How Does An Air Compressor Work – 2022 Beginner’s Guide

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Are you a beginner and want to know about how does an air compressor works? Knowing the features and benefits will not do the trick! First, we should know what is an Air Compressor.  You need to know the types and features of the air compressors too. 

You don’t need to worry about where from you will get the information about an air compressor, different types of it, features, and purposes, etc. in this article, we provide you with the detail information of air compressor, its types, features of air compressor, etc.

What Is An Air Compressor?

An air compressor is a power converter machine that pumps in the air and discharges it and also converts air pressure into promising energy that helps to transport liquid through a pipe by using gasoline, diesel or electronic motor.

How does an air compressor work

Types Of Air Compressor

There are different types of air compressors that are used for various purposes.  Some air compressors are used for industrial use, and some are used for personal domestic use according to their working performance. 

Different types of air compressors are single-phase or dual-phase air compressors, oil-free and oil-lubricated air compressors, fixed speed or variable speed air compressors, and Piston compressors or rotary screw air compressors.

Parts Of An Air Compressor

An air compressor usually has three parts such as drive, pump, and tank. The drive of an air compressor is generated its power from gasoline, diesel, electricity, and battery. The pump of an air compressor is a compressor itself that compresses the air by using electric energy. And the tank is the storage of the compressed air for later use.

Why Do We Need An Air Compressor In Daily Work?

Air compressors are used in an industrial setting or used for personal, domestic affairs from an early age because air compressor can supply a constant flow of energy in the safest way than other energy-providing equipment.

Air compressor makes its place from a high industrial area to the garage or domestic area use.

How Does An Air Compressor Work?

The air compressor does not need a separate motor to run it’s every single part because it has a single motor compressor that converts electrical energy into kinetic energy. The primary air compressors are of the Piston air compressor or the rotary screw air compressor. The process of how does an air compressor work is discussed below with detailed information.

How does an air compressor work?

Piston Air Compressor and its working process:

At first, we will talk about the piston air compressor because it is the most used air compressor for the heavy-duty industrial area. Piston air compressor works more likely a car piston motor’s working process. Piston air compressor’s pump is operated by a piston and connecting rod with a cylinder, a valve-head, and a crankshaft.

Air gets sucked into the cylinder through the cylinder’s top inlet valve, and the second valve discharge the compressed air. Piston allows the atmospheric air to enter into the cylinder.  The Piston moves down the inner walls of the tank by using gasoline or electric energy and creates a vacuum in the above space. At the same time, it allows outside air inlet through the upper area by lowering its pressure. 

The air pressure of the upper space closes the inlet valve to prevent atmospheric air entry when the piston reaches the bottom of the cylinder. Then piston travels back to the upper space of the cylinder by compressing the existing air in it, and it causes the discharge valve opening at a certain pre-set air pressure limit. By this process, compressed air reaches the tank and stays there for later use. 

Types of piston air compressor:

Different types of air compressors use a Piston air compressor. Here, we listed below different types of air compressors of Piston, so that you can understand every kind of air compressor and how do they work with ease. 

  • Single-phase air compressor 
  • Dual-phase air compressor 

Piston air compressor can be a good option for the best air compressor for painting. Piston air compressor is used for nail spraying equipment also.

Rotary screw air compressor’s working process:

Another type of air compressor is a Rotary screw air compressor. This air compressor works differently than the Piston air compressor. A rotary screw air compressor uses an impeller covered in an involute board.

Atmospheric air enters in the middle of the compressor and cause impeller spinning or rotating. The rotating impeller increases the air pressure as well as forces it to the expulsion exit. Air compression happens during the air exits from the board or housing.

A rotary screw air compressor does not need on/ off switch separately. Rotary screw air compressors are suitable for industrial manufacturing coverage while reciprocal (Piston) air compressor ideal for domestic area coverage.

The rotary screw air compressor can be the best air compressor for painting cars besides the Piston air compressor.

Rotary vane air compressor’s working process:

The rotary vane air compressor is another well-renowned air compressor, which uses helical screws (two asymmetrical rotors) to compress air pressure. The rotors of a rotary vane air compressor can turn in the oppositely at the same time from a little clearance distance.

Rotary vane air compressor’s working process

The cooling coats cover the helical screws, and two-compressor on the rotors having attached timing gears to transfer their action. Air gets into the rotor from one side and gets immovable in between the rotors, and then pushed towards the other side of the rotors, while the air is compressed. Now, the compressed air is pushed to the discharge pipe.

The rotary vane air compressor can be oil-free or oil-lubricated types. An oil-injected rotary vane air compressor is durable and can be the best air compressor for auto bodywork.

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ Is the air compressor can of different types?

Yes, the air compressors can be of three types.

✅ Does the different type’s air compressor work in the same way?

No, different air compressors work in various ways according to their model and size.

✅ What kind of air compressors are used in industrial manufacturing?

The industrial manufacturer uses a rotary screw or rotary vane air compressors.

✅ What types of air compressor is used for easy, portable domestic work?

Piston air compressor or reciprocal air compressors are used for portable domestic work.

Final Thoughts

Different types of air compressors work differently according to their model and size. So, you will get details information about different types of air compressor and their working processes if you read this article on how does an air compressor work? 

We provide you with all information about three types of air compressor with their working process and hope you will get your necessary information about how does an air compressor work from this article.  

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