How to Load a Mini Grease Gun? [Step By Step Guide 2022]

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The use of a mini grease gun is better than using the bigger one, especially for small lubrication tasks or work. The challenge could be on how to load a mini grease gun, but it is never a difficult task to do with the instruction and guide on this page.

You can as well load your mini grease gun in two different ways. It all depends on the type of mini grease you get. You can load the grease gun with or without a cartridge by getting the right grease, loading it in the right way, and using the grease gun.

The mini grease gun works by injecting lubricants into any device, and it has lots of advantages; and one of them is its ability to help you reach every nook and cranny of any machine.

What Is A Mini Grease Gun & Its Type?

A grease gun is a handy tool that is perfect for lubricating any machine. The mini grease gun is perfect for quick and simple greasing application. Undoubtedly, they are the perfect alternative to a larger standard grease gun that takes a while to fill up.

How to Load a Mini Grease Gun

The smaller version of a grease gun, the mini grease gun, works the same way as a full-sized grease gun. While you find it easy to operate and handle little lubrication tasks, it only comes with a little compartment for the cartridge, which means you have limited grease for any work.

So, if you have a large lubrication task, getting a mini grease gun is the wrong choice, except you are ready to go through the stress of changing the cartridge or refilling the barrel with grease. Also, it is important that you know the different types of mini grease guns you can find out there.

Types Of Mini Grease Gun

There are different types of mini grease guns that you should consider if you are getting one for yourself or anyone.

1. Lever Mini Grease Gun

One of the things with the lever grease gun is that it is economical and efficient at handling and lubricating. It requires the use of two hands to operate optimally. The HANTUO Grease Gun with 8000 PSI is a powerful lever grease gun that you can consider.

Lever Mini Grease Gun

2. Pistol Mini Grease Gun

Another type of mini grease gun is the pistol grease gun. The Slippery Pete Mini Pistol Grip Grease Gun is your perfect option considering a pistol grip grease gun. Generally, pistol grease guns are the best for difficult areas to reach.

Pistol Mini Grease Gun

Unlike the lever mini grease gun that requires two hands to operate, you can easily and efficiently pump a pistol grease gun with a simple squeeze with just one hand.

3. Pneumatic Mini Grease Gun

The Astro Pneumatic Tool 101 Mini Grease Gun is one of the Air-powered grease guns you can consider in the market. The grease gun uses an air supply t get grease out of the machine tip. To operate, you need to push metal into the bottom to push the grease up to the grease gun head and then use the trigger to get the grease out.

Pneumatic Mini Grease Gun

How To Load A Mini Grease Gun Without A Cartridge?

If you want to load a mini grease gun without a cartridge, you need to get the right grease. There are different types of grease you can get. Some come in a bowl in which you just have to open and remove the lid cover to have access to the grease.

How To Load A Mini Grease Gun Without A Cartridge

It is this kind of grease that you need to scoop with your hands into the barrel of the grease gun. The other type of grease is the one that comes in a container which you need to cut the head off and squeeze the container to release the grease in the grease gun barrel.

So, whatever type of grease you get, you need to remove the head of the grease gun, load the barrel with the grease using your hand until it is full. If your grease gun comes with a pistol rod, you need to pull to the distal end of the grease gun so you can load the barrel completely.

However, if it doesn’t come with a pistol rod such as the Astro Pneumatic Tool 101 Mini Grease Gun, you need to see that there is enough space for the grease by hitting the bottom of the gun on a flat surface before loading with grease.

How To Load A Mini Grease Gun With A Cartridge?

You need to get a cartridge with a working grease gun. Those are the tools you need. Separate the grease gun head from the barrel by unscrewing it. Locate the part on the cartridge that should get into the barrel.

Once you locate it on the cartridge cylinder, you should open the cap and slide it into the barrel. After that, you should open the second cap before you screw back the head of the grease gun. There are important things you need not do when loading.

How To Load A Mini Grease Gun With A Cartridge

First, when loading the grease gun with the cartridge, you need to pull the pistol rod to give room for the cartridge. Once you have to move it in, you need to screw in the grease gun to the barrel, but this time not completely. It should be halfway so you can push back the piston rod.

Once you have been able to push down the piston rod and lock it in place, you can go ahead to completely lock the grease gun head and use it.

Tips for Using a Grease Gun

Irrespective of your experience and skills with handling a grease gun, if you do not know some things, you will have limitations in getting the right result. There are tips and tricks with grease guns that you need to know for the perfect outcome.

Tips for Using a Grease Gun

  • You need to loosen the head of the grease gun partially for you to be able to pull out the grease gun pistol rod.
  • You should, at all times, inspect the grease fitting and check for defects before using the grease gun.
  • Ensure that you have the grease gun unexposed when you are not using it
  • Always clean the grease gun after every use or operation
  • You also need to tighten the head of the grease gun halfway to push the piston rod into the barrel after loading with grease
  • Always pump the grease gun several times to bleed it and get rid of the air before using it
  • You should always use your safety gloves and other safety gear depending on the machine you are working on
  • Always read the instruction and guidelines from the user manual
  • Do not pump the grease gun for fun when you have no grease inside the barrel

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Grease Gun Leaking?

Once you notice the grease gun is leaking, it is a sign that you either overload with grease or the grease gun needs adjustment. If you fail to screw in the head of the grease gun, you will surely experience leakages when using the grease gun.

So, check for any opening, lock the bottom of the grease, and ensure the head is tight with no room for air to escape. Any of the three could be the reason for leakage. So, to fix it, you need to find out the cause and apply the right solution.

How To Refill A Mini Grease Gun?

The right way to refill a mini grease gun is to get the right grease you need, insert it into the barrel if you are using a pneumatic grease pump. You just need to squeeze the tube to let go of the grease into the barrel or use your hand or any object to scoop the grease into the barrel.


The truth remains that there are many ways on how to load a mini grease gun, but not all ways give the right result. We have on this page the right information you need to load your mini grease gun without hassles.

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