RIDGID R4512 Review: An Expert Advice In 2022

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If you’re looking for a table saw with a lot of power, performance, and flexibility, RIDGID has you covered. Furthermore, RIDGID has made it their main goal to assist the world’s expert tradespeople in completing their tasks quickly and effectively since the company’s inception. Therefore, allow us to introduce to you the incredibly adaptable RIDGID R4512 table saw!

The company’s power tools are able to operate in extreme hot and cold conditions. They can also tolerate dirt and grit, and most importantly, their reliability is unaffected. The R4512 table saw, in particular, meets all of these requirements, making it one of the best in the market. However, we have decided to review it to see if it matches up to the hype.

RIDGID R4512 10″ 13-Amp Cast Iron Table Saw Key Features

  • It is equipped with a 13-amp high torque motor, which constantly turns and drives the blade at 3450 RPM.
  • It has a bevel capacity that ranges from 0°-45°, which allows you to make accurate bevel cuts at different depths.
  • Comes with a high-quality cast iron table that reduces vibrations and provides a smooth and flat work surface.
  • It has a 10″ forty-toothed carbide-tipped combo blade that can be used for most ripping tasks.
  • The front and back clamping aluminum rip fences smoothly move along the rail and lock square, creating a fantastic fencing system.

RIDGID R4512 10″ 13-Amp Cast Iron Table Saw And Delta 36-725 10″ Table Saw Comparison Table

We compared the RIDGID R4512 to the Delta 36-725 to ensure that it’s the right tool for you. This is due to the fact that the features of this alternative table saw are similar to the RIDGID R4512’s ones. Thus, we recommend that you check this comparison table before making the ultimate decision.

Premium Pick
RIDGID R4512 10” 13-Amp Cast Iron Table Saw
Delta 36-725 10” 13-Amp Table Saw
RIDGID R4512 10” 13-Amp Cast Iron Table Saw
Delta 36-725 10” 13-Amp Table Saw
It has a strong 13-amp motor, which powers the blade at a lighting 3450 RPM.
Similarly, the 36-725 also has a 13-amp motor, which generates enough power to turn the blade at 3600 RPM.
Bevel Range
Bevel Range
The R4512’s bevel capacity ranges from 0°-45°, allowing users to make precise bevel cuts.
Although this one also has a bevel range of 0°-45°, it can make cuts up to 0.25” deeper at 0° and 45°
Comes with a ten-inch, forty-toothed carbide-tipped combo blade that can handle most ripping jobs.
Also comes with a ten-inch carbide tipped blade, which is suitable for most of the light woodwork.
Table Type
Table Type
This table saw has a cast-iron table, which reduces vibrations and is fairly robust.
Identically, this one also comes with a cast-iron table that offers a tidy workspace.
Ripping Capacity
Ripping Capacity
The R4512 offers a ripping capacity of 30” to the right and 15” to the left from the blade.
Surprisingly, the 36-725 also provides a 30” rip capacity to the right and 15” to the left.

RIDGID R4512 10″ 13-Amp Cast Iron Table Saw Review

Sawing as a profession or a hobby can be equally exciting. Metaphorically, it causes your brain’s creative juices to explode! Thus, if you’re passionate about carpentry, then you’re bound to like the RIDGID R4512. Its amazing wheel-based design makes it highly portable, meaning you can carry your ‘workstation’ wherever you like! Pretty amazing, if you ask us.

RIDGID R4512 Review

Designed with top-notch quality cast iron, the power tool’s spacious table provides a clumsy-free working area. In addition, it offers a flat surface and reduces vibrations during the cutting process. However, that’s not the end of it. Just press on the paddles underneath the table and witness how the casters come out and simply maneuver the table across free spaces.

However, that isn’t the R4512’s only intriguing aspect. Wait before you learn about its ability to cut. It has a 0°-45° bevel capacity, allowing artisans to make precise bevel cuts. In fact, the machine will cut to a depth of 2.25″ at 45 and 3.25″ at 0. And of course, the tool has a fence that serves as a shield to protect you from any potentially dangerous accidents.

RIDGID R4512 10″ 13-Amp Cast Iron Table Saw Key Features

We’re hoping you’ve figured out what you’ll be getting along with the RIDGID R4512 by now. Anyways, here’s a short rundown of the key features of this amazing and efficient table saw. Thus, without further ado, let’s dive right in!


A Powerful Motor

A solid and astounding 13 amps motor is consolidated with this table saw. Thus, this high force motor endlessly drives and runs the cutting blade at an insane speed of 3450 RPM! Hence, you’ll not face any issues while making cuts through dense materials and ranges of stock sizes. In addition, the motor also allows users to adjust the blade speed too.

Bevel Capacity

Frankly speaking, the R4512’s bevel capacity definitely caught us off-guard; we weren’t expecting much from a table saw of this caliber. Well, it has definitely proved us wrong. It can bevel from 0° to 45°, making cuts up to 3.25″ deep at 0 and 2.25″ deep at 45 degrees.

Rip Capacity

Moving on, the machine’s rip capacity has also managed to amaze us. It provides a maximum rip capacity of 30″ to the right and 15″ to the left. Therefore, cutting through wood pieces of different widths will never trouble you if you have the R4512 at your disposal.

Cast Iron Table

The table saw’s top-notch cast-iron table is definitely one of its best-selling features. That’s because it offers a completely flat surface for the user to work on.

At the same time, it is highly spacious, which means you can work on any large lumbar pieces without worrying about congestion. In addition, it also absorbs and reduces vibration.

Weight And On-Board Storage

Despite the fact that the R4512 weighs about 267 pounds, you shouldn’t expect anything less from it. You’d think this would be a disadvantage for the machine. Well, that isn’t the case; being heavyweight guarantees better balance and reduced vibrations.

On the other hand, its onboard storage offers enough room for you to store your necessary equipment.

Want to see how the RIDGID R4512 performs in real life? Watch the video below—

Frequently Asked Questions

The RIDGID R4512 10″ 13-Amp Cast Iron Table Saw is reviewed in-depth in this article. However, it does not answer any of the questions we get on a regular basis. Hence, we’ve decided to answer a few of them here-

Is the RIDGID R4512 belt-driven?

Yes, the RIDGID R4512 is belt-driven. In addition, this amazing power tool comes with a belt-driven fan-cooled induction motor, which increases its efficiency. That’s why it has the ability to drive the blade at 3450 RPM.

Are RIDGID table saws any good?

-Keeping personal preferences aside, RIDGID table saws will definitely get your work done smoothly and quickly. Furthermore, when you consider the machine’s price, it provides you with more than you can bargain for. Hence, investing in them will not be a bad decision.

How do you tighten the belt on a RIDGID table saw?

-The first step to tightening the belt is to unplug the machine and force the blade down to the lowest level. Next, you’ll open the back and locate the belt. Loosen the nut above it and wedge it using your screwdriver, and pull the belt tight.

Who makes the RIDGID table saws?

-Emerson Electric is the parent company that owns and manufactures RIDGID tools. Moreover, their headquarters are in Ohio, meaning they are an American company specializing in hand tools. However, the multinational brand is based in Ferguson, Missouri.

How do I remove the blade from my RIDGID table saw?

Like any of the RIDGID table saws, the R4512 comes with a ⅝” arbor, which takes in any standard 10″ blade. Firstly, remove the blade guard and loosen the arbor nut using a wrench. Next, take out the blade by slowly wiggling it.

Final Verdict

In brief, the RIDGID R4512 is definitely a handy power tool to have in your possession. Moreover, its wheel-based design is one of its biggest plus points, along with the robust cast-iron table. At the same time, we’re truly impressed at how its cutting ability is able to satisfy and meet all the demands. Lastly, it truly offers more than you’d expect for a table saw at this price point.

Nonetheless, we would suggest reading the R4512’s user manual first. This is going to assist in understanding the table saw’s mechanism and how you can use it effectively. In addition, it also provides health and safety rules, which you should follow to prevent injuring yourself. Although these are associated with basic safety features, they are certainly useful. Happy Shopping!

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