Powermatic PM1000 Review In 2022: 50-Inch Cabinet Table Saw

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If you have known about table saws for many years, you must be accustomed to the powermatic brand. They have been making quality table saws for a long time. Although some of their table saws are a bit traditional, they work just fine. It is because of their quality that Powermatic PM1000 10″ is still continued among the new models in the market.

Since there were many queries about Powermatic PM1000 10″, we decided to write a review on this product. Wait till the end if you want to know more about this product. We hope you will get all the information you need about Powermatic PM1000 10″ in our article.

Powermatic PM1000 10″ Main Key Features

The key features of Powermatic PM1000 10″ table saw has made it so well known song its users, let’s explore-

  • Powermatic PM1000 10″ needs only 115V connection for installing it
  • This table saw comes with 1.75 HP that can reach up to 4200 arbor speed
  • It has a miter gauge the pivots 60 degrees to either side which allows you a long range of cuts
  • The 7” handwheels provide momentum & make the blade height and bevel adjustments easy
  • It has a 30” rip capacity to the right blade & 12” rip capacity to the left blade which gives you a decent size of space to work on

Powermatic PM1000 10″ Table Saw With JET 708674PK 10″ Deluxe XACTA Saw Comparison Chart

To determine the level, you need to compare similar products first. We have selected JET 708674PK 10″ Deluxe XACTA Saw to compare with Powermatic PM1000 10″ Table Saw.

Our Choice
Powermatic PM1000 10″
JET 708674PK 10″
Powermatic PM1000 10″
JET 708674PK 10″
The Powermatic PM1000 10″ comes with a 1.75 HP motor
The JET 708674PK 10″ comes with a 3 HP motor
It weighs 330 Pounds which will cancel the undesired movement of the saw
This weighs 490 pounds that is stronger than Powermatic PM1000 10″
It has a total 42” rip capacity
It has 30” rip capacity which is significantly less
If you want to spend your money right, this is a good option
This table saw is a bit costly than Powermatic PM1000 10″
Powermatic PM1000 10″ has an Accu-fence system
JET 708674PK 10″ has installed Rip fence system

Powermatic PM1000 10″ Review

Powermatic PM1000 10″ comes with a corded electric motor of 1.75 HP which can generate the speed up to 4200 rpm. The blade diameter is 10” with a maximum 42” rip. The dimensions of this table saw is 43 x 61 x 44 inches. Weighing 330 lbs, Powermatic PM1000 10″ helps to cancel the vibrance from the cutting.

Powermatic PM1000 Review

The maximum depth of a cut at 90-degrees is set to 3-1/8-inches or 2-1/8-inches at 45-degrees. This enables you to get a bevel cut as per your desire. Moreover, the Accu-fence system of  Powermatic PM1000 10″ table saw helps you to get a precise cut. This table saw has offered a built-in bevel angle adjustment that enables you to find the right angle for your cut.

The poly belt comes with the table saw which prevents vibration. Furthermore, the anti-kickback mechanism of Powermatic PM1000 10″ helps you avoid unwanted movements. The sawdust is collected in a 4” dust port through a funneled shroud. Also, the power switch is on your knee level so you don’t need to use your hands to turn it on or off.

Powermatic PM1000 10″ Key Features

The key features of Powermatic PM1000 10″ will help you get an overall idea about it. So let’s get on with it-

Large Rip Area

If you are working with large pieces of wood more often, this table saw will be of great help.

It has a 30” rip capacity to the right blade & 12” rip capacity to the left blade which gives you a total 42” of space to work on. Also, the table saw can be extended up to 57 x 27 inches which gives you enough space to work on.

High Torque Motor & Blade

This table comes with a high torque power of 15A that has 1.75 HP. This provides you a no-load speed of 4200 rpm. Also, this table saw can work on 220V with stability. The blades have 10” diameter that helps you to cut deep.


The design of the Powermatic PM1000 10″ is unique. The iron cast table is expandable and can work under heavy pressure. The power button is kept at knee level so that you don’t need to occupy your hand to switch it on or off.

Powermatic PM1000

Dust Management:

A table saw produces an enormous amount of dust that can disturb your work. So to avoid that you need a dust managing table saw. Powermatic PM1000 10″ can collect sawdust you produce & keep your workplace empty. The dust port is 4”, so you can change it easily.

Efficient Safety:

Powermatic PM1000 10″ has taken some efficient safety measures for its users. The Accu-fence makes sure that the wood piece is positioned correctly. Moreover, it also makes sure to have the lowest or null vibration for working. This helps you to keep your place clean.

Want to learn more about this table saw? Check out the video below to get a deeper insight!

Frequently Asked Questions

We received a lot of questions about this particular product. Among them, we are answering some of them below—

Which Accu-Fence system table saw is good?

Powermatic PM1000 10″ is a great table with an accu-fence system. The Accu-fence system helps you prevent vibration & helps you work better.

Is the Powermatic PM1000 10″ good?

Powermatic PM1000 10″ is a good choice if you want to get a professional table saw. This table saw will give quality & durability.

Is the Powermatic PM1000 10″ portable?

No, Powermatic PM1000 10″ weighs 330 lbs & the dimensions are also large. So it can’t be transported.

Which Powermatic table saw is the best?

Powermatic PM1000 10″ is considered the best table saw because it ensures durability & quality. Also, the installation is user-friendly.

Does Powermatic Table Saw Provide You a Warranty?

Yes, Powermatic PM1000 10″ gives you a warranty of 5 years. So you don’t need to worry about the quality.

Final Verdict

Powermatic PM1000 10″ is one of the products that has been produced for a long time now. The reason why it still has its popularity is because of its design, quality, durability. Also, it provides you 5 years of warranty. If you want to work under heavy pressure, this is a good choice. However, it is very expensive than most other products in the market.

We would recommend you to take a close look at similar products to decide which suits you well. It is your preference that comes above anything while buying a product. We hope this article was a help for you & you got all the information for buying Powermatic PM1000 10″ Table Saw.

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