How Many Screws Per Deck Board – You Need to Know 2022

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Building your own deck board is one of the most interesting tasks. It feels out of the world when you are successfully done with the project. However, among all the necessary steps, laying deck boards seems more difficult.

Because on this point, a bunch of queries may put you in confusion. For example, how many screws per deck board do you need? Yes, this one is the most asked question among all.

Do you have the same query as well? Congratulations! You are at the right place. This content is all set to get you the exact information you need to know regarding this topic.

Let’s dive right in.

How Many Screws Per Deck Board: A Deep Insight

The number of screws that you will need depends on some factors. And now, let’s know the number in detail.

How Many Screws Per Deck Board

How Many Screws Per Deck Board

Well, the number of screws you need depends on the size of your deck board and also on what sort of screw you are using. Not to mention, larger decks need more screws than smaller sized ones.

According to the basic thumb rule, a 6” wide deck board that has 16 spaced joists needs 350 screws every 100 square feet. Well, this calculation might not be accurate in every situation.

However, no one can’t tell you the exact number of screws unless the work is done. So, it’s better to get some extra screws than you actually need. Not to mention, running out of screws when you are very close to the end is quite irritating.

Besides, you can use a deck board staggering calculator to guess how many screws you might need to complete the fastening process. To help you out here are the 3 basic steps below to calculate the total amount of screws.

Step 1: Measurement of The Deck Board

Once you know the measurement of your deck you will definitely know how many boards you need to set up. Know the length and width of your deck and count how many boars are needed.

Step 2: Counting Screws in Each Board

Generally, to screw deck boards to every joist 2 screws are needed and 3 screws are needed in the rim joist for a secure setup.

Step 3: The Final Count

When you know how many screws are needed in each board and how many boards are used in the entire project, you can easily figure out the actual math for sure.

Types of Screws for Decking

While fastening deck boards you must put attention to safety and stability first. Using some cheap decking screws or less amount of it might cost you big in the long run. Also, putting a lot of screws for a better grip can ruin the outlook.


The number of fasteners you need depends a lot on the type of screws you are using. A good quality screw can cut your cost and get you better safety as well. Here are some tips to choose the perfect fasteners for your deck board.

Stainless Steel Screws

It’s wise to choose stainless trailer deck screws to ensure durability. Choose the best stainless steel screws for decking from all the available options and make sure it’s moist, corrode, and rust-resistant.

Decking Screws Heads

Square head, star head, or Phillips’s head any of them can be a very good option for decking. Instead of investing in a variety of poor quality screws, go for any of these types for a better experience.

Threaded Screws

A threaded screw can confirm a stable decking. This is why people are more likely to use screws in decking instead of nails. The more threaded the screw is, the stronger the grip will be.

Nonvisible Color

Well, while fastening deck boards we try our best to hide the screw heads to hold the impressive outlook. Screws play a markable role to hold the beauty of the deck. Choosing screw colors wisely can help you hide the screw heads.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we will bring up some basic questions along with the answers that may peep into your mind. Hopefully you will find them handy.

Which is the standard decking screw size?

The screw size depends on the thickness of the board or joist. You should choose the one which is at least three times longer than the object you are fastening.

What is the exact measurement of screws in decking?

For a 1-inch thick board, you need a 3-inch long screw. So that the 1-inch is used to pass the board and the other 2 inches can firmly attach it with the joist.

Which is the best deck board staggering calculator?

Well, almost every option can perform best. Make a good online research and choose the best-reviewed one.

Do online staggering calculators work properly?

Yes, they do a great job. You can get all your calculations done online with zero trouble.

Which best quality screw comes at a cheaper rate?

The galvanized star headed screws are considered to be one of the best and affordable screws for deck board fastening.

What is the spacing Between Deck Boards?

Leaving some space between the deck boards is known as deck board spacing.

Why is deck spacing so important?

As wood is a natural element expanding or changing in different weather is normal. That is why you need to work with deck board spacing.

How to measure the spacing between pressure treated deck boards?

Generally, a 6.5 mm gap is the ideal space measurement to leave between two boards to let them have enough room to expand.

How to hide the screw heads?

Choose the screw color carefully. Make sure it’s less visible and matches the deck board color. It’s a clever way to hide screw heads.

Final Thought

Dacking is a fun task but at the same time, it could be troublesome as well. Especially the fastening task. A slight mistake can ruin the beauty of your so desired project just like that. But when you know how many screws per deck board require the task gets pretty much easier. And as you have read out the entire content filled with fastening tips and tricks you are all set to rock in your decking project.

Thanks for being with us. Hope this content helped you find the information you were looking for.

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