How To Use An Air Compressor To Fill A Tire [In Depth Tutorial 2022]

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Your air compressor will be sitting idle all year long if you can’t utilize it. One of the most commonest uses of an air compressor is inflating your tire, and you’re missing it! You’ll never have to rush to a gas station to fill your tire all the time. So today, let’s learn about how to use an air compressor to fill a tire.

Inflating a tire is definitely an air compressor task. Gone are the days when you had to pump the tires manually with a pumper. Everyone knows how tiresome it is to inflate a tire manually. So if you have an air compressor, it’s time you bade goodbye to this wearisome task.

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Air Compressor For Inflating Tire:

One of the most common questions we face about air compressors is whether there is any special size of air compressor for inflating a tire. Definitely, you can’t use all types of air compressor for inflating your car. But what if I don’t own an air compressor for this particular task? Worry not, check out our take on the Best Air Compressor Under 500 to find the perfect air compressor for multipurpose use. Or, if you don’t have the time to look at the reviews, you can check out the SuperHandy Portable Tire Inflator Air Compressor to grab the most hassle-free tool for inflating your car tires.

Even though, everyone wants to know which size is actually perfect for filling a tire? In our opinion, any air compressor with a capacity of 2-3 CFM and 30-50 PSI is decent enough to do your job. Air compressor doesn’t need any high pressure nor high CFM. Because that will be dangerous for your car. Also, the CFM & PSI of the air compressor will pretty much depend on the weather. We will discuss more on that later.

How To Use An Air Compressor To Fill A Tire

The best option for inflating a car tire is buying a portable air compressor. These air compressors can be easily transferred and used whenever necessary. As tire inflation doesn’t need that much high capacity air compressor, you can easily pull the task off with a simple portable air compressor.

Anyways, inflating a car tire with an air compressor is quite an easy job. I guess most of you already are an expert on filling a tire from gas stations. Still, it’s quite tricky considering the optimum pressure and volume we have to maintain depending on the weather. Because sometimes we overfill the tire causing a massive danger for our cars. Worry not, let’s dig into the tutorial and learn it properly—

How To Use An Air Compressor To Fill A Tire

For this task, we have already discussed the basic requirements. You’ll obviously need a good quality air compressor with the right capacity. Other than that, you’ll need some certain tools for this task. Let’s see what we need for inflating a tire—

Tire Inflation Tool:

  • Air compressor with a size of 2-3 CFM and 30-50 PSI
  • A regulator
  • Pressure gauge
  • Tire chuck

Tire Pressure Regulator:

A regulator is quite an important tool for inflating a car tire. This tool prevents your car tire from filling too fast. So it can not exceed the recommended pressure within the tire. Also, this tool is necessary for maintaining the optimum pressure within the tire. So a tire pressure regulator is a must have tool for this job.

Pressure Gauge:

A pressure gauge is another important tool by which you can actually monitor the pressure inside your car tire. You can easily check if the internal pressure of your car tire is enough. 

This tool is quite a useful tool for us. We can see if the pressure is excessive or inadequate or enough. As you know, the internal pressure of a car tire is important to prevent any sorts of unwanted incidents like bursting the tire or deflating tire. So you need to keep an eye on the pressure continuously.

This tool lets you know if you need to change the pressure setting of your compressor. You can lift up the pressure or even turn it down whenever necessary.

Tire Chuck:

You will also need a tire chuck that has a built in air connector. This air connector will let you adjoin the air hose from your air compressor with the tire valve. As a result, the air draws into the tire from an air compressor. You really need to get a good quality tire chuck with the right size of your air hose. Otherwise, it will not fit making the process a failure.

Now you have all the tools to start the process, so let’s dig into the tutorial—

How To Inflate A Car Tire

Once you have all the tools you need, you can start the process. The process of inflating a tire is pretty straightforward, just go through the tutorial and you will learn it instantly.

How To Inflate A Car Tire

Step 1:

Take the tire chuck with just the right size with your air hose. This will allow you to connect the air hose with the tire valve. Also, connect the other end of your air hose to the air compressor.

Step 2:

If you’re using a tire pressure regulator, which we strongly recommend, connect the air hose with the regulator. Then connect the tire chuck with the regulator. Lastly, connect the chuck to the tire valve to make an airway.

Step 3:

Set the regulator at the optimum pressure for your car tire. Now most of the car tire needs 32 to 35 PSI depending on the weather. Now we would recommend going for 30-32 PSI in summer. And 35 PSI for cold weather. There is a certain reason which we all know, so we’re not going to bore you with that. You can also follow the pressure instruction that your tire manufacturer provided.

Step 4:

Now you’re all set. Start inflating the car tire. You should really make sure to keep an eye on the pressure gauge. So that you can check the pressure inside. Do not let the pressure exceed the optimum pressure at all. If you exceed the internal pressure by any chance, simply let the tire deflate a little bit.

Step 5:

Once you get the optimum internal pressure within your car tire, you’re all done. Remove the tire chuck and quickly place the stem caps on the tire. Buckle up on your car seat and have a nice run.

So you can see how easy inflating a car tire is! Whenever your car tires are deflated, fill them up! Although if your tire deflates more often, you should check the tire to see if it’s okay. Go to your nearest automobile mechanics and check the problem. You’ll definitely get a solution on that.

Frequently Asked Question

What Should Your Tire Pressure Be In The Summer?

You should try to keep your tire pressure around 30 PSI in summer. Although it depends on the usual summer temperature in your region, crank up the pressure if your area is still cooler than usual.

How Much Air Should Be In My Tires During Winter?

You should keep the pressure around 35 PSI during winter, you make have to increase the pressure in the ice cold temperature. Find the optimum tire pressure for the temp. 

Is It Better To Have Lower Tire Pressure In The Winter?

Actually no, lower tire pressure is dangerous for your driving, and your tire will need more pressure due to the temperature downfall.

Does Tire Pressure Go Up With Heat?

Yes, it does. Pressure and heat are proportional to each other, so it surely lifts up the pressure.

Is 30 PSI A Good Tire Pressure?

30 PSI is kind of optimum for the summer season, you’ll need to crank it up a little bit for winter though.

So that’s all for our step by step tutorial on how to use an air compressor to fill a tire. Follow our instructions and you’ll never have to look for help from someone else. If you have any questions about this, leave them in the comment. We will get back to you with the answers of your question as soon as possible. Until then, happy roaming!

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