notch, multipurpose dust management capability with a 2-1/2″ port for dust collection. You can connect your shop vac to the port as well as keeping the dust cyclone away while outside.

Frequently Asked Questions For Dewalt Dwe7491rs

What Is the Best Dewalt Table Saw?

As Dewalt has a big lineup for table saws, getting the best one can be confusing. The Dwe7491rs is a newer version into the lineup, and it has the best features with a decent price.

What’s the Best Table Saw for the Money?

If you want the best value for money table saw, you can go with the Dewalt Dwe7491rs for professional jobs. It offers both high-end features and better safety with large rip capacity.

Which Table Saw Is Better Dewalt or Bosch?

Both Dewalt and Bosch have their name in the market for their high-end tools. However, in terms of better value for money, Dewalt takes the lead and their huge production lineup proves that.

What Is the Newest Dewalt Table Saw?

The Dwe7491rs is the new model to the Dewalt table saw models, and it surpasses older models. You’ll get some pretty high-end features, as well as a very competitive price range.

Where Is Dewalt Table Saw Made?

Since Dewalt has a global reach for their tools, they make their products in different countries. They make most of their product in the USA, China, Mexico, Czech Republic, Italy, Brazil, and UK.

Dewalt Dwe7491rs – Final Verdict

The Dewalt Dwe7491rs is one of the most popular table saw in the market, especially to the professionals. There are legit reasons behind that, first of them would be the features compared to the price it comes in. Using this table saw is super simple from cutting bevels, adjusting and keeping the area clean and integrated safety measurements!

Nonetheless, don’t forget to check the Dewalt table saw manual for the Dwe7491rs before you start cutting your forest piece. Although there’s a blade guard, a tool-free adjustment for the riving knife, never forget to take your safety measurements. Always push the piece with the included safety push stick, at least while working close to the blade.

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