How Many Amps Does An Air Compressor Use?

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Air compressors are two types. And both types need 12 volts direct current to run efficiently. Their usual use includes inflating the car tires and RV’s tires, also for car painting purposes and so on.

However, this classification is just based on an irregular categorization of the air compressors. That’s because normally we use them for vehicle servicing purposes. Besides, depending on the size of vehicles, the size of air compressors also changes from time to time.

If you have inquiries on how many amp air compressor uses, then this article might help you. So, read through it to learn about the best compressor for framing or about the best air compressors for painting reviews as well.

How Many Amps Does An Air Compressor Use?

While using the air compressor, it will be good if you keep your vehicle running whichever types of it is. In this way, you can protect the battery from discharging. If the air compressor you possess has a plug that looks like a cigarette lighter, its usage amperage generally varies in the range of 10 amps to 15 amps.

How Many Amps Does An Air Compressor Use

Again, the compressor drawing about 110 volts typically costs 15 amps which is equivalent to 1,650 watts. On the other hand, an air compressor of 220 volt draws 15 amperage which equals to 3,300 watts.

To operate an air compressor, you will need a power inverter. The square wave inverters are usually very hard on electrical motors. And the thumb rule is an air compressor of 12 volts direct current draws 1 AC amp while taking voltage as well as efficiency factors in consideration.

How to Choose the Right Air Compressor?

Typically, most of the air compressor amps draw 12V DC. This air compressor is of small size. In fact, it comprises a light style jack at the lower part of its totem end. And generally, these kinds of air compressor amps draw a few amps in a fully loaded condition.

How to Choose the Right Air Compressor

However, this question may occur to your mind what their main uses are. Well, they are used widely to slowly inflate tires of usual passenger vehicles as well as motorbikes and as such.

Now, if you’re keen to know which type of vehicle you can clamp the compressor quickly on its battery, then you should know that air compressors are perfect for a motorhome. The air compressor drawing high amps work well when they are in a full load.

The reason the compressor amp draws more currents is they actually require a lot of excess power. Commonly the tires of most RVs, motor homes, and also trailers are high in pressure and also large in size. So, in order to inflate such tires, extra power is very much needed.

The best part of a typical 12-volt direct current drawing air compressor is, you can work with it continuously with ease. You just need to power on your house circuit. Besides, you can get to know how many amps an air compressor uses from its labeling.

However, it’s not like that you require an air compressor just for your RV or trailer, you may need them to use in your regular household sources. And that function in the alternate current. Besides DC air compressors, there is a wide range of AC air compressors.

Also, you can find lots of hybrid air compressors. Their main facility is that they can switch from AC to DC or otherwise. And so you can use them both at home and on the road.

A few of such compressor amp draw high power all the time, while some few of them draw high energy only when they are connected to a DC source. There are also gas powered air compressors available in the market.

Frequently Asked Question

We know that you are curious. To be honest, you should be! And so, here, we have tried to answer some of the most common questions that might seem to roam around your minds.

How many amps does a 5 hp compressor need?

A 5 hp compressor requires usually 3725 watts, or in other words, 16.2 amps.

What is the reason for a compressor to over amp?

Some mechanical problems such as worn rods, worn bearing as well as a bad run capacitor are the reason for a compressor to over amp.

What size breaker is needed for the 80-gallon air compressor?

An 18.5-amp compressor generally uses a 20-amp breaker. So, for wiring the 80 gallons you will need a 7.5 hp 230V air compressor.

How many amps current a 110 air compressor draws?

The air compressor containing 110V draws 1650 watts. In other words, it needs 15 amps to run.

For a pancake air compressor, how many watts are required?

in the case of maximum loads, such as 1 phase, 60 Hz, and 120v, the pancake air compressor uses 10 amps.

Final Words

So, by now you might have already understood the answer to your question “how many amps does an air compressor use?” It fully depends on the type and which type of air compressor you are using.

Most of the air compressors you can use will nearly cost 12 amps under a fully loaded situation. As a rule of thumb, you can remember that 1 HP air compressor needs approximately 12A current. Along with the power draw, you should be also concerned about whether your air compressor is capable enough to inflate large and high-pressure tires efficiently.

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