How to Load a Staple Gun – The Ultimate Guide (2022)

Staple guns are the right tools for fastening pieces of material together quickly and efficiently. The hand-held device shoots small thin wire staples into any object. It is better than the method of using a hammer to smack nails or staples into an object. The only challenge could be on how to load a staple gun, and I got you covered.

To load a staple gun, you need to understand the different loading methods as each has its techniques and way of loading the staples. The first is rear loading, the second is top-loading, and the last is bottom loading.

It is also important you know that there are specific types of staple guns out there, and the method of loading staples differs. The rear loading is the perfect choice for a manual staple gun, the bottom loading for an electric staple gun, and the third is the pneumatic which you need to use the lever.

How To Load a Manual Staple Gun?

To load a manual staple gun, you need to locate the pusher rod at the back of the staple gun, exert pressure on the rod to push, and then pull it out to remove it. The next thing is to load the staples leg down over the guide rails, re-insert the pusher and ensure you lock it in place, and then go ahead to test the staple gun.

How to Load a Staple Gun

Find The Pusher Rod At The Back Of The Gun

The first step with loading your manual staple gun is to find the pusher rod on the machine. You can locate it by pointing to the area where the nails come out away from you. By doing so, you should have the back of the staple gun facing you.

The release for the pusher rod is the small metal rectangle at the opposite side where the nails come out, as seen in the image above.

To Remove The Rod, Push In On It And Pull It Out

The next thing you can do is place your forefinger and thumb on the pusher, just like you can see in the image above. If the hook is located on the top of the rod, you should push the rod forward and down. Also, if the hook is on the bottom, you have to push the rod forward and up.

If you have done it in the right way, you should easily unlatch the hook to make it easy for you to pull the rod out completely out of the gun.

Load The Staples Legs Down Over The Guide Rails

Since you have the rod out of the staple gun, you should take a row of staples and slide it inside the guide rails where you remove the rod. Ensure that the legs are facing down. You should fill up the chamber with the right level of staples.

Also, you need to do this part effectively by pushing the staples down the rails. If you do not, the staples might get stuck while you are reinserting the rod.

Reinsert The Pusher Until It Is Securely In Place

The next thing is to return the rod inside the chamber. You are likely to experience some tension while pushing the rod in. It is because of the spring touching the staplers. You can overlook by pushing the rod inside the chamber until you notice the hook is totally into its place.

Use The Staple Gun On A Piece Of Paper Or Wood

The next thing is to test the staple. Place the staple machine on an object and then pull the trigger to release the staples in the gun. It is a means to ensure you have the machine in good condition before using it for your main project.

How To Load an Electric Staple Gun?

Following the step below, you will find it easy to load your electric staple gun.

How To Load an Electric Staple Gun

Disconnect From Any Power Source

Your safety is the first thing you need to consider whenever you are operating an electric staple gun. You need to locate the cord and disconnect it from any power cable or port. It helps to ensure you have less chance of getting hurt due to electrical charge or current.

Lock The Trigger

The next step is for you to locate the trigger and lock it. You can locate it from the image above.

Locate The Magazine Release Buttons At The Back Of The Stapler

The next thing is to locate the magazine release button at the back or bottom of the staple gun. You need to squeeze and then pull to expose the channel that you have to insert the staples. The image above explains that clearly.

Load The Staple

You need to insert the staples with the leg facing the upward direction as seen in the image above and the same with the brad nail as the image shows above.

Close The Trigger

You just need to push the trigger back to lock in the staple, and then you can go on to plug in the staple and start using it.

How To Load A Bostitch Staple Gun?

Bostitch is one of the frontiers in the industry when it comes to the production of quality tools. So, you are doing yourself lots of good by investing in their staple gun.

How To Load A Bostitch Staple Gun

To start loading, you need to get one of the Bostitch staple guns, and BOSTITCH Crown Stapler is a perfect option for small and large work. Once you handle the staple gun, you need to lock, press, and pull the trigger to expose the chamber for the staples.

Take note that Bostitch has different types of staple guns, such as the electric and the manual. So, if you are handling the electricity, you need to disconnect from any power source before doing anything. But with the manual, you should ignore that process.

Once you have the chamber exposed, you should load the staples correctly and then push back the trigger. It is the same process for the manual and electric, and then you can go ahead to use the machine.

How To Load A Craftsman Staple Gun?

If you’ve ever had to punch a stack of pages to put them in a binder, you know how frustrating and messy the process can be. The Craftsman Staple Gun makes it easy to use staples just about anywhere.

How To Load A Craftsman Staple Gun

You can use the Craftsman Staple Gun for small and medium stapling projects. Also, it holds up to 32 staples at a time, and they’re easy to change. Its lightweight design and textured grip make it comfortable and easy to handle.

To load the Craftsman Staple Gun, you should follow the step below:

Locate The Trigger On The Gun

The trigger on the staple gun is at the bottom of the machine. You need to locate it and press it to pull the trigger out of the chamber. The image above explains clearly.

Load In The Staples

The next things are for you to load in the staples and the best way to do that is by checking the image above. You need to load it in with the leg facing the upward direction. It is the proper way of loading the staples.

Push Back The Trigger

The next step is to push back the trigger and ensure it locks before you press the handle to use the staple gun.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Unlock A Staple Gun?

The best way to unlock a staple gun is to locate the lock knob and disengage it. It is best that you lock when loading and then unlock after loading. So, just do the reverse action of what you did to lock the staple gun.

Do Staple Guns Work On Wood?

Yes, the staple gun works perfectly on wood. You must know that hardwoods can damage the machine, and that is why you should only use softwoods.


Staple guns are perfect for a wide range of jobs, and loading them is not as difficult as you think. With the information on this page on how to load a staple gun, you should be able to load your staple gun all by yourself without the help of anyone.

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