What Is The Smallest Air Compressor For Painting? In 2022

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Large size air compressors are kind of fundamental for painting jobs. Most of us even can’t think of painting with an air compressor having a tiny air tank. But it’s not impossible to utilize a small air compressor for painting. So let’s check out what the smallest air compressor for painting is!

Air Compressor For Painting

Ideally, the best size air compressor for painting job would definitely be the ones with at least 10 gallons tank size. A large air tank is actually quite important to ensure nonstop painting on the surface. Without a large tank, the painting strokes, and the performance will both become uneven. You can check out our post on what size air compressor for painting for in-depth guidelines.

Most people cannot afford a large size air compressor not only for expensive prices but also for not being able to accommodate the machine with their hard-up space. However, you can still manage to use your air compressor for painting jobs even if it doesn’t have a large size air tank.

This idea mostly depends on which type of air tool you’re using. A full size paint sprayer will require both large tank size and high CFM from an air compressor. So what you can do is using smaller sizes of paint sprayers to get continuous work and even strokes.


Another great idea can be using an airbrush gun. An airbrush gun requires very little tank size for nonstop action. Also, it requires fewer ranges of CFM. Check out our best airbrush gun reviews to access the best deals of airbrush gun.

Most of the airbrushes have small spray sizes, so it’s not suitable if you have a large surface. For example, if you want to paint a wall with an airbrush gun, you’ll basically need all day to complete the painting. Although using an airbrush gun is ideal for painting smaller objects or elements.

As you can see, a small air compressor cannot essentially replace a large air compressor when it comes to spray paint. At this stage, you might be wondering what is the minimum size for an air compressor to get a flawless painting session?

What Is The Smallest Air Compressor For Painting

According to our experience, an air compressor with a minimum 10-gallon tank size will work decently for painting jobs. Definitely the larger, the better. But we think 10 gallons is quite an appropriate size to use it for painting purpose.

What Is The Smallest Air Compressor For Painting

The basic advantage you get from a large size air compressor is, it doesn’t require time to catch up on your paint sprayer. As a basic rule of thumb, actually a minimum 30 gallon air compressor works the best for a full-size paint sprayer to achieve that “nonstop” action. Not that all the large air compressors are expensive, check out the reviews on the best air compressor for painting.

If you’re using an airbrush gun, we guess 1-2 gallon tank size is more than enough to keep it running. There are even some models that require no tank at all, the efficient motor is enough to catch up on the airbrush gun.

Whenever you’re shopping for an air compressor for painting, do not forget to check out the default CFM and PSI settings too. Unlike the tank sizes, the painting air compressor doesn’t need any high CFM or PSI range. According to our experience, 2 CFM at 90 PSI air settings on your compressor will provide the best result on any full size paint sprayer. And that is the minimum margin to buy an air compressor.

That’s all for our recommendation on the smallest air compressor for any painting job. Do not forget to check for the requirements we provided so that you get an excellent painting result on the surface. You can drop your questions down the comment section, we will try to answer them as soon as possible. Until then, happy painting!

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