Electric Vs Gas Air Compressors: What’s the Difference 2022?

Asking what is better gas or electric air compressor? Shows you want to be so sure of the kind of compressor you should use for the task you have at hand. If your job requires that you use an air compressor, we will guide you through this page on selecting the right one for you.

The truth is that gas and electric air compressors have their pros and cons, but at the end of the day, it is your project that determines which one you should purchase. The gas is lifesaving where there is no electricity supply to power a compressor but that doesn’t mean it works better than an electric air compressor.

Therefore, below you get to find out more about the differences between the gas-powered air compressor and electric air compressor.

What Is The Difference Between An Air Compressor And A Gas Compressor?

Even when they serve the same purpose, they have their differences and that is what I will discuss below starting with the gas-powered compressor and then to the electric compressor.

Electric Vs Gas Air Compressors

Gas-Powered Compressors

Gas compressors have become a well-liked commodity in the world of air compressor appliances. People love using gas compressors. The gas-powered compressors are more efficient and powerful than their electric counterparts.

Gas-Powered Compressors

The gas operates by supplying a continual flow of air to automotive tires and other air-related devices. It is perfect for both commercial and residential use. Also, you do not need a power supply before you get to operate the machine.

Power source

Gas air compressors are powered by an internal combustion engine, so they can compress air far more than twice as fast as electric-only models. The motor of a gas-powered air compressor runs on a combination of natural gas, propane, diesel, and gasoline, making it more versatile than an electric-only model.

Noise level

If you want a silent operating compressor then the gas air-powered compressor is not the right choice for you. Most of the gas air-powered compressors are not silent as you may think. You will always find one with a noise level between 65 dB and 85 dB and that can be considered a noisy machine.

Safety Concerns

The gas air compressor doesn’t have a highly harmful threat to you or whosoever is using the machine. The machine only requires proper usage for you to have a good and smooth experience with it. The only safety issue might only be as a result of the emission which makes it less environmentally friendly.

Environmental Impact

The environmental effect or impact the gas compressor has on human health is one reason most people opt for an electrical gas compressor. The gas compressor gives emissions during operation which can be likened to air pollution. Inhaling the air for so long can affect human health.

Electrical Air Compressor

The electric air compressors are a great tool for those who need to inflate tires or perform automotive work in general. They are safer for use indoors, cost less to operate, and are generally more lightweight and portable than their other options.

Electrical Air Compressor

Power source

Electrical air compressors are powered through a power supply. As portable and convenient it might be to operate, you need a power socket to operate the air compressor. It is the significant setback one can experience with the machine.

Once you find yourself in a place without a power supply or there is a power shortage when working, it will surely affect your productivity.

Noise level

The electric air compressor does make noise when it is working but not as much as the gas-powered compressor. During the operation, you can hear the rush of air and compressions and some mechanical noises, like the moving parts of the pump, rotate and produce mechanical noises.

The noise from the machine is bearable which makes the machine a good option for indoor.

Safety$ Concerns

There is nothing to worry about when using an electric air compressor. The only safety issue with the machine has to do with the electrical cable. You need to ensure no cable is naked to avoid electrical shock. Once that is considered and all safety routine is in place, you can be sure it is safe to use.

Environmental Impact

Of a truth, the electric air compressor doesn’t have any environmental effect compared to the gas compressor. It doesn’t emit any air that could harm you or anyone around you. Therefore, you can boldly claim that an electric air compressor is environmentally friendly.

Frequently Asked Question

Do Air Compressors Give Off Carbon Monoxide?

Not the two-air compressor gives off carbon monoxide. If you are using a gas air-powered gasoline, you might have to deal with this often. However, you do not have to worry about carbon monoxide when using an electric air compressor which makes it safe for you and the environment.

Does The Air Compressor Need Gas?

The Air compressor needs gas to operate optimally. So, you need to refuel to get the best out of the air compressor for any task you have ongoing.


There are many reasons you could decide you want to get an air compressor. However, for whatever reason, getting the right one will go a long way to help you become productive and efficient with any project you have at hand. The only challenge you will have is choosing between gas or electric air compressor.

It has led to so many people asking the same question what is better gas or electric air compressor? The two compressors have similar functions with slight variation which could be seen as their differences. The gasoline operates on gas and the other operates on the power supply.

It simply means that you can’t operate the electric gas compressor where there is a power shortage. Also, the gas compressor emits carbon monoxide which is unsafe for human health and it makes noise when in use more than the electric compressor.

Of truth, electric gas compressor proves to be the best when it comes to safety and environmental factors. It is safe to use and most of it can operate indoor, unlike gas compressor that is not safe for indoor application.

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