7 Efficient Ways On How To Make An Air Compressor Quiet

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Air compressors are another name of the strident squall. There is absolutely no one who doesn’t hate the sound of an air compressor running. And if you’re using it at home, you’re doomed. The screeching unpleasant sound is enough to kill the mood of anyone at home. So making it quiet is mandatory. But the question is how to make an air compressor quiet?

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How To Make An Air Compressor Quiet 2021

Normally, the sound of a medium-sized air compressor is between 80-90 decibels. So it can be seriously injurious to your health. It can damage your ears, affect your behavior and so on. Nobody has the patience to tolerate the loud noise. We can make it quiet. But how?


The first thing we should keep in mind that we cannot compromise the performance to make the machine quiet. Don’t worry, we have figured out some efficient ways to solve this problem without compromising the performance.

So let’s dig in—

Use Anti Vibration Pads:

Most of the time, it’s the vibration that makes the sound. Naturally, air compressor vibrates a lot while working. So reducing the vibration is a great solution. You should isolate the compressor from any surface that generates noise. To avoid that, you can definitely use anti-vibration pads.

Most of the anti-vibration pads are made with thick rubber grommets. As you all know, rubber is an excellent insulator. It can also absorb any sound or unnecessary noise from the source. So installing an anti-vibration pad on the motor can further reduce the noise. 

Install Intake Silencer:

Most of you have already noticed, the intake is one of the main sources of noise for an air compressor. So installing an intake silencer can be a major solution. A muffler also works fine, but an intake silencer works the best. 

Most of the intake silencers are made with a combination of an air filter & a silencing device. These intake silencers are available in different sizes and shapes. Choose the appropriate size for your air compressor intake. They’re also quite cheap in price. These intake silencers do not affect the performance of your compressor. So install an intake silencer to reduce the noise of your air compressor.

Keep The Compressor Distant From You:

Another effective way of reducing the noise is by keeping the machine distant. You can skip most of the noise by keeping the compressor away from your workstation. For example if you’re using the machine at home, keep it in the garage. That way, you will hear only a little noise in the house. 

Keeping the compressor away is also a great idea if you’re using a large size air compressor. If your garage is soundproof, it’s time to utilize its quality. Keeping the machine in the backyard also works great. Buy some long hoses and join it to the machine. That way you can really make your compressor noise free and use it quietly.

Use A Soundproof Box:

Buying a soundproof box is also a great idea for making the machine quiet. These boxes are quite available in the market. Also, they’re quite reasonable in price range. These boxes won’t affect the performance nor damage the machine. So if you really want to reduce the noise of your compressor, a soundproof box is a great option to have.

Cover The Compressor With Sound Blankets:

Sound blankets are another effective way to reduce the noise. You must have noticed these at concerts or gatherings. The sound boxes are covered with a thick layer of blanket. So that the sound boxes don’t reflect an echo & improves sound quality.

Cover The Compressor With Sound Blankets

Using these sound blankets on air compressors work just the same way. You can find sound blankets especially for air compressors at the hardware stores or online. These are inexpensive, easily usable, and doesn’t affect the performance of the compressor. Besides, it helps to increase the efficiency of the machine in cold weather. 

You really need to make sure that your blanket is thick enough. Because thin blankets are not as efficient as the thick ones. Also, make sure not to entirely cover the compressor. Otherwise, your machine may have overheating issues. But overall, getting a sound blanket is indeed a great idea to make your machine silent.

Use Muffs Or Earplugs:

This is a common technique. Everyone follows this one who works with air compressors regularly. Because it is literally the only thing that doesn’t affect the performance even a tad. Covering your ear is also beneficial for your ear. Because your ears do not have to tolerate the mechanical sound anymore.

Though there are some negative aspects of using this. Because the vibration doesn’t stop. This may cause you a severe headache & vertigo. Besides, wearing muffs can make your ears hot. This may feel great in cold weather, but it’s uncomfortable if you are working in hot weather. Otherwise, using them is indeed a great solution.

Putting The Intake Of The Compressor Away:

As previously mentioned, intake is the major source of noise in air compressors. So putting it away might be a solution. Buy some lengthy hoses and install them to push away the intake out of your workstation. But doing this is quite troublesome. Besides, it is quite impossible to execute if you’re keeping the machine in your garage.


So that’s all for our creative ideas to make your air compressor quiet. If you follow these steps then you can effortlessly make your machine silent as a statue. If you liked our techniques, try one of them. Do let us know in the comment section which one you liked the most. If you have any other creative ideas on this topic, we’d like to hear that too! Happy working! 

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