Which Is Better V Twin or Inline Air Compressor: A Detailed Comparison [2022]

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There are lots of situations, where you may need to use air compressors. They are used in the gas stations as well as the manufacturing plants. So, from this, you can easily understand the wide range of its usage. Moreover, you can use an air compressor in home workshops, garages, as well as basements.

But there are various kinds of air compressors around us. V twin and inline air compressors are two of them. So, do you know which is better v twin or inline air compressor? I was also thinking about it.

Let’s see…

Which Is Better V Twin or Inline Air Compressor: A Detailed Comparison

Well, in this section, I will discuss the differences between the V twin and inline air compressor. You know both of them are well-known air compressors. But they have some differences and those differences make one compressor much better than the other.

Which Is Better V Twin or Inline Air Compressor


If you compare two different air compressors, such as v twin and inline which are of the same size, then you will see that one is smoother than the other.

According to the reviews, I can say the inline air compressors are usually smoother than the v twin air compressors, particularly, when the RPMs are lower.

The cylinders of inline air compressors are smaller as well as the pistons don’t create that much torque. Moreover, the effect of vibration is less pronounced. It is quite smoother. These pros have made inline air compressors to maintain easily.

If you think about the v twin air compressor, you will notice that they create much more torque. The reason is the v twin contains bigger pistons and cylinders, which are responsible for creating more torque.


If you consider the power of an air compressor, you will also notice some differences. One is so powerful and the other is less.

First of all, think about the v twin air compressor. It creates more torque which makes it more powerful.

In the case of lower RPMs, the power of the v twin is more forceful and immediate than the inline air compressor. It is so hard for the newer riders to manage such a powerful engine.

On the other hand, the inline compressor shows this power at a higher RPM range.

So, now you know of both the pros and cons of inline and v twin air compressors. If you ask me, “which is better v twin or inline air compressor?” I have to say it’s totally up to you.

If you prefer a smoother air compressor or smoother engine, then you can choose an inline air compressor. Or, you can convert your air compressor to an inline air compressor by attaching a water separator. For that, the Le Lematec AI303-C1 Air Compressor Filter Oil Water Separator will be the perfect one for you.

But if you want something more powerful, then you can choose a v twin air compressor. The Goplus 3HP 2 Piston V Style Twin Cylinder Air Compressor is an excellent V style twin air compressor that you can consider buying. Again, don’t forget to check out if the specifications meet your criteria.

Besides, you can also see the reviews. There are lots of air compressors under 500 reviews. So, search for the reviews of the air compressor that you want to buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is quite normal to have some questions regarding this topic. So, in this section, I will discuss the answers to your questions. Here are some common questions you may ask. So, have a look and get your answer.

What does it mean to a twin cylinder air compressor?

Twin-cylinder air compressor is a single-stage compressor that contains two cylinders of the same size.

Does v twin engine have any disadvantages?

Yes. The v twin air compressor or engine requires more space than the other engines and this is the disadvantage of it.

What is the best job site air compressor for framing?

There are many air compressors which are best for framing and “Makita MAC5200 Air Compressor” is one of them.

Can I use an air compressor for painting car?

Yes. The air compressor with 60 gallons or more capacity can be used for painting cars or other vehicles.


Well, after the detailed discussion, now you can easily choose the compressor that is better for you. So, choose one air compressor according to your preference.

If you have any confusion or any question, then feel free to ask. We will try our best to help you. And don’t be late; buy the best air compressor according to your choice and best of luck!

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