SKILSAW 5150 Review (2022): Amp 7-1/4 In. Sidewinder Circular Saw

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Are you seeking the best Circular Saw that can match your working standard? While you are looking for a perfect tool to get done with your next project, the SKIL 5150 Circular Saw is the one that would end your search.

Because it is a powerful & well-featured machine that would serve its purpose exactly the way you want to. Hence, we have taken an attempt at bringing a detailed SKILSAW 5150 Review for your help.

SKILSAW 5150 Main Key Features

The SKILSAW is a handy and essential item with unique features. Here, we have a list of those features for the user to have a look at.

  • This tool is made to cut wood lengthwise and crosswise, along with straight cuts. It can also make angle cuts to 45°.
  • It has a cutting depth of 2 1/4 in to cut plastic, wood, and also metal.
  • The motor brushes of the saw are modular that allows them to snap into the desired space.
  • It has an elongated power cord for flexibility of use.
  • The blade depth and bevel adjusting locking levers are easy to handle.
  • It has an alignment attachment for accurate measurements for cutting through the material.

SKILSAW 5150 Vs Makita LS1019L Miter Saw Comparison Chart

As the popularity of circular saws increases for their amazing uses, there are now various circular saws available in the market. So, finding the right one for you might not be very easy. For this, we have made a comparison chart of SKILSAW 5150 with one of its competing models. This will help to understand more about this item, despite the detailed SKILSAW 5150 review. The user can also learn about other models with similar features.

Our Pick
7-¼ diameter
22.05 x 32.68 x 21.65 inches
Motor Speed
Motor Speed
4600 rpm
3200 rpm
120 V
120 V
Cutting Height Capacity
Cutting Height Capacity
2-¼ “
6-5/8″ (crown moulding), 5-1/4″ baseboard
14 pounds
57.9 pounds

SKILSAW 5150 Review

The SKILSAW 5150 is a 10 Amp & 2.3 Hp configured Circular Saw. It happens to be a very efficient tool in doing its business. When user-friendly performance is a required criterion, this saw seems to be quite convenient as well. For your weekend and DIY projects, it is a go-to Circular Saw as it comes with quite handy features & great design.

SKILSAW 5150 Review

This saw is well-designed and manufactured for the user’s convenience. It works with a corded electric system, so it has unlimited use as long as there is a power source. This saw uses a Brushed Motor and bush bearing to function. These brushes can be separated easily by removing some Torx screws. These brushes have a long life and are durable.

However, this saw sometimes fails to start, and needs to be switched on a few times to get activated. Also, since this is an electric saw, you may face trouble with wiring. But all these are easy to recover. The power cord is also readily available if any replacement is needed.

SKILSAW 5150 Key Features

This product is one of the widely used circular saws in the market that has satisfied many customers with its uses. It has some unique features that are worth describing for the customers to know more. These features will further give the idea of why this product is popular in the market.

The Design

The first thing to notice is the heavy-built of this electric saw. The materials used to make the circular saw are metals and steel for sturdiness.

Although there might be rust, it will still function effectively. Even with the heaviness, this is easy to use. The design has given the saw to cut effortlessly through different materials.


Cutting Capacity

It has a good cutting depth of 2-¼’ inches, considering the price range and size of the saw. At the given diameter, it can cut in different lengths and angle up to 2x depth. This feature allows the saw for household use for cutting any sizes of wood or similar materials.

10 Amp Motor

The SKILSAW 5150 consists of a motor that has an amperage of 10 amp. This speed is great for providing a rotation of 5600 per minute. The saw remains efficient and works fast to cut materials easily.


The product may look unsafe due to its design and function, but it is engineered well with all safety issues. The saw is safe to use with the necessary components.

The blade guard is made of plastic for easy handling. Also, the package includes an instruction manual that has detailed instructions for safety. Here’s some more insight to this product—

Technical Specifications

  • Blade Diameter: 7 1/4 in
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Voltage: 120 V
  • Cutting Depth: 2 1/4 in
  • Colour: Black
  • Type: Circular Saw
  • Blade Location: Right
  • Battery Included: No
  • Cutting Angle: 45°
  • Weight: 14 pounds
  • Item Diameter: 7-¼

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have tried to answer the common facts that are the customer’s concerns regarding a product. Have a look to have further knowledge about the SKILSAW 5150 circular saw.

How frequently can the SKILSAW 5150 be used?

A saw isn’t usually used regularly in cases of household needs. But this circular saw is designed well for frequent use without much trouble.

How far can the circular saw cut?

The saw has a cutting capacity of 2-¼ inch depth. It is quite large for an item this size. For woodwork, it can easily cut through up to 2x materials.

Can a different blade be used with this saw?

It is advisable to use only a 7-¼ inch blade with this saw, as given in the package.

Does SKILSAW 5150 provide any warranty?

Any electric items are given a warranty policy. For details about the warranty, you can check customer’s service for more details.

Final Verdict

After checking the SKILSAW 5150 review, we hope that you have a thorough understanding of the product. You can see the criteria why this product is top-notch with its design and features. It is a very useful tool for household uses and also DIY projects.

For the given price, the user can now easily do carpentry with a circular saw. Besides, this product can help with professional work as well. In the long run, it is a cost-effective item for the house.

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