How To Remove Paint From Brick Wall – Expert Advice

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Just like the seasons, people change. So does our mind. Our favorite thing today can be a despise tomorrow. Because everything doesn’t go as planned. It’s not uncommon to choose the wrong color for a house. Inadequate supervision on color paint may result in an unsatisfying outlook on the house. Removing the color paint can be a solution. Besides, remove the old paint from the wall is important to give it a new look. So that is why you should know how to remove paint from brick wall.

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When Should You Remove The Paint?

There are two instances when you’ll need to remove the paint. The first one is when the old paint on your house gets faded. In that case, you will need to repaint the wall. But before that you have to remove the previous paint. Because without removing it, the new paint won’t give a decent finishing. If you are planning to put on new paint on your wall, you can visit our best brick paints review for proper guidelines.

How To Remove Paint From Brick Wall

On the other hand, you may need to remove the paint from a recently painted house if you do not like the color. Surprisingly, it’s not uncommon. It happens most of the time you do not seek expert advice before painting the wall yourself. A wrong combination and wrong preparation of paint deliver an indecent result. In these two cases, you’ll have to follow different methods for removing the paint.

How To Remove Paint From Brick Exterior

The first thing you should know is the type of paint. Because different type of paints has different removal procedures. We use mostly acrylic latex paint or elastomeric paint on brick. The first one has a thin layer of paint on the wall, so the removal is easier than the later one. In both cases, we should use paint strippers to remove it. But the preparation process is different. Worry not, below are the detailed instructions for removing both types of paint.

How To Remove Paint From Brick Wall – Expert Advice 1

How To Remove Elastomeric Paint

If your wall is painted with elastomeric paint, the first thing do is to scrape the paint. You will try to scrape the paints as much as you can. Use a hand held paint scraping tool to remove the paint layer. 

  • Scraping the paint manually might be a hectic job if you have a large surface to remove the paint. So you can choose the easier option by using an abrasive paint removing disk on a drill. 
  • We would recommend taking professional service for this job. Because if you’re not an expert in this, you may end up damaging the wall. 
  • The second step is to peel off the strips. You can do it with your bare hands. If the paint is old and cracked, you can easily peel off the paint in large strips. 
  • Peeling the strips is a little harder on recently painted walls. For that you can use a drywall knife to slit the paint and pull up an edge. So that you can easily grab the edge and peel if off. 

In the case of the recently painted wall, the strips may not come off properly and leave some debris. For that, you can pressure wash the remove the remaining debris to make it ready for applying chemical remover.

How To Remove Acrylic Paint From Walls

Removing acrylic paint is also quite tricky. It doesn’t peel off like elastomeric paint. The acrylic paint leaves a thin layer of paint on a brick wall. So we do not have to go through that much hassle to remove it.

The only step of preparation is sanding the paint. Use sandpaper and sand to remove the paint layer. Sanding the paint is quite a hectic job. So try to include your friends and family in this job. You do not need to worry about the residuals. The residuals will be removed by the paint stripper. Now your wall is ready for applying the chemical remover.

Applying The Paint Stripper/ Chemical Remover

The final step is to apply the paint stripper. The method of this step is similar to both types of paint. A paint stripper or chemical remover is needed to remove the extra stubborn paint that doesn’t want to be removed. You can buy any good quality paint stripper to do this job.

The first step is to test the paint stripper in a small area. This way you can check if the paint remover really works well or not. Start by applying a thick coat of chemical remover on the painted wall. The paint removed will dissolve the old paint. The paint will bubble up so that it’s easier to remove it. Leave the remover for 20 minutes to complete its work.

After 20 minutes, take a plastic paint scraper and scrape the paint off. At this point you can add another layer of paint stripper to remove any residual paint. Then pressure wash the wall, dry it off and you are ready to paint your wall! So that’s how to remove paint from brick exterior.

How To Remove Paint From A Brick Fireplace


Most of the time we use heatproof paint on a brick fireplace. Heatproof paints are not that easy to remove. Because they are quite adherent and heat stable, which makes it hard to remove. The instructions for removing heat proof paint are as follows:

The first step is to dampen the wall. Apply water so that the paint layer gets wet. Then take a steel wool and scrub the wall to remove the paint layer. You can apply a layer of paint remover or paint stripper to remove the residual stubborn paint. Finally, pat it with a clean cloth and let it dry. So that’s how to remove paint from brick wall on fireplace.

How To Remove Spray Paint From Brick

Removing spray paint is hard for especially a brick wall. Since a brick wall is porous, it strongly adheres to the brick that makes it even harder to remove. We would suggest to use graffiti remover that can remove spray paint from any surfaces. Still, you’ll have to follow some extra steps to properly remove it. The steps for removing spray paint are as follows:

  1. Start by preparing the paint remover. Take a clean spray bottle and pour paint remover or graffiti remover in it. 
  2. Then spray the chemical remover on the wall where the paint has been applied. 
  3. Wait for 15-20 minutes, you should wait for a longer time in cold weather. 
  4. Pressure wash the wall and let it dry. 

And that’s how to remove paint from brick in case of spray paint. You may have to repaint the wall if your wall is painted. But most of the time you can skip is part.

How To Remove New Paint From Wall

Removing new paint from the wall certainly needs a different method than old paint. Because new paint tends to be more stubborn and adherent. Also, they do not turn flaky that easily. So you will need to pull off a different strategy to remove it. But no more hassle, here’s how to remove paint from brick wall if it is recently painted:

  1. If you want to remove the paint within 2-3 days of application, pressure wash is a great solution to remove some of it. 
  2. Sanding the paint isn’t a good idea for new paints. Because it only works on only dried off paints. Instead, you can scrape it off if the paint isn’t dry still.
  3. Graffiti remover works quite well on newly painted walls. Or you can use some paint remover too. Use it to remove the residual paints on the wall.
  4. Pressure wash the wall again and let it dry. Now your wall is absolutely ready to be painted to your preferred color.

So that’s how you can manage to remove new paint from a wall. You no longer have to wait for your paint to dry off to remove the paint.

How To Remove Paint Drips From Brick

You no longer have to follow the drip again. Dripping paint is another name of a mess happened on a wall. While applying paint, we always become careful so that it doesn’t drip. However, it happens in some cases. If your paint also drips after applying, here’s how to remove paint from brick:

  • Take some paint remover on a bowl
  • Use a wire brush to apply the paint remover on the dripped area.
  • Apply some clear water to remove it completely.
  • Let the paint dry off and you’re done.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Remove Peeling Off Paints?

To remove peeling off paints scrape the paints off and remove the strips and then apply chemical remover. Please check out the elastomeric paint removing part of this post for more details.

✅ How To Remove Dry Paint?

To remove dry paint off a wall, scrape or sand the paint and then apply chemical paint remover. Check out our how to remove paint from brick exterior section for more details.

✅ How To Remove Paint From Wall?

The procedure depends on the formula of paint, paints of different formula has a different procedure to remove. Read this post for more details.

✅ How To Prevent Paint From Cracking?

Proper preparation of the wall before painting is important to prevent cracking, peeling or chipping off. One of the most important preparation is to remove the existing paint  from the surface.

✅ How To Avoid Dripping Spray Paint?

Using high quality paints and following proper instructions on application can keep your spray paint from dripping.


So that’s how to remove paint from brick walls. If you’re planning to start a new painting project, start by removing the paint off your wall. Because a clear canvas delivers the best painting. Do not forget to try these steps at home and let us know how it worked. Happy painting!

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