How to Change a Dremel Bit? Guideline for 2022

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Nowadays, Dremel’s rotary tools are very popular for their different types of unique bits and accessories. Being a wood designer you will love each of them while working. But in a few cases, you may have suffered from the question, how to change a dremel bit? So, we have made a complete guide for you that will give you complete skills to do the task with less hassle. 

There are different types of methods, to change the bits of your dremel tools. There are Collet and nut method, Multichuck accessory method, and dremel bit attachment methods that can make the task easier from all the extent. We will discuss all these methods to get things easier to maintain. We will also discuss the Best Dremel for Wood Carving

How to Change a Dremel Bit In 2021

We will now show you how to change the dremel bits in different ways. Among these, we will cover how to change dremel 200, 300, and 3000 bits. It might be helpful in some cases like the dremel bit stuck or for changing due to carving issues.


1. Collet and Nut method

This method works with the collet itself with the tools that need to be adjusted. Collet fits into the shaft of dremel, which comes in different sizes from 0.8 mm to 3.2 mm. There is a threaded nut that fits over the collection to tighten it up. 

Collet and Nut method

  • Choose the right accessory you want to change, that should be from the same size as the collet. The right size will make the changing task easier. 
  • Keep the dremel off or unplugged for changing the bit or accessories. Then press down the shaft-lock button to release the shaft. 
  • Use the wrench to lose the nuts from the collet and remove the collet. Set the right one you need accord to the needed size of the bits. After replacing it again put on the nuts. 
  • Put the dremel bit or finisher tool in the collet and tighten the nuts. Now you release the shaft lock button and test the dremel as it is working or not. 

In this way, you can change dremel bits and finishing tools with your collet. Some newer models come with easy twist nose cap, those are much easier to change. 

2. Multichuck Accessory Method

This is a keyless chuck, equipped multitool whose shaft is attached with multichuck accessories. This is the model of a different type, it works in both corded and cordless models.

How to Change a Dremel Bit? Guideline for 2022 1

  • First, select the dremel bit you want to change.
  • Keep the tool switched off or turned off to keep it ready for changing the bit. Then we will have to push the shaft-lock button to immobilize. 
  • Then we need to lose the threaded head of the multichuck and change the bit and replace it with a newer one. We can use another bit or accessory that we want to use. 
  • Tighten the sleeve of multichuck with a hand as much as possible. 
  • Plug on the tool and test as it works fine or not. 

Multichuck tools are available in both corded and cordless models. So, we should be careful about its power issues while changing bits. 

3. Dremel Bit Attachment Systems

There are the most easily simplified bit changing methods available too. The latest EX SpeedClic system is the widely used method to change dremel accessories. 

Dremel Bit Attachment Systems

  • It comes with a mandrel that is put into the shaft and loosen the shaft to insert necessary tools or accessories to the shaft. 
  • The accessories now come in with a process to just put in, click and twist to fit in the dremel. They are easier to change and make functional. 
  • There is some similar models to change the system as EZ Change. Such as the Dremel 4200. It comes with a pull-down level on each side. 
  • When it needs to change the accessory, just pull down the level and replace it with a new accessory. 

These are the overall methods we use for changing the dremel bits and accessories easily. We have discussed all the methods. 

What Do Those Dremel Bits Do

What Do Those Dremel Bits Do

There are different types of dremel bits that are available for dremel rotary tools. Among them the most popular once are:

  • Drilling bits
  • Cutting bits
  • Grinding  and sharpening bits
  • Engraving bits
  • Sanding bits.

All these types of bits do the tricks we expect from Dremel tools. These come with the capability of drilling to the sanding of the wood surface. Generally, wood carving with dremel tools needs various types of services. 

You can draw the necessary design on the wood then do the necessary drilling, cutting, grinding engraving and sanding works on it with one dremel tool. You will just need to change the dremel bits to get the perfect results. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We have gathered some common FAQs where you will get the available easy answers for your tasks. 

How do you change the bit on a rotary tool?

We can easily use the collet and nut method to change a bit from the rotary tool. If it comes with an easy twist and release system then it is much easier to change. We can move on changing a bit according to the make of the tool. 

How do you lock a Dremel bit?

Locking a dremel bit is not a tough job. Actually, you cannot lock it directly, you have to put the shaft lock on to get the task done. In the same method, we can lock any bit to work from. 

How do you remove a stuck Dremel bit?

We can use pliers to remove a stuck dremel bit. We will grip the dremel bit with a plier’s jaw and twist it counter-clockwise for a while. Gradually it will come out from wood and we can continue our task. 

Bottom Line

We have discussed in detail about the dremel tool tricks. These tools get our tasks done in any condition. Wood engraving and craving is fun with Dremel tools.  We have also discussed the methods of how to change a dremel bit? Hope you will find the methods helpful and get going.

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